Information About Provisions of UAE Citizenship Acquisition

UAE Citizenship Everything You Need to Know About the UAE Citizenship Acquisition

Given the various options for expatriates to reside and work, many aspire to attain citizenship in the Gulf nation. Nevertheless, as the state bears responsibility for the well-being and security of its citizens, the UAE has implemented a mechanism to effectively assess the suitability of applicants who want to apply for UAE citizenship

What is The Present Law About UAE Nationality for Foreigners?

Previously, the law in the United Arab Emirates allowed for UAE citizenship by investment to encourage asset investment. However, the question of whether the UAE would gran citizenship of UAE for foreigners remained unanswered until recently. in a significant move, the UAE has now passed a citizenship law for expats, enabling them to acquire Emirati citizenship and hold a UAE passport.

This is a significant achievement for the Gulf region, as it aims to retain talented individuals and provide them with additional UAE citizenship benefits. Moreover, in a country where 90% of the population consists of expatriates, this new UAE nationality law is expected to have a significant impact on the economy going forward, especially after the downturn experienced in 2020.

Who All Are Eligible For UAE Nationality?

UAE citizenship for expats is eligible for the below classified people:

    • Inventors 
    • Scientists 
    • Talents 
    • Investors 
    • Doctors 
    • Specialists 
    • Intellectuals 
    • Artists

Provisions For Individual To Get The Acceptance of Citizenship

UAE Citizenship Provisions for Each Individual to Get the Acceptance

If you’re wondering whether you’re eligible for UAE citizenship or not, you should know that there are certain UAE nationality requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be considered. These conditions are outlined below:

  • Investors

For investors to be eligible for citizenship, they must own a property in the UAE.

  • Doctors and Specialists

In order for doctors and specialists to be eligible for UAE citizenship, they must work in a specific, high-demand field that is unique and greatly needed in the country. in addition, to be eligible for citizenship, doctors and specialists must have at least 10 years of experience practising their field with valuable scientific contributions and research. They must also be employed by a reputable company in their specialised field.

  • Scientists

For scientists to be eligible for citizenship, they must be actively engaged in research work at a dedicated research centre or educational institution. to be considered for citizenship, scientists must have at least 10 years of practical experience in their field, and their contributions must be recognised, such as receiving a scientific award or guaranteed funding over the past decade. Moreover, a letter of recommendation from UAE-based scientific organisations is also required.

  • Inventors

Inventors must have at least one patent that is recognized by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE, and a recommendation letter from the Ministry is also required for them to be eligible for UAE citizenship.

  • Intellectuals and Artists

In the UAE, intellectuals and artists are classified as creative talents. to be eligible for UAE citizenship, intellectuals and artists must have won international awards for being pioneers in their respective fields. In addition, a recommendation letter from their related ministries is also required.

Are The Families Eligible For UAE Citizenship?

Are the Families for UAE Citizenship Also Able to Apply

Yes, the families of the aforementioned expats in the UAE are also eligible to receive the passport. how Can the Families of Eligible Individuals Apply for UAE Nationality? the selection of applicants for their citizenship will be based on nominations from the rulers’ courts, crown prince’s courts, executive councils, and the UAE Cabinet. These nominations will take into consideration the recommendations of federal entities in the country. Specific details on the application process will be announced in the near future.

Is Dual Nationality Approved For Eligible Individuals?

Is Dual Nationality Approved for Eligible Individuals?

Yes, UAE dual citizenship is permitted for applicants, and they are not required to renounce their original nationality.

What Happens Post Approval?

Those who are granted UAE nationality must take an oath of allegiance and commit to abide by all UAE laws. If, at any point, the UAE national acquires or renounces another citizenship, the respective ministry must be informed.

Can the UAE Nationality Be Cancelled Any Time?

Yes, if an individual violates any of the conditions, they may lose their citizenship as a consequence.

Advantages of the UAE Nationality

Advantages of the UAE Nationality

The UAE passport is regarded as one of the most powerful in the world. Here are some of the advantages of obtaining UAE citizenship:

    • Traveling to over 100 countries without requiring a visa, including the UK, Schengen Area countries, Canada, New Zealand, and more.
    • Obtaining a high income without paying taxes.
    • Owning commercial properties in the UAE.
    • Access to subsidised education, fuel, and healthcare.
    • Receiving special incentives for purchasing properties in the UAE.
    • Availing retirement plans from the age of 49.

Right Time to Invest in the UAE

If you have been considering investing in property in the UAE, now is the perfect opportunity to do so, as it could lead to your becoming eligible for citizenship. Property Finder has a range of properties available for sale across all price ranges, so you are sure to find something suitable. this decision to grant citizenship to expats in the UAE is a significant move by the government, demonstrating their appreciation of the many talents in the country and working towards a stronger economy. This change is a step towards a brighter future for the UAE.


The UAE’s recent law to grant citizenship to expats has brought multiple new opportunities and benefits for those who qualify. From travel perks to tax exemptions and property ownership, the UAE passport offers numerous advantages. This move reflects the country’s commitment to fostering a strong economy and recognising talented individuals in various fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can expats get UAE citizenship?

Certainly. There are a few paths to obtaining UAE citizenship. One option is to live in the country for 30 years and then apply for citizenship through naturalisation. Another possibility is for foreigners with a valid residence permit to marry a citizen of UAE and apply for citizenship. In addition, the Emirati government may grant citizenship based on exceptional merit.

How do I get Emirati citizenship?

The acquisition of UAE citizenship is restricted to nominations made by federal entities, which are then approved by the Rulers' and Crown Princes' Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils, and the Cabinet.

Can an expat become Emirati?

Foreign citizens can reside in the UAE for a certain period of time and have the opportunity to obtain citizenship.

How long does it take to become a UAE citizen?

You need to stay in Dubai for a minimum of 30 years to get citizenship.

Why is obtaining UAE citizenship challenging?

The restriction on naturalisation is motivated by concerns about the potential erosion of Emirati national identity and conservative culture. This is exacerbated by the fact that foreigners outnumber native Emiratis by a ratio of eleven to one.

Does the UAE provide dual nationality?

As per the new laws, you can obtain dual citizenship in the UAE, but you are required to confirm with your country of origin.

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