Explore The Cheat Sheet to Sharjah Municipality Services

Cheat Sheet to Sharjah Municipality Services

In a global context, a municipality in the UAE represents a local governing body responsible for managing and regulating various Sharjah municipality services. It is the cornerstone of effective governance, which delivers essential services such as infrastructure development, public health, environmental preservation, and urban planning. In the UAE, municipalities play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life and sustainable growth for residents. They are vital for maintaining the infrastructure. Sharjah is a vital part of the UAE. Thus, they have an elaborate municipality sector offering various facilities to the public. 

Sharjah Municipality: About

About Sharjah Municipality

In this section, you will read about the history, location, and timing of Sharjah Municipality.

  • Sharjah Municipality: History

Sharjah Municipality was established in 1927. It stands as one of the region’s oldest municipalities. Its modern structure took shape in 1971 with the issuance of the municipal law in the Emirate of Sharjah. This change helps the municipality evolve into a diversified service body and define its scope of services in a better way. The municipality’s services and activities encompass a wide array of areas. It includes agriculture, sanitation, environmental services, engineering, construction, public health, laboratories, parking regulation, rental regulation, control, and inspection. These services are interconnected with those provided by various government departments and institutions. Its services benefit a broad spectrum of individuals, businesses, and government and semi-government entities.

  • Sharjah Municipality: Location

The Sharjah Municipality is found in the Al Musalla area of the Al Gharb Community. It’s on Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Kuwait Roundabout.

  • Sharjah Municipality: Timing

Since there are different sectors in Sharjah Municipality, the timing of each department varies. The main building and other branches operate from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. For medical tests at the Public Health Clinic, the hours are 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. For Sundays, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lastly, tenancy contract attestation services are offered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Sharjah Municipality: Parking Services

The Parking Department at Sharjah Municipality is in charge of managing public parking spaces. They handle requests to make some parking areas paid, oversee private parking companies, and work with other authorities. They’re open for assistance during their working hours, which are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. If you have questions about parking in Sharjah, you can reach them at +971 6 514 5244.

  • Sharjah Municipality: Nearby Communities and Attractions

Sharjah Municipality is located in a lively area with many nearby communities. Here’s a list of these communities:

    • Al Naba’a: 6 minutes away
    • Al Faiha: 5 minutes away
    • Nasiriyah: 7 minutes away
    • Al Soor: 5 minutes away

Like communities, Sharjah Municipality is also near interesting places to visit nearby. Here’s a list of these attractions:

    • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: 7 minutes away
    • Rolla Square Park: 4 minutes away
    • Sharjah Corniche: 9 minutes away
    • Sharjah Public Beach: 11 minutes away

Sharjah Municipality: Sectors

Sectors of Sharjah Municipality

Sharjah Municipality comprises distinct sectors, each bearing specific responsibilities and duties. These sectors collectively play a pivotal role in effective governance. They collaborate to address a broad spectrum of community requirements and diligently manage the city’s infrastructure. Here is detailed information about each sector Sharjah Municipality comprises.

Sector 1: Director General 

The Director General Sector is the decision-making heart of Sharjah Municipality. It creates essential plans, policies, and decisions that affect the whole municipality. This body also represents the municipality at special events.

Sector 2: Engineering & Building 

The engineering and building sector is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of construction projects in Sharjah. It’s responsible for training and enlisting consultants, overseeing private projects during construction, and helping set building standards per their guidelines. You can connect with them for all construction or building consultant-related issues. 

Sector 3: Agriculture & Environment 

The Agriculture and Environment Sector focuses on making Sharjah greener and more environmentally friendly. It’s involved in planting trees, maintaining public parks, overseeing irrigation and agriculture, and finding solutions to environmental problems. Here, all your environment-related issues will be heard and resolved. 

Sector 4: Public Health & Central Labs 

This sector is all about looking after the health and well-being of Sharjah’s residents. It monitors public health facilities, ensures food safety, and provides veterinary services. It also plays a role in pest control, health and environmental awareness programmes, and general health concerns. So, the next time you need help with health, you know where and whom to reach out to.

Sector 5: Customer Service 

The customer service sector is committed to improving the efficiency of public services in Sharjah Municipality. It handles various tasks, including attesting lease contracts, organising public parking, and maintaining Sharjah Municipality’s buildings. This sector’s efforts oversee the general maintenance of machinery and equipment. For a smoother and more streamlined experience for residents and businesses, you can interact with Sharjah Municipality.

Sector 6: Corporate Support

Corporate Support in Sharjah Municipality

The Corporate Support Sector maintains a secure and well-organised infrastructure within Sharjah Municipality. It establishes electronic systems designed to safeguard the confidentiality of information. This sector is critical in implementing administrative policies and laws and ensuring compliance throughout the municipality’s operations. It also conducts periodic checks of storage balances, contributing to the efficient and systematic functioning of the municipality’s resources.

Sharjah Municipality Services

Sharjah Municipality offers various services to make life better for people, businesses, and organisations in the emirate. These Sharjah municipality services are divided into different sectors, each with its own specific job to meet various needs. Here is a list of services that each sector offers – 

Service 1: Individuals

    • Fines and penalty management, including vehicle fine payments
    • Tenancy contracts and lease-related services
    • Health-related forms and certifications.
    • Passport-related requests.
    • Advertisement publication requests
    • Dust service requests
    • Vehicle impound release services

Service 2: Business 

Business in Sharjah municipality

    • Project queries for consultants and contractors
    • Licencing and permit-related services
    • Inspection and compliance services for business operations
    • Food safety programmes
    • Trade licence fine payments
    • Tenancy contract details requests
    • Drinking water tests
    • Health and veterinary services for animals

Service 3: Engineering 

    • Permits for decor and structural work
    • Utility connection certificates
    • Completion proportion certifications
    • Query services for consultant and contractor projects
    • Night-time concrete casting permits
    • Engineer exam registration
    • Structural audit requests
    • Inspection report requests for consultant schemes

Service 4: Rent Regulation Department 

    • Electronic lease contract requests
    • Residential and commercial lease attestations
    • Lease renewals
    • Operational issue queries
    • Lease status inquiries by electricity account number
    • Tenancy contract details requests

Service 5: Public Parking Department 

    • Vehicle fine payments
    • Parking fine objection requests

Service 6: Building Permit Department 

    • Architectural, sanity, and structural plan approvals
    • Map approval services
    • Decor works completion committee report printing
    • Query services for consultant and contractor projects

Service 7: Operation and Municipal Inspection 

    • Non-food distribution permits
    • Inquiries for non-food distribution permits
    • Work permits during Eid ul Adha
    • Heavy vehicle parking permits
    • Release of impounded vehicles
    • Container unloading permits

Service 8: Contracts and Purchasing Department 

    • Procurement through tenders and bidding
    • Supplier registration queries
    • Request for quotations services

Service 9: Environmental Department

    • Drainage suction requests for residential areas
    • Import permits for non-food chemical materials
    • Vehicle waste transport permits
    • Skip relocation permits
    • Environmental permits
    • Environmental permit inquiries
    • Cremation permits
    • Public health pest control services
    • Requests for the disposal of general household waste and waste plastic

Service 10: Public Health Department 

    • Sharjah Food Safety Programme services
    • Health services
    • Central Labs Department Services: Electronic reports for 5-gallon containers.
    • Drinking water tests
    • The construction materials laboratory demands status inquiries

Service 11: Department of Public 

    • Dust control services.
    • Soil removal requests
    • Bridge railing strengthening orders.
    • Road maintenance requests.
    • Establishment of new dirt roads.
    • Agricultural soil requests
    • Paving ground services

Sharjah Municipality: Contact Details

    • Call Center: You can reach the Sharjah Municipality at 993.
    • Main Office Phone: For general inquiries and information, contact +971-6-562-3333.
    • Email: Reach out to Sharjah Municipality via email at info@shjmun.gov.ae.
    • Office Timings: The Sharjah Municipality office is open from Monday to Friday, from 07:30 A.M. to 02:30 P.M.


So, that’s Sharjah Municipality for you! They’ve been here since 1927, doing many important jobs to keep the city running well. Whether helping people, businesses, or the government, Sharjah Municipality ensures things work smoothly for everyone. Apart from the people, taking care of the environment is also on their list. They work from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekdays, if you ever need them. Check out their website to learn more about the city and other places in the UAE. And if you need help with houses or property, you’ll find the details on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Sharjah Municipality contact number for any inquiries?

The contact number for any inquiries related to Sharjah Municipality is 993 (call centre) or +971 6 562 3333 (main office).

What is Sharjah Municipality email address based on the official website?

The email address for Sharjah Municipality is info@shjmun.gov.ae.

Does the Municipality of Sharjah tenancy contract department issue the document electronically?

Yes, the Municipality of Sharjah's tenancy contract department issues the document electronically.

How can anyone request a release of impounded vehicles?

To initiate the release of an impounded vehicle in Sharjah you need to contact Sharjah Municipality and inquire about the impounded vehicle. Provide all the required information and an amount will be generated under your name. Settle any outstanding vehicle fines online. If necessary, print the application and visit the Traffic Department.

How do I get a planning permit in Sharjah?

To obtain a planning permit in Sharjah you can contact Sharjah Urban Planning Council. Ask about the specific type of permit required for your planned project. Submit the necessary documents and plans and pay any relevant fees. Verification of such documents will take time so you need to wait for approval from the council.

How do I find out about upcoming development projects in Sharjah?

To learn about upcoming development projects in Sharjah you can check the official website of Sharjah Municipality or Sharjah Urban Planning Council or directly connect to the concerned person in the office. You can also check local news sources, public meetings or workshops, and real estate websites like Square Yards for project announcements.

How do I get a business licence in Sharjah?

To obtain a business licence in Sharjah consult the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD). Identify the appropriate licence type you need and provide the necessary documents. Lastly, pay the required fees and complete the registration process.

How do I get a building permit in Sharjah?

To get a building permit in Sharjah visit the Sharjah Municipality, connect to the concerned person, submit your plans and get them reviewed. After your document verification, a site inspection will be conducted by the department, once everything is cleared, you will receive the permit.

How do I get a food safety certificate in Sharjah?

To get a food safety certificate in Sharjah contact Sharjah Municipality at +971 6 562 3333. Inquire about requirements and submit all necessary documents. Your location will undergo inspections and once everything is checked you will receive the certificate.

How do I report a public health issue in Sharjah?

To report a public health issue in Sharjah, contact Sharjah Municipality at 993 or +971-6-562-3333.

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