Some Untold & Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa You Never Knew

Some Untold & Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa You Never Knew

Burj Khalifa, one of the astonishing buildings of the current era, requires no introduction. But do you know some Burj Khalifa fun facts? Let us check if you have not heard of rented illuminations at night hours. If not, then the piece is dedicated to you.

There are simple unknown facts about Burj Khalifa that we have witnessed at some point in time but never paid attention to what it can be or how that functions. But here we are to trigger some of those pointers and uncover the incredible Burj Khalifa facts and figures.

Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa You Might Don’t Know

Besides being a perfect and unique example of architecture and engineering in the real estate business, Burj Khalifa has made its identity in many more aspects. With some unbelievable Burj Khalifa facts and figures, let’s glance at it all and recognise it on other grounds besides its stunning 160-storey building in the world. 

  • Bagged 6 Startling Guinness World Records Other Than Tallest 

Bagged 6 Startling Guinness World Records Other Than Tallest 
Credits : worldatlas

Did you know Burj Khalifa also owns six brilliancies in Guinness World Records? If not, then check out the titles such as “Tallest Freestanding Structure in the World”, “Highest Occupied Floors in the World”, “The Elevator with Longest Travel Distance”, “ Tallest Service Elevator in the World”, “Highest Total Number of Stories in the World”, and even for “Highest Outdoor Observation Deck in the World”. These are the impressive recognition this piece of architecture has garnered since its establishment. 

Besides this, we should not skip the information about Burj Khalifa’s restaurant, which is in a 122-storey ambience. The altitude is estimated to be 441 meters and offers some delicious world-class cuisines on its menu. It must be expected that the skyline field of vision covers the whole of Dubai from a solitary spot. 

  • Developer of the Giant Building : Burj Khalifa

The incredible building of Burj Khalifa is built by the popular real estate urban planner and architect engineering organisation- Skidmore, Owings and Merill. Noticeably, the building structure has a Y-shape due to the high wind pressure on the top. And a touch of the desert regions in the Middle East in UAE tradition with a resemblance artefact of a Spider Lily flower ( AKA Hymenocallis flower). 

They have also been known for other famous industry projects, such as Adrian Smith FIAI and One World Trade Centre in NY. Including this Willis Tower in Chicago as well. 

The base of Burj Khalifa is 3.7 meters in thickness with a 1.5-meter breadth and 43-meter tall pillars. But did we not discuss the telescopic spire visible from 16 miles of distance on top of Burj Khalifa? Because that is the most attractive part made with 4000 tonnes steel. Overall, the material used to establish the legendary freestanding tower was 55,000 tonnes of rebar steel, 110,000 tonnes of concrete and 26,000 approx glass panels. Interestingly, the grand building we see today is standing with the efforts put in by almost person-hours of 22 million workers, where 12,000 were only dedicated to the Burj Khalifa’s top. 

  • Safety Cautions Followed in Burj Khalifa

Safety Cautions Followed in Burj Khalifa
Credits : memuco

While founding such a grand building, it is always important to consider the possibilities of uncertain accidents. Certainly, Burj Khalifa developers have inculcated air-conditioned refuges on every 25th floor of the tower. 

The mechanism also has the action by 7 times the floor that provides electrical substations, pumps water, manages air pressure and so forth. Cumulatively, the accommodation at a time is considered for nearly 35,000 people who, on average, have 10,000-person occupancy. 

  • “At the Top”- The Tallest Deck in the World

“At the Top”- The Tallest Deck in the World
Credits : cnet

One of the interesting facts about Burj khalifa is its “At the Top” section that offers the wholesome field of vision of the emirate. The 124-storey building at the height of 452 meters commenced in January 2010. Although, the Cloud Top 444 of Guangzhou (China) took over the tag in December 2011 with 488 meters of altitude. 

After that, another deck was started in Burj Khalifa in October 2014. It was built on a 148 storey with an altitude more than before at 555 meters. Gosh! That’s closer to the sky, it seems. But this was not enough as Shanghai Tower snatched the tag again with a 561 meters deck in June 2016. Then, this war was settled with an exquisite rooftop terrace and a luxurious lounge on 152 storeys, starting in February 2019.

  • Sneak Peek Inside Burj Khalifa Building

Sneak Peek Inside Burj Khalifa Building
Credits : gqmiddleeast

Many of us wonder what exactly the legendary Burj Khalifa looks like from the inside, don’t we? Here we end your curiosity by floating some exciting Burj Khalifa fun facts. Some ample hotels and restaurants are splendid and heavenly in interiors and rich with hospitality. Namely, they are the At. mosphere, The Lounge Burj Khalifa, and the VIP Lounge, to name a few. But this is not it. There are some stories which are still a mystery. 

Moreover, the other floors are even dedicated for residential purposes, which were surely not your expectations. And, of course, the building has made a tremendous record in the past with observation decks that are accessible to the general public. Besides this, the world’s highest mosque, Burj Khalifa Trivia, Burj Khalifa Tom Cruise Burj Khalifa Art Exhibition and Burj Khalifa Fountain also adds charisma to the visitors’ experience. 

  • The Eco-friendly Functioning of Burj Khalifa 

The Eco-friendly Functioning of Burj Khalifa 
Credits : capecomorintourism

Such a tall building must be consuming a lot of renewable energy that we believe. But even this has a uniqueness in the case of Burj Khalifa. We say this because water is one of those resources that is replenishing rapidly and is collected in about 20 Olympic pools. This counts to nearly 57 litres each year for sustainability. 

The building has a smart inculcation of the condensation collecting system. These are utilised in the form of irrigation in agricultural lands. In addition, the warm environment also gets cooler with this water. And as you are expecting, it is also utilised to water the impressive Burj Khalifa Fountain. 

End Thoughts

Summing up the article will be more fun if we say that the freestanding tower of Burj Khalifa was named after Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a former president of UAE. The earlier decided name was “Burj Dubai”, which meant “ the tower of Dubai”. But lately, the name announced was ‘Burj Khalifa’ after the emirate’s financial crisis. Probably, the discussion has always been inside the den that never came out. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the story behind Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa's name was disclosed at its launch during the financial crisis in UAE, which is believed to be named after the former president of UAE- Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Why was the Burj Khalifa built?

The aim of building the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, was to establish a solitary centre for residential, commercial and entertainment purposes.

How many died building the Burj Khalifa?

As per the media reports and government records, only one worker lost his life during the construction of the tall tower- Burj Khalifa.

What is special about Burj Khalifa?

Besides being the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa has also made a record of being the tallest structure and the tallest freestanding building in the world.

Why is Burj Khalifa important?

Burj Khalifa is a sign of international cooperation, beacon development and the prosperity and growth of the United Arabs of Emirates’s middle east.

How long did Burj Khalifa take to build?

Burj Khalifa took 1,325 days to be built and was finally completed in January 2004.

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