Tons to Kilograms (t to kg) Conversion, 1 ton is 0.001 kg

1 Tons is equal to 1.00 kilogram

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In our day-to-day lives, we frequently use the standard unit of measurement kilogram to measure weight and mass. But ever wondered how would the weight of a truck or building material be measured? So many heavy-weight things need to be measured to assess their masses; however, the ton replaces the kilogram in such cases. here, we will understand the relationship between tons to kilograms and find out how one unit can be converted into another. Before we get into the mathematical calculations, let us understand what these terms mean and how these units originated!

What Does Ton Refer To?

Ton, which is denoted by the symbol t, is a unit of measurement to measure the mass and weight of massive things, substances, or weights. A tonne is a metric unit, which is mostly used in the US. Ton and Tonne can be interchangeably used, as there is only a slight variation between the two, but the symbol t denotes both. You must note that a ton has a different value per the British Imperial Metric System and the US Customary Unit.

    • 1 Ton = 907.18 to 1088.62 kg.
    • 1 ton = 2000 pounds (907.18 ) in the US Customary Units and is also called the short ton
    • 1 ton = 2240 pounds (1088.62 kg ) in the British Imperial Metric System and is also called the long ton
    • 1 tonne = 1,000 kilograms, which is also called the Metric ton or 1 megagram
  • What Is The Use Of Ton?

Ton is 1000 times bigger than a kilogram and is normally used to measure cargo, the weight of vehicles, coal, and petroleum. Its original use is popularly associated with cargo ships where terms like freight ton or cubic feet are used to measure weight and capacity. in several places, the ton is used as a truck classification, unit of power or a measure of energy. Ton measurements usually refer to the heaviest units and are also used in English vocabulary and phrases, like a ton of bees, a ton of wild geese, tons of love, etc.

  • What Is The History Of Ton?

Ton originated from the word Tun, which means the cask or barrel of the heaviest and the largest capacity. This is one of the key units of measurement in the S.I. system that is used to measure mass and weight. Tun traditionally was equal to 800 and 970 l, or 175 and 213 imperial gallons, or 210 to 256 US gal. A short ton could weigh 2000 pounds or 907.185 kg and occupy approximately 60 cubic feet (1.7 m3) of space.

What Does Kilogram Refer To?

A kilogram is denoted by the symbol kg and is an important unit measurement. It is used in everyday life to measure items that have weight or mass. Even the human body weight can be measured in kilograms. Originally derived from the French word Kilogramme, this unit means a thousand grams. You can use the unit kilogram to measure the weight of a bottle of water, daily purchase of fruits and vegetables, rocks and stones, etc.

    • 1 kg = 1000 grams
    • 1 kg = 1000000 mg
    • 1 kg = 0.001 ton
    • 1 kg = 0.000984207 Imperial ton
    • 1 kg = 0.00110231 US ton
    • 1 kg = 0.157473 stone
    • 1 kg = 2.20462 Pound
    • 1 kg = 35.274 Ounce
  • What Is The History Of Kilogram?

Historically, in 1795, the kilogram was used as the unit for 1 liter of water (freezing point). The IPK is a standard Iridium Platinum figure, cylindrical and weighing 1 kg. Stored in the vaults of France’s International Bureau of Weights and Measures, this system is useful for deriving kilograms. You can also derive the value of kilograms from a fixed number, the Planck constant, which is a fixed number.

Such a system can help derive and evaluate kilogram values. In 2011 the CGPM, the General Conference on Weights and Measures, brought up the proposal for redefining the kilogram. This was about defining the kilogram based on physical constants rather than ever-changing objects. In 2018, the proposal was accepted and enforced in May 2019. As approved by the CGPM on November 16, 2018, kg was defined in terms of the Planck constant, the speed of light, and the hyperfine transition frequency of 133Cs.

  • How Is The Kilogram Used?

The kilogram means “a thousand grams” and is an important SI unit for measuring mass and weight. Expressed in “kg”, it is used worldwide in a variety of military, scientific, engineering, government, industrial, and commercial fields. In the United States, using the pound to measure weight and mass is a more common unit than the kilogram. A kilogram is used to measure the weight of a person, fruit, vegetables, or other heavy objects.

Relationship Between Ton and Kilogram

It is easy to understand the relationship between a kilogram and a metric ton:

1 metric ton = 1000 kg or 2,204.62 lbs
1 kg = 0.001 metric tonne
1 US ton = 907.185 kilogram

Considering the Imperial system:
1 kg = 0.000984207 Imperial ton
1 Imperial ton = 1,016.05 kg (2,240 lbs.)

The formula for Converting Tons to Kilograms
If you want to convert 1 ton to kg, you can use two formulas:
1 US ton = 907.185 kg
1 Imperial ton = 1016.05 kg

How to Convert from tonnes to kg?

Let us look at a few examples, and use the above-given formula to convert t to kg and vice versa:

Example 1

A car weighs 1.5 tons. What is the weight of the car in kilograms?
The weight of the car is 1.5 tons
Considering the US ton system, you can convert ton to kg by following this:
1 ton = 907.185 kg
1.5 tons = 1.5 x 907.18 = 1360.77 kg

Example 2

Mr X bought heavy equipment for his industrial corporation, which weighs 5200 kilograms. He wants to convert this figure into tons. How can he do that?
The weight of the equipment purchased by Mr X is 5200
Considering the US ton system
1 kilogram = 0.00110231
5200 kgs = 5200 x 0.00110231 = 5.732019 US ton

Difference between Ton and Kilogram

Although both the kilogram and ton are used to measure weight and mass, there still are several points of difference between both the units. Let us look at the key differences:

  • Symbol

The kilogram is denoted by the symbol kg, while ton is denoted by the symbol t

  • Conversion

1 ton = 1000 kg whereas 1 kg = 0.00110231 t

  • Mass

1 ton is 1000 times heavier than a Kg    

  • Usage

Several countries in the world use kilograms to measure weight, however, countries like Burma, Libya, and the USA use the unit ton for measuring heavier masses and substances

  • Origin

In the SI system, the kilogram is the primary unit of measuring weight or mass, while a ton is associated with either the US Customary Units equivalent or the British Imperial Metric System.          

  • Utility

Kilograms are generally used for measuring human body weight, weights of fruits and vegetables, grains, etc., while a ton is used for measuring colossal or massive items like coal, cargo, trucks, etc.

Conversion Table of Tonnes To Kilograms

For easy ton to kg conversions, you can refer to the following table:

Tonnes to Kilograms (kg to t)

































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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 1000 kg called?

1000 kg is called a metric tonne, as 1 US Ton = 907.185 kilograms and 1 Imperial Ton = 1016.05 Kilograms

How many kg are in a ton?

In kilograms, you will find 0.00110231 tons.

What is the quantity of 1 ton in India?

In India, 1 metric ton or tonnes is considered equal to 1000 kg.

What is 5t in kg?

1 t = 907.185 kg 5 t = 5 x 907.185 = 4535.92 kg

How to convert 4 tons in kg?

1 ton = 907.185 kg 4 tons = 4 x 907.18 = 3628.74 kg

How to convert 8 tons in kg?

1 ton = 907.185 kg 8 tons = 8 x 907.18 = 7257.4 kg

How to convert 10 tons in kg?

1 ton = 907.185 kg 10 tons = 10 x 907.18 = 9071.85 kg

How to convert 20 tons to kg?

1 ton = 907.185 kg 20 tons = 20 x 907.18 = 18143.7 kg

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