How To Update Your Emirates ID in the UAE

How To Update Your Emirates ID in the UAE

Emirates ID is one of the primary identification documents for citizens and residents living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. Keeping in mind the importance of Emirates ID update, it’s crucial to keep the Emirates ID up-to-date. Whether someone needs to correct any misinformation or update any related information, the process for doing both is the same.

The Emirates ID system undergoes a major update in the UAE.

The UAE government has introduced a significant improvement to the Emirates ID system. Now, residents can update their Emirates ID details online, and in case someone wants to go offline, they are required to report any changes they want in their personal information to the Federal Authority for Identity or Customs & Ports Security (ICP) before or within one month of the date of the change. They can visit any Customer ICP branch to process the request. After requesting an update, residents should look at the information required for doing it.

  • UAE Residents Can Now Easily Update Emirates ID Details Online

Now, it’s convenient for UAE residents as they can update their Emirates ID online. This process also saves time and offers a cost-effective solution for residents to keep their documents updated.

Guidelines for Reporting Changes in Emirates ID Update

Guidelines for Reporting Changes in Emirates ID Update

Before going to get a change in ID, residents must understand the process. Reporting changes ensures that the resident’s ID remains accurate and up-to-date.

  • Procedure to Update Emirates ID Information

The Emirates ID card has two types of information: important and changeable data. Important data includes your name, birthdate, and nationality, while changeable data includes details like your address and occupation, which can be updated. Before, to update important data, you had to go to specific government offices. However, you could update changeable data online or through self-service kiosks. Starting from August 2023, you can update some important Emirates ID information online, making it easier for residents.

  • Required Documents for Updating Emirates ID in the UAE

If you require any changes to your information, you need to provide the necessary documents to prove your identity and support the changes you need. Here are some documents that you require for different categories.

    • Documentation for Emirates ID Update for UAE Citizens

      • ID Proof- Original Emirates ID Card
      • Basic Documents- Related documents to verify your identity
      • Medical Reports- People with determination or elderly can obtain an exemption by presenting a valid medical report issued by the Ministry of Health.
      • Social Insurance Certificate- Social insurance certificate attested from the Ministry of Community Development (for those benefiting from social insurance) to get exempted from the ID card issuance fees.
      • Power of Attorney(POA)- Original POA for the person acting on behalf of the customer if the competent person is absent and a third party applies.
    • Required Paperwork for Emirates ID Update for GCC Residents and Expats

      • Documentation to update data
      • Original diplomatic and consular cards, membership cards of International Organizations for heads, members of diplomatic missions, consulates and International Organizations existing in the country are exempted from the issuance fee. Identity proof.
      • Valid medical report from the Ministry of Health or the UAE Health Authority (for exemption from personal identification)
      • Original POA of the person acting on behalf of the client if the authorised person is absent and a request is submitted by a third party.
      • Proof of residence in the country
  • Offline Method for Updating Emirates ID in the UAE

    • The Emirates ID can be modified or updated in the following ways
    • Contact the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security Branch nearest you.
    • Complete the information-changing form and then submit it with all the necessary paperwork.
    • payment of the application cost
    • 40 AED Service Charges
    • Fees for issuing a card with the corrected information are AED 150.
    • Fees for urgent services are AED 150.
    • Total Emirates ID update fees are AED 340 for each service category.
    • Move forward to apply biometrics (fingerprints, pictures, etc.)
    • ICP will send you an SMS as soon as possible with information regarding when you can pick up your new Emirates ID. The post office where you have to pick up the new card mentioned in the SMS.
    • Get the new ID card by going to the mentioned post office.
  • Online Procedure for Emirates ID Update in the UAE

Online Method for Updating Emirates ID in the UAE

A further initiative has been taken by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (UAEICP) to improve the customer experience. To request modifications to your Emirates ID information, you are no longer required to visit the customer happiness centre, a branch of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security – Online is a viable option. The official ICP website or mobile application can also be used to request changes to your name, existing occupation, company name, passport details, or nationality.

The essential documentation consists of:

    • A coloured passport photo
    • passport copy
    • A copy of your current Emirates ID (front and back)
    • letter with your sponsor’s signature addressing the amendment

You need to check in with your UAE Pass to begin the process. After logging in, select “Update Personal Information” and make the necessary adjustments. After completion, a fee of AED 200 will be charged, Including the application’s processing charge, federal authority fee, and Smart service fee. Please make sure that all the data is authentic. If you make a mistake, your application might get rejected, and you’ll just receive a portion of your money back. A request for a new Emirates ID card will be submitted following the newly announced initiatives whenever residency information changes.

    • Steps for Updating Registered Phone Number on Emirates ID Card Online

It’s necessary to keep your phone number and other pertinent details updated on your Emirates ID card. While enrolling for a new online service, you may require the registered phone number for some online verification. Here’s how to quickly update your registered mobile number to an Emirates ID online.


The following fields should filled in the form.

      • Present Nationality 
      • Identification Number (Emirates ID number) 
      • Name in English
      • Passport Number
      • Date of birth 
      • Last Entry Date (the day you last stepped over the UAE border)
      • Email Address

You need to enter your new phone number. To confirm that you want to modify your registered cellphone number, check the box next to “Edit mobile number.” Furthermore, be sure to input your phone number with the significant country code.


The system will show the updated data once you have entered all the necessary data. You can check the updates to verify if the changes are accurate. If not, head to Step 1 and make the changes.


The final step is to pay the AED 53 as e-service fees for the information upgrade. After completing the above steps, the portal will direct you to this payment gateway. It’s over now. The portal will redirect you to the ICP’s website, where you will receive a message that your request for an information update is successful.

    • Updating Mobile Numbers through the App

Updating Mobile Numbers through the App

You choose the update personal info option to update your Emirates ID cellphone number via the app. Complete with all the details. Remember to select residency as the file type and Emirates ID as the ID type. Update your mobile number and complete all the information. The system will send an OTP confirmation. Pay the fee, and with that, an invoice with a reference number will be sent to you so that you can check the progress of your ID.

  • Fawri Service for Emirates ID Update

For those who need their Emirates ID card urgently, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security Branch offers an urgent service in which you may get your ID in 24 hours. The ‘Fawri’ service is available for the regularly noted prices plus urgent service fees. The service is available For UAE nationals and GCC nationals who are legally residing in the UAE and also accessible to all age groups and can used for:

      • New user registration
      • Update expired cards
      • Damaged or lost cards

Because the issuing or renewal of identity cards is connected to verification of residency and related procedures, all expatriate residents (other than GCC nationals) are only eligible for urgent service if they replace their identity cards. Visit the FAIC Customer Happiness Centers at any time and submit the required documentation to get this service.

    • Availability of Fawri Service for Emirates ID Update

The Fawri service for Emirates ID updates is available at several Emirates ID service centres across the UAE. Fawri service is available at the following FAIC Customers Happiness Centres.

    • Al Jazeera and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi
    • Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya and Karama in Dubai
    • Madinat Zayed in the Western Region
    • Al Ain Centre
    • Sharjah Centre
    • Ajman Centre
    • Fujairah Centre
    • Ras Al Khaimah Centre
    • Umm Al Quwain Centre


The process for updating your Emirates ID in the UAE has been significantly streamlined and has become easier to do. Residents will begin to be able to update crucial data online as of August 2023, indicating a significant change in the process. Because of this modification, certain updates no longer require physical visits to government offices. Additionally, some groups, including those with determination, the elderly, and those receiving social insurance, can be excluded from paying ID card issuing fees with attested certificates from the Ministry of Community Development. The Fawri service, available at a few Emirates ID service centres, helps increase efficiency by providing a quicker and more convenient way to keep identifying information up-to-date. Overall, these advancements demonstrate the UAE’s dedication to the modernisation of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I keep my emirates id info up to date?

It helps avoid fines and legal complications, ensures accurate identifications, and facilitates various government transactions.

How do you check the status of your emirates id?

Log in to your account, and you should find an option to track the status of your ID.

How do you change a mobile number linked to an emirates id ?

To update your registered mobile number on your Emirates ID card, you can follow the online process outlined in our guide.

How can I update my Emirates ID online? How do I check the status of my Emirates ID?

You can update certain Emirates ID details online by following the steps provided in our guide. By logging into your account on the official Emirates ID website, you can check the status of your ID.

Can I see my Emirates ID online?

Yes, just log in to your account to view your information.

How do I update my Emirates ID on UAE Pass?

Updating your Emirates ID on the UAE pass typically involves linking your Emirates ID to your UAE pass account. Instructions are mentioned in the guide.

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