Navigate The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE)

Navigate The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

MOHRE is a beacon of workforce regulation for employers and employees in the United Arab Emirates. Established to adopt a comprehensive system of policies to oversee the job market, ensure standard employment practices, and enhance working conditions. In addition, MOHRE services applies a strategic plan to transform and protect the work environment. Its policies are designed to provide efficiency and transparency yet a harmonious, working environment in the UAE.

About MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation)

About Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in UAE

MOHRE isn’t just a regulatory body, it features multifaceted roles bridging the gap between the aspirations of workers and the visions of employers. In recent years, it has taken several initiatives to strengthen the job market in the country and foster new opportunities for local residents. Accessing Mohre services is simplified, your queries are just a click away!

  • MOHRE Enquiry 

MOHRE has a dedicated enquiry system to clarify, assist, and guide. You can email at

    • MOHRE Toll-Free Number

      • Call Center  80060
  • MOHRE Contact

    • 600590000 Whatsapp Number
    • 00971-68027666 ( International Number)
  • MOHRE Website


MOHRE Services

  • MOHRE Employee Services

MOHRE Employee Services in UAE
Credit : Bayut

MOHRE meticulously crafts strategic policies and standards that are both forward-thinking and grounded for the current growing working environment in the UAE. Below is the list of MOHRE services catering to both employers and employees. 

    • Enhancing Workforce Dynamics with MOHRE 

Entering the employment world without a trusted ally can be overwhelming. That’s where MOHRE steps in, giving guidance and assurance to the workers and employers. Let’s further explore. 

    • Work Permit Application

MOHRE ensures that the process of issuing new work permits to employees and employers is smooth and streamlined. 

To apply

      • A recent colour photograph of the employee against a white backdrop.
      • The employee’s passport copy with six-month validity
      • An approval note from the relevant authorities. 
      • Academic qualifications sanctioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the employee’s home country.

Remember, the permit period has a two-month validity post its issuance date. The administration takes a day to issue the permit and fee prices might vary. The recent directive by the UAE allowing men sponsored by their wives to secure a work permit endures a new progressive approach. 

    • Absconding Domestic Worker Reporting

In case, an employee disappears without acknowledging it, MOHRE grants the employer to report such incidents. All you need is:

      • Passport copies of both the employer and the worker.
      • Details of the worker’s residency and visa.
      • Submit an original or a copy of the employer’s valid ID.

Employers in Dubai can avail of the MOHRE services through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and Amer centres. However, the service costs AED 418 for all emirates except Dubai. 

    • Fines Payment Assistance

Whether it’s a discrepancy from the employer’s end or an innocent error by the domestic worker, MOHRE allows a transparent process to pay these fines. 

All you need is:

      • The employer’s passport copy.
      • The original ID of the employer, whether it’s a GCC resident, investor or just a resident.
      • The original valid ID card of the worker.

Moreover, MOHRE manages work-related services, including

      • Work permit modifications and updates.
      • Regular site inspections to ensure work standards.
      • Updates recruitment system data.
      • Train prospective job seekers.
      • Issuance or cancellations of PRO cards and licences for brokerage agencies.
      • Handles quota requests for larger establishments of more than 50 employees
      • Carries periodic audits and inspections.
  • MOHRE-  Championing Employee Rights and Benefits

MOHRE-  Championing Employee Rights and Benefits in UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) acts as a solid pillar of support for the employees. It facilitates that the worker’s rights and interests are safeguarded. 

    • Absher Card Issuance and Renewal

The Absher Card is a discount card tailored for UAE nationals working in the private sector. Here’s what you need to acquire the card:- 

      • Emirati citizenship.
      • Registered labour card.
      • At least a month’s tenure with your current employer.
      • Registration in the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security or Abu Dhabi Pensions and Retirement Fund.
      • A minimum track record of 3- months of salary transfer via the Wages Protection System (WPS).

Once your card reaches its expiration date, MOHRE automatically renews it without any extra paperwork on your end.

    • Salary Discrepancy Resolution

While working, if you ever face salary-related grievances, lodge your concerns, as MOHRE services are there to address them. 

Just fulfil these details

      • The list of employees from your company.
      • A comprehensive establishment report.
      • Previous inspection records.
      • Company’s location plan.
      • A copy of your complaint.
      • Salary transaction history via the Wages Protection System (WPS).

MOHRE Portal sorts the issues within a mere 3 working days.

    • Bank Guarantee Liquidation Support

MOHRE has provisions to help labourers receive payments on behalf of beneficiaries. 

To avail the MOHRE services

      • A court-issued liquidation verdict.
      • A settlement document from the legal team to liquidate the guarantee, along with the sanction from the employer.

The procedure is fairly straightforward:

      • Submit the court’s letter to the Labour Relations Section, mentioning a bank guarantee in favour of the worker.
      • In case of the absence of a court judgement, the bank guarantee can be summoned, based on the employer’s decision. 

Generally, you hear the outcome within 3 working days.

    • Addressing Occupational Injuries and Accidents 

MOHRE is committed to providing employees safety at work in the UAE. If an employee faces a work-related injury or any occupational mishaps, the concerned authorities ensure they receive the necessary coverage from their employer.

Here’s what you need to know

      • Labour contract
      • A medical report from the Health Authority (Abu Dhabi) that specifies the extent or percentage of disability.

After filing a claim or report, employees can expect a response from MOHRE within a span of 5 working days. Not only this, MOHRE takes a proactive approach by inspecting work environments and catering to any inquiries or complaints. Both employees and employers have the right to approach MOHRE with concerns or complaints. If all the attempts fail, one can pursue their legal rights in the Dubai courts.

MOHRE Distinctive Trademarks

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has established a range of service centres and initiatives, each with a unique purpose and essence.

  • Twafouq

Twafouq serves as a smooth mediator between job seekers and potential employers. It resolves the issues between the two parties involved by investigating legal enquiries and answering their complaints. MOHRE centres are spread across the UAE and aim to solve labour issues within 10 working days.

  • Tasheel

MOHRE introduced Tasheel, an online system service aimed at simplifying payments and processing work permits to various other labour card resources. The government-backed system ensures these tasks are accomplished efficiently and swiftly. MOHRE Tasheel service centres are situated in Business Bay, Muraqqabat and Deira.

  • Taqyeem

Quality assurance is of paramount importance. ‘Taqyeem’ is a segment of the MOHRE services that works to enhance labour stability in the UAE. It offers information about sub-contracts, validating commercial licences, and registering labourers seamlessly. With MOHRE, Taqyeem facilitates over 35,000 workers in the country.

  • Taw-seel

Taw-seel is a mobile service powerhouse that offers convenience and accessibility without visiting the government centres. With a large fleet of well-equipped cars, cutting-edge technology and a customer representative onboard, Taw-seel assists in business licence issuances to employment opportunities and other core services licenced by MOHRE.

  • Tawjeeh

 ‘Tawjeeh’ is MOHRE’s way of ensuring that both employers and employees are fully informed about the UAE labour law. These centres organise training sessions and distribute leaflets and flyers across the areas to educate and light the path for the workers. Beyond this, it grants work contracts and permits, ensuring clarity and efficiency. 

  • Tadbeer

Recognizing the importance of domestic workers in the UAE, ‘Tadbeer’ was initiated. This transparent and centralised system is aimed at providing comprehensive solutions to domestic workers, from their rights to training sessions and their welfare. It manages health insurance, sponsorships and even dispute resolution between the two parties.

Initiatives By MOHRE

Whether you’re a new employee or an established employer, MOHRE has introduced initiatives to enhance the workforce environment. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Tawteen: Bridging Nationals with Opportunities

MOHRE launched a new initiative, the National Program for Emiratisation, aptly named Tawteen. Designed to guide UAE Nationals to take jobs in the private sector. Anyone with citizenship and between 18 – 60 years old can seek assistance from this portal.

  • For Job Seekers

    • Start by logging onto MOHRE’s platform
    • Select the job seeker niche
    • Get yourself registered. 
    • Complete the required details and click Save.

The streamlined process will send your credentials via email or SMS to confirm registration.

  • For Proactive Employers

There is a Tawteen Partners Club that provides suitable candidates. 

    • Platinum
    •  Gold 
    • Silver

Each of these categories helps support in obtaining essential work permits. But the program’s features don’t end here; it instigated the Tawteen 360 Student Forum that enlightens students, offering them career insights and guidance for the professional world. 

  • eNetwasal Portal: Digitalising Labour Services

Welcome to eNetwasal, MOHRE’s e-avenue for employees and employers, designed to simplify all your work-related needs. From scanning salary certificates to monitoring your labour card status, this portal offers brilliant services. All you need is to be registered with MOHRE.

The MOHRE Mobile App – Your Friendly Companion

In the age of digitisation, MOHRE has launched a portable employment companion app. Whether you’re an employee, a labourer, a domestic worker, or a sponsor, the MOHRE UAE, distinguished as one of the most important government apps in the UAE, encapsulates everything you might need.

Offices Located Across the UAE

MOHRE offices are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Below are the following addresses and timings. 

  • Dubai

    • Location: 62 Doha Road
    • Monday to Thursday Timings: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
    • Friday Timings: 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Abu Dhabi

    • Location: Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street
    • Monday to Thursday Timings: 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
    • Friday Timings: 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM


In the realm of the UAE’s workforce landscape, MOHRE emerges as a steadfast guardian, ensuring harmony, decorum, and protection for all. Whether you’re an employer seeking a suitable job or an employee steering the complexities of the workplace, MOHRE’s comprehensive portal and services offer guidance to individuals every step of the way. With MOHRE, the UAE’s government promises to create an ecosystem where rights and progress are protected, nurtured, and celebrated.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I contact Mohre?

You can reach out to MOHRE through their toll-free number 80060. Alternatively, you can visit the official website MOHRE website. For any further contact details, connect with the customer service representative.

What are the main functions of Mohre UAE?

MOHRE, or the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, is the backbone of the UAE’s labour market. It oversees various aspects such as: Issuance of work permits and labour cards. Executing labour laws and regulations. Addressing employment problems. Facilitating employment and training opportunities. Promoting efficiency and transparency in the workforce.

Where can I read about UAE labour laws?

Check the MOHRE’s official website, which provides comprehensive details on all aspects of employment regulations.

How can I check my UAE labour contract online?

You can get a copy of your UAE labour contract online through the MOHRE e-services portal. Simply log in using your Emirates ID or labour card number and traverse to the 'Labour Card and Contract' section. From here, you can view or print your contract.

Who is eligible for unemployment insurance in the UAE?

The UAE introduced an unemployment insurance scheme for the welfare of individuals and to financially support workers who lose their jobs. There are certain criteria to check the MOHRE portal, in which there are several convenient ways to subscribe.

What are end-of-service benefits in the UAE?

The end-of-service benefits, popularly known as Gratuity, is a financial compensation given to domestic workers who've completed a year or more in service. There are strict rules in this regard, check Article 134 of the UAE Labour Law to avail the benefits.

What is the process of sponsoring a nanny in Dubai?

To sponsor a nanny or domestic helper in Dubai, the applicant must have a minimum earning of AED 6000 or AED 5000 with accommodation benefits. Moreover, the sponsor person must have a UAE residency visa and must own or rent an apartment in Dubai with a minimum of two bedrooms.

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