How Can You Get a Driving License in Dubai?

How Can You Get a Driving License in Dubai

One thing is to love chauffeuring and another is to drive by the rules. If you love good driving, a driving license is a must-have. While getting a driving license is mandatory, there might be multiple reasons why you might face difficulty in getting one too. However, if you are looking for a driving license in Dubai, here is a guide to help you understand the process, procedures and tips to get one. 

The Procedure to Apply for a Driving License in Dubai

If you lie in the “the legal age for driving” category, you can follow these simple steps to get a driving license in Dubai. Note that the procedure of getting a license is simple but rigorous. 

  • Make sure to pass the theoretical test to advance to practical training. 
  • There are theory classes for you to attend and learn. These classes might be conducted online or in driving schools. You can learn from these and then pass your theory tests. 
  • Make sure you register at an RTA-approved driving school in Dubai and submit all relevant documents. 
  • You can also get your temporary Dubai driving license or a learner’s permit and begin your training session. 
  • Make sure you complete your practical classes and go forth with your internal assessment. 
  • Make sure you get your eyesight checked and tested. This can either be carried out by an optician or even in your driving school.
  • After going through your internal assessment, you should make sure that you complete city road and highway classes. 
  • You need to pass the internal parking test so that the school can apply for the RTA test.
  • After passing the RTA test, there is the final RTA road test that you need to clear, and you are all set to get your driving license in Dubai
  • Obtain your driving license.

It is also important to note that if you fail your first attempt, you will be required to get through an additional seven training classes before appearing for your driving test again.

Who is Eligible to Get a Driving License in Dubai? 

Who is Eligible to Get a Driving License in Dubai 
Credits : dubai

Any individual in the age bracket of 18 to 21 is eligible to get a driving license in Dubai for a probationary term. However, if you are more than 18 years, you are eligible to apply for a driving license in Dubai. It is also essential to understand that the application for a driving license should be submitted in Arabic to the Road and Traffic Authority. Based on this application, the RTA issues a temporary license. This driving license must then be carried by the citizen all the time. 

What are the Documents Required for Getting Driving License in Dubai?

The residents of Dubai need their valid IDs for a Dubai driving course. The requirements of a Dubai’s driving license are different for expats. However, if you are a non-resident in Dubai, these are the documents that you need to submit: 

  • Your eye test results
  • Your passport, along with a copy of the visa page
  • Minimum two passport-size photographs
  • If asked by any relevant department, you should also have an objection letter from your sponsor to present. 

What Does the Driving License Test Include?

What Does the Driving License Test Include
Credits : Bayut

If anybody is willing to get a driver’s license, they need to understand that there is no shortcut to getting one. There are a few tests that you need to clear to get your driving license in Dubai. Your driving school is responsible for your test preparation and registering you for the theory test. 

After you clear your theory test, especially the yard parking exam, you can go ahead with the RTA tests. It is also important to note that you can only attempt the RTA road test if you have cleared your RTA theory test.

With this Dubai’s driving license guide, you will get to know what you should be expecting from these examinations. It would be best if you were thorough with the preparation of your tests, and this will save you a lot of time, stress, and money. 

  • The Theory Test 

The Theory Test 
Credits : smashplus

The theory test for Dubai’s driving license will be conducted by one of the driving schools (generally the one you are registered with). On the day of the test, you must carry the following: 

    • Driving File
    • Two passport-sized photos
    • Valid ID (Emirates ID)
    • The fee for the theory test

This test will be inclusive of thirty-five questions that will be checking your knowledge about road/driving issues, safe driving practices, signals and signs. 

The Dubai’s driving license test will be inclusive of three categories or segments with each of the containing a certain number of questions.

    • The first segment consists of seventeen questions about different traffic scenarios. You must make sure that you at least answer 11 questions correctly in order to pass this particular segment.
    •  Coming to the second segment, it comprises 18 questions about driving license specifications. In order to pass this segment, you will have to answer at least 12 questions correctly. 

Coming to the third segment, which is basically a risk recognition test, you will be getting a series of videos pointing toward different environmental conditions. The questions in this category tend to focus on the structure that you would be following in these conditions and in times of risk. 

This test is carried out on a touch-screen computer in Arabic or English. Candidates who are not familiar with the available languages can always opt for oral tests. 

  • Parking Test 

Parking Test 
Credits : Emirates

This level of the Dubai’s driving license test includes an automated test with a detailed parking test that can be taken from the smart yard of your institute. Listed below are the five steps in the parking test: 

    • Parallel parking
    • Garage parking at 90 degrees
    • Emergency brakes
    • Parking on slopes of hills
    • Angle parking at 60 degrees

In case you fail the parking test for five consecutive chances, you might have to appear for the internal test again. 

  • The Road Test and Assessment  

The Road Test and Assessment  
Credits : Dubai

This is the last but the most challenging level you need to clear to get your driving license. This step involves proving yourself to be a good enough driver in just 10-12 minutes. 

Make sure you are mentally in check with yourself because this is a practical test and you will be driving. Make sure to note that on the day of your assigned date for the test, you must reach the RTA driving license centre of Dubai with the following documents: 

    • Driving File
    • Emirates ID
    • The fee for the road test
    • 2 photographs, which are passport-sized

You are required to follow the RTA examiner along with the other candidates to the assigned car. Just wait patiently and drive your way to get that driving license in Dubai. 

What Happens after Dubai’s Driving License Test? 

What Happens after Dubai’s Driving License Test 
Credits : bayut

After you are done with your RTA driving test, you will get your results immediately. If you fail, you will have to complete seven additional tests before you can get yourself a new date for the road test. If you get through, the examiner will hand you over with the approval paper. You are then required to take and submit it at the Pass counter along with your ID and the fee for getting your Dubai driving license. 

After this, you are required to collect your driving file and submit it to the control counter, pay the license fee, and proceed to the photo area. After you get your photo clicked, you will have to wait for a few more minutes to get your pass to travel anywhere- your driving license in Dubai. 

Now that you have your license in your hand, you are eligible to apply for an driving license (IDL) in Dubai. All the procedures of IDL are to be dealt with by the Automobile and Training Club of UAE (ATCUAE)

  • Tips to Pass the RTA Theory Test

    • Make sure you memorize all road and traffic signs
    • Make sure that you take online mock tests that will help you assess your standing
    • Remember to practice to your limits on the RTA mobile app
    • Make sure you thoroughly understand the RTA handbook
  • Tips to Pass the RTA Road Test

Tips to Pass the RTA Road Test
Credit : expatwoman
    • Make sure that you avoid your sunglasses on the test day because the examiner checks your eye movements while driving.
    • Do not forget to put on your favourite outfit, anything that keeps you going!
    • Make sure you follow the instructions of the examiner and not question them. 
    • Remember to adjust your mirror and seat. Fasten your seat belt, and make sure you ask others as well. 
    • Make sure you check the handbrake and the gear right before you start. 
    • Do not supersede your speed, and make sure you maintain the speed limit. 
    • Remember to maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. 
    • Avoid applying hard brakes, no matter what. 
    • After entering the main road, make sure you take note of the STOP signs and halt at them. Even if the lane is clear, wait for at least three seconds. 
    • Do not forget to halt for three seconds at the STOP line on a T-junction and then enter the lane slowly.
    • Make sure you park your car on the side, in the way the examiner asks you to. 
    • Remember to change lanes after checking either of the rear-view mirrors. Do not forget to check the blind spot before you shoot an indicator. 
    • Enter a roundabout only when the left side of the road is clear. Make sure you exit with the right indicator. 

Finding RTA Approved Driving Institutes in Dubai

Location Name of the Institute  Contact
Multiple including Al Qusais Galadari Driving School +971-4-267-6166
Jumeirah Road (Head Office) Dubai Driving Centre +971-4-345-5855
Multiple including Al Quoz Emirates driving Institute  +971-4-340-0449
Multiple including Al Nahda Ah Ahli Driving School 800-252454
Multiple including Al Wasl Belhasa Driving School +971-4-324-3535

Driving License Renewal in Dubai 

Driving License Renewal in Dubai 
Credits : gulfweeks

Now that you have gotten your driving license, you must not forget about renewing it when needed. The driving license renewal process in Dubai is much simpler to follow. But before that, settle your traffic fines before applying for renewal. In case you do fail to renew your license, you might be charged a fine of 10AED per month. This figure rounds up to a total fine of AED500. 

Note : If your license has expired for more than ten years, you will have to sit for all the tests yet again. 

How to generate a request for driving license renewal in Dubai?

    • Visit the official website 
    • Tap on “Services
    • Select “Drive and Vehicle Owners Services” from the menu
    • Select “driving license Request” and then choose to apply
    • Make sure you pay the service fee after this. The fee is AED 120 for applicants who are younger than twenty-one years. However, AED 320 must be paid by applicants above 21 years. 

For anybody who successfully gets their driving license in Dubai, it becomes crucial for them to keep a check of their renewal date. Remember that if you travel with an invalid license, you might be subjected to heavy penalties and fines. Hence, it becomes very important for an individual to check their license’s validity and track their renewal date on time.


For anybody who gets their driving license in Dubai, it becomes important for them to keep a track of the renewal date as well. Remember that driving with an invalid license will expose you to heavy fines and penalties. Therefore, it becomes very important to check the validity of your license so that you can renew it in Dubai timely. 

Remember that with a valid driving license Dubai, one might have better chances of getting a job in UAE. If you like the idea of frequent travel, you must definitely get yourself a driving license.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does a driving license cost in Dubai?

Dubai's driving license might vary between AED 4,500 and AED 7,000 if you surpass the final road test on your first attempt. The driving license cost in Dubai is also dependent on the driving institute you choose.

How can I get driving license in Dubai?

In order to obtain a driving license, you must follow the complete process which includes: Fee payment in order to get an issued driving license, Passing the tests and attending the training program in one of the RTA-approved training institutes.

Can foreigners get driving license in Dubai?

After passing and finishing all classes and tests, the applicant can obtain a driving license that is valid for two years for GCC nationals, citizens, and other nationalities. Applicants are free to start the entire process from authorized driving institutes including Emirates Transport Driving Institute.

How much does it cost to get a driving license in UAE?

The cost of the Dubai driving license varies between AED 4500 and AED 7,000. This only applies, if you manage to pass the final driving test on the first attempt.

What language are driving theory classes offered in?

Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Chinese, Russian, Persian are the languages that the theory classes offer.

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