Dubai’s Museum of the Future: Unravelling a World of Possibilities and Progress

'The Museum of the Future' in Dubai

Loved for its incredible vision and architecture, it is no wonder that Dubai is home to some of the best buildings in the world. After Burj Khalifa, the city of gold is geared up to leave the world stunned with its new foundation – The Museum of the Future, which finally opened on 22nd February 2022. So book your flights soon to take a trip to the future in the land of creativity.

The Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum calls it “the most beautiful building in the world”. Impeccably standing alongside the elevated train line of Dubai, The Museum of the Future showcases the future of humankind, unlike traditional museums that take you through a chronological journey of history, traditions, culture and the fine art of the region. One of the most ambitious projects of Dubai Future Foundation, the marvellous abstract structure has it all to give architecture an entirely new and innovative definition.

From virtual avatars and robot baristas to an extravagant viewing deck and splendid space mansions, the museum gives you all the reasons to plan your holiday to Dubai soon and go on a virtual tour to the world, half a century ahead of its time.

The Museum of the Future, Dubai – Overview

The Museum of the Future - Overview

Killa Design’s most innovative creation, the Museum of the Future, has been designed to be an architectural and cultural icon in the world. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Prime Minister, Vice President and Dubai’s Ruler, called it the “most beautiful building in the world”. This building is a spectacular display of what the future holds in terms of ideation and space innovations.

Standing as a true beauty of art, Dubai’s Museum of the Future is brilliantly crafted in an elliptical ring shape and beautified with Arabic scripts of Ajami etched on its body. Representing the shape of the eye or a cowry, this rare structure is 77 metres tall and covers a sprawling area of 30,000 square metres, comprising a paradise of futuristic objects and sections such as a digitised recreation of the Amazon rainforest, a cyber dog and a space station. Aiming to discover the future of artificial intelligence, this revolutionary museum aims to expand the keyhole view into the times to come, exploring the world’s transformation in 2050.

A haven for innovators, designers and researchers, it pushes its visitors to indulge in the ever-enigmatic world of physics, mathematics, space exploration and more via not just curious exhibits but extensive laboratories.

Structure of The Museum of the Future, Dubai

Structure of the Museum of the Future

The ring-shaped structure of the museum appears like a luminous silver oval that opens at the centre. It has three main features, comprising a building representing a firm establishment, a green hill standing for the planet with a solid foundation, and a void speaking of time and history. There are seven floors in the museums, where each floor is dedicated to a different exhibition.

Needless to say, this excellent architectural structure is a stunning display of art and poetry. Though it is a haven of science, the Arabic inscription on the exterior of the museum presents an ideal display of the culture of the people. The Arabic calligraphy translates into a poem by the ruler of the city, which is about the future of the Emirate. There are two adjoining bridges in its exhibition space. While one of them connects to the Emirates Tower Metro Station, the other is joined to Jumeirah Emirates Tower.

The museum’s exhibitions display a theme in 2050, displaying how humanity will flourish when it becomes vitally innovative in ideas. This tremendous piece of architecture also endeavours in offering solutions to mitigate the challenges that future cities might face.

Let’s Dive Deep into a Paradise Where the Future Resides

The Museum of the Future catapults the vision of its visitors fifty years ahead of its time. This awe-inspiring structure houses themed attractions, exhibitions and an alluring theatre that promises to mesmerise its audience via its several vibrant public events and screenings.

There are seven floors in the museum above a 3-storey podium and a Food and Beverage deck. While Level 7 comprises an Event Hall, Level 6 is dedicated to private affairs, which means the floor is solely accessible for VIPs. The rest of the five floors are where visitors can explore the spellbinding possibilities of the future via a 2-hour guided tour accompanied by a human guide and the virtual avatar guide, Aya.

Now, let’s look at each of these five levels in detail.

  • Level 5 : OSS Hope

This floor takes you to 2071 – the UAE’s centenary year. The tour guide or Avatar guide will take visitors to a room that simulates a spacecraft. One will witness an incredible view of the Dubai skyline from the windows of the shuttle. This will then take visitors to the OSS Hope Space, where their virtual avatar guide will give them a brief overview of the structure, operation and mission of the station.

  • Level 4 : The Heal Institute

Once you’ve explored outer space, you will head to level 4 and discover the rich and intricately delicate ecological system in the Amazon. This floor is where you will learn about climate change and how you can help create a better future.

There is another captivating sector on this floor called “the Vault of Life”. It is home to a DNA Lab with a display of 2,400 genetic codes of insects, animals, plants, seeds and sea creatures stored in cases made of glass.

The Museum of The Future Dubai Inside

  • Level 3 : Al Waha Wellness Area

This level is all about personal happiness and mental well-being that explores the scientific healing processes that can help us calm our senses and rediscover our body, mind and spirit.

Al Waha Wellness Area comprises interactive spaces that offer an array of treatments and therapies for visitors. Some of them include:

Movement Therapy: Visitors can take a stroll through this area and learn about the different techniques and benefits of movements that help rejuvenate the body and mind.

Feeling Therapy: It is a place where visitors can place their hands on a vibrating plate to experience electromagnetic waves emanating healing energy.

Connections Therapy: With an effort to promote unity and collaboration, connections therapy requires six participants who sit around a table and make humming sounds into a microphone. The coalescing voices create a unified sound that helps create an amicable bond between the participants.

Grounding Therapy: As the name suggests, grounding therapy helps you reconnect with Mother Earth by aligning you with the frequency of the planet through specific sounds and rhythms.

Meditation Centre: It is a dedicated place for meditation in the museum. Visitors can lie down and meditate while feeling the vibrations and watching the shadows coming out of a water ripple projection.

  • Level 2 : Tomorrow Today

This floor showcases several evolving technologies. There is an array of models of futuristic electric vehicles, autonomous delivery devices, electric jets, a gravity jet suit and self-driving transportation. The entrance of this level opens to the viewing deck as well, which is ideal for the perfect Insta clicks.

  • Level 1 : Future Heroes

This level is dedicated to the little innovators. Through various missions and fun projects, children under ten are given the opportunity to sharpen their imagination in a healthy competitive environment. Participants are also given special badges for their accomplishments.

  • Ground Floor : Lobby, Cafe and Gift Shop

The ground floor comprises an extensive cafe serving a wide range of snacks and drinks. The space also has a robot barista adjacent to a glass window where visitors can enjoy their favourite cup of coffee.

There is also a gift shop on the other side of the lobby where you can buy souvenirs, including notebooks, keychains, magnets, tote bags and a lot more.

How to Reach the Museum of the Future?

How to Reach the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and stands close to the Emirates Tower Metro Station. Thus, you can easily use the Dubai Metro service to get to the museum.

There is limited on-site parking and valet parking for those who are driving to the museum. Those who are arriving at the museum by bicycle or electric scooter can avail self-parking facility in a dedicated area with bicycle racks.

Summing It Up

It is no surprise that Dubai has left the world amazed with its awe-inspiring skyscrapers and is fast becoming a favourite tourist hotspot among travellers from far and wide. Recently added to the list of the most famous landmarks of Dubai, the Museum of the Future will be a huge milestone towards making the city one of the most innovative places in the world. It stands tall on the city’s superhighway, Sheikh Zayed Road, and is termed a “living museum” known for redefining reality in the virtual realm.

After a long time of waiting, this tremendous architectural wonder has finally started welcoming visitors of all age groups to take a tour of the possible futures of humanity, bringing knowledge and hope back to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has the Museum of the Future opened?

Yes, the Museum of the Future in Dubai has finally opened on 22nd February 2022.

What are the timings to visit the Museum of the Future?

The timings to visit the Museum of the Future is between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm.

What is the ticket price for Dubai’s Museum of the Future?

Tickets for 3-year old and above is AED 145, whereas below three years of age and specially-abled are not charged any entry fees. To book your tickets, you can visit the official website of the museum and select your preferred dates and time slots.

Is parking available at the museum of the future?

There are limited parking spaces available at the museum. But you can find valet parking for an additional fee. The building has two reserved indoor parking floors available for ticket holders. Designated spaces are also available for electric cars.

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