Creative Home Decoration Ideas for UAE National Day 2023

52nd UAE National Day Home Decor Ideas

All age groups participate in the celebration of the UAE National Day with sheer joy and enthusiasm. UAE celebrate this day as a national holiday, therefore individuals enjoy the best of it by congregating on the streets to marvel at the exquisite national day decorations and lighting. The UAE’s quad-colour flag in green, white, black, and red is waving with pride during this time of year, gleaming gloriously over the capital town. Streets, residences, and places of business all celebrate by decorating their respective areas in the most opulent and colourful ways. Let’s add additional simple yet creative home decoration ideas for National Day UAE to make this occasion more thrilling and remarkable.

UAE National Day Home Decoration Ideas 2023 

Happy UAE National Day

The nation will observe its 52nd National Day with customary fervour widely observed by expatriates and locals, with breathtaking fireworks displays and patriotic parades. You can also create several creative National Day home decorations to celebrate unity. 

Front Door or Foyer Decoration Ideas

The ideal decoration spot can be a well-decorated foyer or main entrance door that mirrors the Emirati flag’s elements.

  • You can display the UAE flag of the UAE outside the front door. Additionally, one can drape it around each of the foyer’s pillars. Alternatively, if there isn’t a pillar, one can simply hoist the flag and tie it from a pole at the entrance.
  • On the main door, hang a wreath consisting of the flag colours – red, green, white, and black – ribbons and flowers.
  • Spruce up the foyer with buntings in the UAE flag’s colours.
  • On the front door, display a banner or placard that reads “Happy National Day.”
  • Add a bunch of red and green balloons on every one of the pillars in the foyer or the middle of the front door.

The Living Room – UAE National Day Decor Ideas

Living Room Decor Ideas

Every home’s primary gathering place is the living room. The living area can exude a festive National Day ambience with a few minor alterations. A few UAE National Day home decoration ideas for the living room are –

  • On the wall behind the sofa, you can effortlessly display the flag of the UAE either vertically or horizontally.
  • On the living room’s centre table, arrange a miniature UAE flag stand.
  • Every corner of the living room can have a stack of balloons in the shades of the UAE flag.
  • Display a series of flag buntings on the stairs and the ceiling in a spiral fashion.
  • A significant home decor concept would be changing your upholstery to reflect the UAE National Day theme, but this might be pricey. Instead, you can swap out the pillow coverings embroidered with the UAE flag. 
  • Alternately, use a sizable flag as the sofa or chair’s backrest.

UAE National Day Decor for The Dining Room

Dining Room Decor Idea for National Day

Planning to host a family dinner to celebrate the 52nd National Day of the UAE? Then you might want to consider decorating the dining room as well. You can use these decorating ideas to accentuate the holiday spirit in the dining area.

  • Place flag-themed magnets in a straight line on the refrigerator. Additionally, you can purchase fridge magnets featuring popular UAE landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.
  • A miniature UAE flag stand can be positioned in the middle of the dining table.
  • Use tablecloths adorned or embroidered in national flag colour fabric. In addition, use table linens, cutlery, and platters that match the flag’s colours.
  • The easiest National Day decoration is to garnish your dessert with UAE flag toothpicks.

The Balcony Decor Ideas

Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you reside in an apartment or a villa, add balcony decorations for the UAE National Day. You can illuminate your balcony with various decorative elements to celebrate the holiday. 

Some of the balcony decoration ideas for the UAE National Day are –

  • Hang a life-size UAE flag on the balcony. An alternative would be to hoist a flag on a pole and rest it on the balusters or suspend it down the front railing of the balcony. 
  • The balcony railing can also be decorated with a banner or bunting reading “UAE National Day.”
  • Add balloons and lights on the balcony railing in the flag’s colours. 

The Garden Decoration Ideas

Garden Decoration Idea

Gather friends or family members to hold the UAE National Day party. An excellent location for the occasion can be your garden. Simply employ a few UAE National Day garden decoration ideas on the lawn to transform it.

Some of the garden decoration ideas are –

  • A freestanding UAE flag can be hoisted over the entrance to your garden.
  • You can hang UAE flags in various sizes on trees in your garden. 
  • An easy and creative garden decoration idea to enhance the space is adding patio lighting in the flag’s colours.
  • Balloons in the flag’s colours can be affixed to the garden fence with added decorative elements such as bunting and lighting.
  • Additionally, you can design a stunning wreath out of fresh flowers, tassels, or pompoms in the colours of the country’s flag and suspend it from a tree closer to the dining area.
  • On a tree branch, you can also hang buntings that say – Happy National Day!


Given the numerous incredible décor options available for this national holiday, you can create a remarkable atmosphere using these alternatives. This year’s UAE National Day celebration will undoubtedly be more exciting with home decoration ideas for every area of your home.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I decorate my living room on a low budget?

Use the national flag as a backdrop against your primary wall in the living room to decorate your living room for the UAE National Day on a low budget. One can add balloons and bunting to the living area, easily available in stores.

Can we use the UAE Flag for Home Decoration?

Yes, the UAE flag can be used for home decorations specific to each room. Use it on the front door, hoist the flag on the balcony, add a miniature flag stand to the centre table of your living room, or place it against the backdrop of a wall.


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