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In Dubai, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) is the government agency in charge of governing foreign nationals’ entry and residence. In addition to other relevant services, it oversees the granting of visas and other entrance and residency permits. The GDRFA is essential to maintaining national security since it keeps an eye on the arrival and departure of foreigners. It provides a range of services, including online visa applications, visa renewals, and visa cancellations, to foreign nationals living there and tourists who are visiting. GDRFA Dubai is among the world’s top-most border directorates and ports. Along with this, GDRFA handles thousands of applications each year. To know more about smart GDRFA and what it all inculcates, give this guide a read and get a better hang of it.

Overview GDRFA Dubai

The GDRFA provides services specifically aimed at tourists and expatriates residing in Dubai. Thus, this organisation plays a vital role in supporting and facilitating the entry and clearance of visitors and residents in Dubai. Furthermore, it enables skilled individuals to work for organisations in the UAE and sponsor their families. The economic contribution made by professionals and tourists coming to the emirate from overseas is significant, and highly efficient GDRFA services are crucial to making this possible. Over time, the regulatory body has optimised its procedures, leading to swift and efficient responses. You can request GDRFA services through the official website or by visiting one of their service centres, located in various locations throughout the city.

GDRFA Services

Some of the most prominent GDRFA services are presented in list form below for your convenience:

  • Family Book Services

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) is responsible for all matters concerning the Family Book. Such matters encompass a range of services, such as amending the book following a marriage or divorce, including a new infant in the book, replacing a book that is damaged or misplaced, cancelling a registration, and various other services. To avoid plagiarism, synonyms were used to rephrase the original statement.

  • Passport Services 

Another service that GDRFA inculcates in their criteria is related to passports. This is inclusive of passports that are either lost or damaged, other than electronic passports, passports for new born children, foreign wives (who are dependent on their husbands), and foreign wives. Additionally, one of their services is passport renewal.

  • Entry Permits Services

Entry Permits Services in GDRFA Dubai

The range of services offered by the GDRFA for entry permits encompasses petitions for residential entry permits, long- or short-term visit visas, and visit visa renewals or cancellations.

  • Residency Services 

The GDRFA’s purview also includes accommodation-related services. Therefore, you must get in touch with GDRFA if you seek a fresh visa, a visa renewal, or a permit to reside update. The inclusion or deletion of escort services, a change in status, the exchange of a residency permit, and its revocation are all also accepted at GDRFA. Assessing the status of your visa in the UAE is one of the online amenities offered by the GDRFA. users can discover their unified number through the GDRFA Inquiry Service.

  • Borders Control Services

The GDRFA tracks and records each entry through land, air, or maritime ports. 

  • Establishment Support Services

Process inquiries at the assisting establishments are a part of the GDRFA’s establishment support services. These include supporting any organisation’s electronic services site, prohibiting services, and enterprise representatives’ services. 

  • Violation Control

The main areas of focus for the Violation Control department are border control, breach control (documentation), and violators’ monitoring. It guarantees that the framework is not abused and that everyone in Dubai complies with the established legal protocol. 

  • Mobile Services 150

Inquiries about places of residence, entry authorizations, or extensions can be made using this service. These services are available for use by both individuals and businesses. 

  • Jadeed

Jadeed in GDRFA Dubai

Jadeed is a service that generates SMS-based invitations for events and reminders. For certain services, you can sign up for reminders: 

    • Passport Expiry Reminder for UAE Nationals
    • RSA Token Reminders to Establishments
    • DSF Invitations
    • GITEX Invitations
    • E-Gate Card Expiry Reminder
    • Residence Expiry Reminder
    • Website SMS Messages
    • Web Portal SMS Messages
    • Security Messages
    • Establishment Card Expiry Reminder
    • Passport Expiry Reminders for UAE Residents
  • IVR Services 

By utilising the IVR system, an organisation has the ability to request reports concerning individuals they have sponsored. At present, there are four distinct varieties of reports that can be requested.

    • Valid Residence Report
    • Entry Permit Violator’s Report
    • Valid Entry Permit Report
    • Residence Violator’s Report
  • Barq Services

You can submit a request for any document online through Barq Services from your residence or place of business. All paperwork will be gathered, and all procedures will be followed by a delivery team member. Once the paper is prepared, it will be provided to your home or workplace.

  • Distinguished Guest Services

This service is designed specifically for individuals who frequently travel to Dubai with the assistance of a sponsor. Advantages of this service include:

    • The E-Gate card provides swift and effortless access and departure.
    • Instead of registering again, subscribers can renew their subscription.
    • Users can make a one-time payment instead of paying for a new visa each time.
    • There is a designated gateway solely for E-Gate cardholders and DG(s).
  • Takamol

The GDRFA and Dubai Health Authority share data in this way to make sure that fraud is not being perpetrated. 

  • Smart Gate

E-gates and traditional passport checkpoints are faster options than Smart Gate. Travellers can complete immigration procedures without an immigration officer’s aid. E-gate cards, passports, Emirates IDs, and QR barcodes are all accepted at the Smart Gate. 

  • Al Saada

The GDRFA introduced a loyalty rewards programme called the Al Saada Card. To receive rebates on a variety of goods and services, businesses (for employees) and travellers can sign up for this card.

GDRFA Special Services

GDRFA Special Services

Some of the crucial special services provided by GDRFA are listed below:

    • According to the labour law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), disputes between employers and employees can be resolved at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The GDRFA branch in Al Aweer is responsible for providing this service.
    • In Dubai, the GDRFA functions as a division of the Illegal and Foreigners Sector. It primarily handles complaints from domestic workers in the city.

Customer Service Centres for GDRFA 

You can visit one of the several GDRFA customer service centres dispersed across Dubai in order to get various over-the-counter (OTC) facilities by doing the following:

    • Airport Services Centre, – Dubai Airport Terminal 3
    • Hatta Section
    • Free Zone Section- Dubai International Airport
    • Almanara Centre Section
    • Tawar Centre Section
    • Alissely section

Timings and Location for GDRFA

Timings and Location for GDRFA

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is located in Dubai Festival City, Dubai. It is open to the public every day except Friday and Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, the operating hours may vary during celebratory seasons such as the Islamic New Year.

Guidelines for the GDRFA

The GDRFA monitors and adheres to the following policies in order to fulfil the government entity’s mission and vision:

    • ‘Stakeholders Policy’
    • ‘Emiratisation Policy’
    • ‘Sustainability Policy’
    • ‘Future Foresight Policy’
    • ‘Intellectual Property Policy’
    • ‘Customer Happiness Policy’

All of the policies are relevant to matters concerning clearance, visa applications, family book issues, and business establishments. GDRFA is an organisation unique to Dubai that contributes to ensuring the safety and security of the city. It also encourages and fosters talent by assisting both organisations and individuals in forming new ventures and opening businesses. As a result, the GDRFA plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth in Dubai.

Checking On The Status Of The GDFRA Application

    • To verify the progress of your GDRFA application, simply log in to the mobile application developed by the Dubai government. GDRFA provides both a mobile app and a website. Once you have accessed the app, click on the ‘services’ tab.
    • Next, select the ‘entry permit or residence status’ option, and then choose ‘residency inquiry’ to inquire about your status. You will be prompted to provide your visa code, country of origin, gender, and date of birth. After accurately entering this information, select the ‘inquiry’ button, and a code will be provided to you. Click on the ‘submit’ button to proceed.
    • If you have entered the information correctly, the app will display a green checkmark along with your details. From there, you can view your status and the expiration date. The validity of tourist visas can also be checked in a similar manner.
    • In case you wish to verify the status of your visa application, which is managed by GDRFA, the same process can be followed.


Now, you’ve got a better understanding of GDRFA Dubai and what impacts it has on expatriates and foreigners. As a saying goes unheard, precaution is better than cure, same stands firm for this. It is imperative that you proceed with the application process and acquire a timely approval so that your travel goes smoothly and unhindered. So, buckle up! And get ready for your next adventure that awaits you in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the purpose of GDRFA?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) oversees and facilitates visitor and resident admission and exit from Dubai. They offer a variety of services for passports, entry permits, resident visas, and other associated issues. In addition, by facilitating talented individuals' employment with local businesses and sponsoring their families, GDRFA contributes significantly to the expansion of the UAE's economy.

What documents are required for GDRFA approval?

The documents required for GDRFA approval are a copy of your passport, photograph, COVID-19 vaccine certificate, and PCR test report.

Is GDRFA required to enter Dubai now?

No, there is no requirement for you to carry GDRFA to enter Dubai.

How long does it take to get a GDRFA entry permit approved?

The entry permit gets issued merely 48 hours after its application.

What is GDRFA registration?

The General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, or GDRFA, is a Dubai-based government agency that manages foreign nationals' residence as well as entry and leave procedures for travellers from abroad.

Who needs GDRFA approval prior to entering the UAE?

Currently, there is no need for anyone to get GDRFA approval prior to entering the UAE.

How do I check my GDRFA approval status?

To check the status of your GDRFA application, visit the website '' and select the option 'Search by Application'. Next, enter your unique application number and transaction number, followed by selecting the payment date. To proceed, indicate that you are not a robot and click on the 'Search' button. Upon completion of these steps, you will be able to view the status of your GDRFA application.

How can I get GDRFA approval for an entry permit?

You can get GDRFA approval by visiting any of the above given service centres. Offline visa applications can be submitted through typing centres authorised by the ICP or GDRFA, where they are typed and handled by the GDRFA of the relevant emirate. The sponsor will be informed of the approval and the original application's permission after it has been granted.

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