Top Pest Control Companies Approved by Dubai Municipality

Top Pest Control Companies Approved by Dubai Municipality

Pest Control Companies in Dubai are a challenge in themselves. Whether it is your home, office, or any other place, pest infestation can cause considerable damage to your health and property. An effective way to overcome this challenge is to opt for pest control services.

A professional pest management company can help to eradicate pests by applying the necessary techniques and resources. If you are struggling with pest management, then don’t worry. We have curated an extensive list of pest control companies in Dubai that are approved by Dubai Municipality.

Top Pest Control Companies in Dubai

Come, let’s check out the list of companies that can help eliminate pests from your property in a safe way:

  • Al Hajjaj Pest Control Services

Al Hajjaj Pest Control Services

Al Hajjaj has been offering its services in the field of pest control in UAE for more than 25 years. The company offers pest control services in Dubai against cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and termites.

    • Contact number :  +971-4-222-3929
  • Engineering Techniques Services (ETS UAE)

Engineering Techniques Services (ETS UAE)

You can depend on ETS for the best pest control in Dubai. They apply eco-friendly pest control services and can eliminate any kind of infestation.

    • Contact number : +971-4-263-8731 
    • Email :
  • Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC

Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC

If an infestation of termites is worrying you, Cosmos can come to your rescue. They also provide pest control services against bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

    • Contact number : +971-4-239-2050 
    • Email :
  • Al Mobidoon Pest Control Dubai

Al Mobidoon Pest Control Dubai

When it comes to pest control Dubai companies, Al Mobidoon is considered to be in the top league. The company has carried out pest eradication operations at places like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, etc.

    • Contact number : +971-4-224-6447 
    • Email :
  • Polyclean LLC.

Polyclean is a known name in the world of pest control Dubai. The company offers eco-friendly pest treatment services against rodents, insects, birds, flies, etc.

    • Contact number : +971-4-338-8226 
    • Email :
  • Ecocare Cleaning & Pest Control Dubai

Ecocare Cleaning & Pest Control Dubai

Ecocare provides eco-friendly services for pest control in Dubai. Along with insects and bugs, they also ensure treatment against birds.

    • Contact number : +971-4-330-7779 
    • Email :
  • Jumeirah Pest Control Services (JPC DUBAI)

Jumeirah Pest Control Services (JPC DUBAI)

JPC is a trusted name in the industry of pest control services in Dubai. The company applies chemicals approved by the Dubai Municipality to eliminate pests.

    • Contact number : +971-4-396-4721
  • Blue Diamond Gen. Maintenance L.L.C

Blue Diamond offers pest control services through a team of experts. They provide services to eliminate all kinds of infestation.

    • Contact number : 800 BLUE(2583) / +971-4-254-5445
  • Ideal Services LLC.

Ideal Services is a one-stop service provider for pest control in Dubai. Their service range includes the elimination of termites, bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, etc.

    • Contact number: +971-50-779-1314
  • Benchmark Pest Control & Cleaning Services

Benchmark sets the benchmark high for pest control services in Dubai. They are an experienced company that also offers cleaning services.

    • Contact number : +971-4-235-5937
    • Emai :
  • Kendah Pest Control

Kendah Pest Control

Kendah provides a wide variety of pest elimination services to suit commercial and domestic properties. This decade-long company also offers a reasonable pest control Dubai price range.

    • Contact number : +971-324-2342 
    • Email :
  • Boecker Pest Control

Boecker Pest Control

Boecker has 20 years of experience in pest management. The company helps to get rid of various insects and pests effectively.

    • Contact number : +971-4-331-1789
  • Riviera Pest Control

Riviera is one of the top pest control companies in Dubai. It offers a host of services, such as general pest control, rodent control, fumigation services, etc.

    • Contact number : +971-4-343-7663
  • City Experts Facilities Management Services LLC.

City Experts easily fall in the league of those companies that offer the best pest control in Dubai. You can Contact number number them for any kind of infestation, including birds, bugs, rodents, etc.

    • Contact number : 600-500508 
    • Email
  • TPC Pest Control

TPC scores in terms of infestation management as well as pest control Dubai price. They have an experienced team to take care of the exterminations.

    • Contact number : 800-2580
  • Ward Al Yasmin Pest Control LLC (Way Pest Control)

Way Pest Control has the expertise and equipment necessary for handling all sorts of infestations. They operate in all kinds of spaces, ranging from an apartment to a villa.

    • Contact number : +971-4-224-0080
  • Executor’s Building Cleaning And Pest Control

Whether it is your home or office, Executor’s Building eliminates infestations through eco-friendly services. The company helps to control pests, insects, and more.

    • Contact number : +971-4-589-5940
  • Arise Pest Control Services (APCS)

APCS ensures a complete solution against infestations by insects and bugs. They cater to both commercial and residential spaces.

    • Contact number : +971-4-362-6089
  • Star Al Madina Pest Control Cleaning Services

Star Al Madina provides efficient pest control services. A big plus point of this company is that they offer their services at affordable prices.

    • Contact number : +971-4-682-305
  • Pestx Pest Control Dubai

Pestx Pest Control Dubai

Pestx ensures extermination services of all kinds in Dubai. You can depend on them to provide relief against infestations of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, etc.

    • Contact number : +971-4-252-9915
  • Dubai Pacific Pest Control Services

If you want an eco-friendly pest control provider in Dubai, you can’t go wrong with Dubai Pacific Pest Control Services. They also offer cleaning services along with pest elimination.

    • Contact number : +971-4-334-4035
  • Al Madina Pest Control Services

Al Madina offers specialised pest control for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The company even offers a warranty for its service.

    • Contact number : +971-4-251-1929 /  +971-4-261-6032
  • Universal Pesticides Trading Co. LLC

Universal Pesticides is your answer to infestations by bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, etc. Along with pest control, they also offer fumigation treatment.

    • Contact number : +971-4-351-8786 / 880 3722
  • Integrated Team Pest Control (ITPC)

Integrated Team Pest Control (ITPC)

ITPC is a reliable name for high-quality pest control services in Dubai. They use non-toxic chemicals to ensure safety for their clients.

    • Contact number : +971-4-351-8786 / 880 3722
  • Elite Pest Control L.L.C

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pest control provider, Elite Pest is an ideal choice. The company guarantees 100% eradication of all infestations.

    • Contact number : + 971-4-2205-520
  • ABS Technical Services Dubai

ABS ticks the boxes for high-quality and eco-friendly pest control work. They work to remove all kinds of infestations safely.

    • Contact number : 800-227-227
  • Stalwart Solutions LLC

Stalwart Solutions provides pest control services in commercial and domestic buildings. They are among the handful of insured infestation removers.

    • Contact number : +971-4-346-7967
  • Unified Pest Control Services

Unified Pest Control Services

For specialised services involving pest control, you can depend on Unified Pest Control Services. The company caters to domestic as well as commercial establishments.

    • Contact number : +971-4-458-7232
  • Arora Star Services LLC

Arora Star Services LLC.

Arora Star takes care to provide pest control services that pose no risk to health. They apply non-hazardous techniques and chemicals for eliminating infestations.  

    • Contact number : +971-4-267-7441
  • Greenset Pest Control and Cleaning

Greenset Pest Control and Cleaning

 Greenset provides a wide range of pest elimination services. Their services conform to the guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality.

    • Contact number : +971-50-501-9475
  • Akkad Pest Control Services Dubai

Akkad Pest Control Services Dubai

Akkad is a well-known name in the world of bedbugs and other pest control services. They use various methods, such as gel, spray, and even bait stations for pest elimination.  

    • Contact number : +971-4-396-6211

To Wrap

Keeping your home, office, or workplace free from pest infestation becomes easy when you have the right service provider to take care of the issue. We hope this list of pest control service providers will help you to win your war against the menace of pests.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is pest control mandatory in Dubai?

According to the rules set by Dubai Municipality, it is mandatory for all industrial and commercial establishments to engage pest control companies that have the municipality’s approval.

How much money does pest control in Dubai cost?

The amount for pest control services in Dubai depends on several factors, such as the size of your home, types of pest control, size of pest control, etc. On average, you can expect to pay the following rates: 175 to 250 AED for 1BHK 200 to 250 AED for 2BHK 250 to 350 AED for 3BHK 250 to 600 AED for a villa 250 to 350 AED for a penthouse

Are pest control measures worth the cost?

Pest control can help eliminate infestations. This can reduce costs of future repair along with ensuring peace of mind. So, pest control measures are worth every penny they cost.

What pest issue exists in Dubai?

Dubai is a land of warm weather. This leads to a lot of insects and bugs encroaching on commercial and residential properties. These insects and bugs can cause damage to your property and create health issues for you and your family.

What are the different types of pest control services?

The different types of pest control services are: Pest Extermination Pest Removal Pest Prevention

What is the minimum amount needed for pest control in Dubai?

The minimum amount needed for pest control in Dubai is about 200 AED.

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