Guide To The Most Popular Mosques To Visit in Fujairah

Must Visit Mosques in Fujairah

Fujairah, a picturesque emirate known for its breath-taking natural beauty, is geographically isolated from the UAE by the grand Hajar Mountains. In addition to the stunning coastline and impressive heritage sites found in the Northern Emirates, Mosque in Fujairah also boasts several beautiful mosques. This overview highlights some of the popular mosques in Fujairah, ranging from advanced architectural wonders to the traditional mosque in the UAE.

Famous Mosques In Fujairah

Located on the UAE’s east coast alongside the Gulf of Oman, the emirate of Fujairah is an ideal destination for a road trip within the country. Its mosques are renowned for their exceptional beauty and intrigue, making them some of the most enthralling in the world. If you’re planning a trip to Fujairah, here are a number of must-visit mosques to consider.

  • Fujairah’s Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

Fujairah’s Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah is the 2nd biggest mosque in the UAE. It was launched to the public in 2015 and boasts six minarets and 65 domes. The mosque has a capacity to house up to 28,000 worshippers, with a separate prayer zone for women that can accommodate up to 2,500 people.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Fujairah’s exterior is similar in look to the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, while its interior represents Moorish architecture resonant of the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain. For instance, the Fujairah Grand Mosque’s windows are made of stained glass, much like the Spanish cathedral. The interior is adorned with red and gold colours, and rhymes from the Holy Quran are inscribed on the walls. 

Additionally, the mosque features a stunning courtyard with beautiful gardens, flowers, and fountains, making it one of the top tourist attractions in the emirate. Aside from its religious significance, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Fujairah is also an eminent landmark that can be seen from multiple areas in the city.

    • Is it feasible to tour the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah

No, the mosque only permits worshippers to enter its premises. Therefore, visitors may check it from the outside.

    • What is the Address of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah

The mosque is situated in the heart of Fujairah City, close to Mohammad Bin Matar Road, making it easily accessible from any location in the city. It also offers a parking zone that can hold up to 3,000 vehicles.



If you’re searching for the oldest mosques in Fujairah, consider visiting the Al Bidya Mosque Fujairah, also referred to as the Ottoman Mosque. It is the oldest known mosque in the UAE and has been tentatively proposed as a candidate for UNESCO heritage sites in the country. The mosque is believed to date back to the 15th century, although some ancient in daily rhymes her timelines have been suggested.

The Al Bidya Mosque is constructed primarily using materials that were locally available, such as stone and mud bricks. One fascinating aspect of the mosque is that it continues to be in use today, centuries after its initial construction. Locals and expats are welcome to participate in daily prayers here, and the structure is an essential part of the region’s cultural history and architecture.

Upon entering the mosque, you’ll immediately notice the main hall’s important Islamic architectural features. The space is divided into four areas by four arches, and the prayer hall has a small mihrab, which is a niche in the wall indicating the direction of Mecca. The mosque also has spaces sculpted into the walls for storing copies of the Holy Quran and a small pulpit for the same. Additionally, the Al Bidya Mosque has a rectangular-shaped courtyard for congregational devotees and prayers.

While the Al Bidya Mosque in Fujairah is a mini structure, measuring just 53 square metres and accommodating up to 70 devotees, it’s a fantastic destination if you’re searching for stuff to do in Fujairah. The mosque is located close to the hillside, with two older watchtowers nearby. Furthermore, there is a water well close to the mosque that is thought to have served as a resource for water for ablution in ancient times.

    • Is It Possible To Pay A Visit To The Al Bidya Mosque

Visitors are allowed to visit Al Bidya Mosque for free, with no specified hours for tours. However, visitors need to dress modestly prior to entering the mosque.

    • What is the Address of Al Bidya Mosque

Al Bidya Mosque is situated in the small town of Al Badiyah, approximately 40 km north of Fujairah’s capital city.

  • Other Mosques That Can Be Found in Fujairah Include

Fujairah is home to many beautiful and historical mosques. Apart from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Al Bidiya Mosque, which are open to visitors, there are several other popular mosques in Fujairah that worshippers can attend:

    • Masjid Al Shuhada

Masjid Al ShuhadaMasjid Al Shuhada

Masjid Al Shuhada is a very popular mosque situated just 10 minutes drive from Al Masjid Nabawi in Medina. This mosque is a sacred site in Islam and draws numerous visitors annually. Constructed with white stones, this mosque features a single dome and two minarets. While Jabal Ramah partially obscures it from the south, Mount Uhud can be easily viewed from behind the mosque.

    • Rashid Bin Saeed Mosque

Rashid Bin Saeed Mosque is amongst some very well-known mosques of Fujairah that welcomes numerous devotees everyday.

    • Sakamkam Mosque

Located at 585W+5Q4 – Al Sharyah-1 – Fujairah – United Arab Emirates, Sakamkam Mosque is a sacred place located 6 minutes drive away from Sakkham residential community.

    • Fujairah Central Mosque

Fujairah Central Mosque is a stunning Islamic worship centre located at 48CV+2HQ – Mraisheed – Fujairah – United Arab Emirates. Its elegant design and prominent location make it a popular tourist destination.


In conclusion, mosques in Fujairah have some of the most historic and beautiful histories in the UAE, including the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Al Bidiya Mosque. Visitors should be respectful and dress modestly when visiting these places of worship. Simply visit these mosques, know their traditions, and indulge in their culture.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which is the most beautiful mosque in Fujairah?

The Al Bidiya Mosque and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are two of the top tourist destinations in Fujairah.

What is the name of Fujairah's big mosque?

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a massive religious site that can hold more than 40,000 visitors. It is the largest mosque in the UAE and the third largest in the world, spanning over 22,400 square metres.

What is the small mosque in Fujairah?

Although small, Al Bidyah Mosque is historically significant and covers an area of about 53 sq. m., making it a great place to visit.

What is the purpose of Al Bidya Mosque?

The oldest mosque in the UAE is still in use today, with all five daily prayers being held at the mosque to this day.

Who built the Al Bidya Mosque?

According to Bukhash, the question of who built the mosque remains unanswered. However, legend has it that the builder claimed he could construct a mosque with four domes and only one pillar.

In which part of the UAE can the oldest mosque be found?

Al Bidya Mosque is the oldest mosque in the UAE, with enigmatic origins and distinctive architecture that has endured over time.

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