Top 10 Construction Companies in Sharjah

Construction Companies in Sharjah You Can Trust

The construction companies in Sharjah have been playing a pivotal role in the growth and development of this 7 emirate of the UAE. Thanks to the application of cutting-edge technologies, avant-garde construction projects are redefining the city’s real estate landscape.

Whether luxurious residences, sophisticated offices, or opulent leisure destinations, the top construction companies in Sharjah have heralded a new era of infrastructural progress. No wonder Sharjah is a preferred destination for Best real estate Builders and those seeking an extravagant lifestyle.

Want to know more about these construction companies? Here’s a list of construction companies in Sharjah contributing to this city’s rapid infrastructural transformation.   

1. Sharjah General Contracting Company LLC, Sharjah

Contracting Company LLC, construction companies in sharjah

Sharjah General Contracting Company LLC was established in 1995. Since then, the company has been serving as a forerunner in the field of infrastructural development in Sharjah.  

This quality-oriented organisation is a well-known name in the field of transportation-related infrastructure. As one of the top construction companies in Sharjah, it is involved in building bridges, roads, tunnels, highways, and other infrastructure. Its heavy-duty projects are contributing significantly to the region’s economic growth.

Sharjah General Contracting Company LLC stands tall among its contemporaries due to its use of cutting-edge technologies, rigorous procedures for quality control, and excellent construction results.

Location : Industrial Area 15, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-534-7171

Email :  

2. Asia Prime General Contracting Company, Sharjah

Asia Prime Contracting Company, construction companies in sharjah

Asia Prime General Contracting Company entered the world of construction in 1980. In its four decades, Asia Prime has established itself as one of Sharjah’s most reliable building construction companies.

This general contracting and construction company is an expert in turnkey projects. It applies the latest construction technology to provide profitable design-build solutions for various fast-track projects. Apart from Sharjah, this company has a strong presence in several other places across the UAE.

Asia Prime in Sharjah delivers quality projects on time and without exceeding budget, making it an outstanding player in the construction world.

Location : CBD Building-2, 4th floor- King Abdul Aziz Road, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-574-2226

Email : info@  

3. Al Marwan General Contracting Company, Sharjah

Al Marwan General Contracting construction companies in sharjah

Al Marwan General Contracting Company occupies a prominent position among the best construction companies in Sharjah for more than one reason. The company has 40 years of experience and an acclaimed track record in civil construction projects.

Al Marwan is an expert in building roads and other infrastructure. Over the years, it has contributed to some of this Emirate’s most impressive and renowned projects. The company’s strength lies in maintaining honesty and dedication while dealing with projects and ensuring client satisfaction.

Being a class A contracting company, Al Marwan, has been setting high standards in the construction world of Sharjah and is living up to those standards.

Location : Industrial Area 15, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-534-5222

Email : info@  

4. Building Co. (BEST) L.L.C, Sharjah

Building Co. (BEST) L.L.C, Sharjah

Building Co. (BEST) L.L.C is another famous name in the list of construction companies in Sharjah. Founded in 1975, the company has earned the reputation of being a dependable name regarding construction quality and service.

This company believes in teamwork. Their talented and hardworking employees focus on meeting client expectations in every project they undertake. During its four decades, the company has delivered several high-profile projects with excellence.

When it comes to project execution, the company follows the policy of thorough planning, innovative engineering, and the completion of projects on time. Apart from Sharjah, they also operate from Dubai.  

Location : 1st Floor, Faya Business Building, Al Majaz Northern Park St., Al Majaz 2, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-561-0999

Email :    

5. Al Manakh Building Contracting Company LLC, Sharjah

Al Manakh Building Contracting Company LLC, Sharjah

Al Manakh features among the top building construction companies in Sharjah for all the right reasons. Whether it is their superior quality of construction or their meticulous way of handling a project, very few firms can match Al Manakh.

With more than two decades of experience, the company specialises in constructing commercial skyscrapers, residential properties, and estate projects. Al Manakh rigorously follows all quality norms under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for construction and general contracting.

Al Manakh is dedicated to the cause of adding value to every project they undertake and delivering results that exceed client expectations.

Location : Office #504, 5th Floor, 3S Business Centre-Bu Tina, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-561-6664

Email :     

6. United Engineering Construction (UNEC), Sharjah

United Engineering Construction (UNEC), Sharjah

United Engineering Construction is an award-winning company in Sharjah. The company extends architecture, engineering, and construction solutions in the UAE.

UNEC implements advanced technologies and skilled resources to ensure the immaculate execution of massive projects. At the same time, they strive to minimise the impact of their construction work on the environment.

UNEC was established in 1976. The company primarily functions in the local and regional markets. In its long journey of more than 45 years in the construction business, the company has given shape to some of the most prestigious projects in Sharjah.

Location : Al Saja Industrial Suburb, Al Dhaid-Masafi Road, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-536-9944

7. CHC Building Contracting LLC, Sharjah

CHC Building Contracting LLC, Sharjah

CHC was founded in 2004, making it a relatively new name in the construction landscape of Sharjah. But the company has successfully solidified its position as one of the top construction companies in Sharjah within this short period.

Over the years, CHC has built an impressive portfolio of diverse projects. The company implements the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment along with a highly efficient human resource team to bring all types of projects alive. As a versatile company, CHC has built malls, hotels, factories, hospitals, and even lavish residences.

Attention to detail, flawless execution, and prompt delivery are the other significant qualities that have been fanning the growth of this company.

Location : Office 309, Mohammed Al Mulla Tower, 8 Al Etihad Street, 310 Al Nahda, Sharjah       

Phone : +971-6-525-9793

Email :     

8. Prestige Constructions LLC, Sharjah

Prestige Constructions LLC, Sharjah

Prestige Constructions has been operating in the construction industry of Sharjah for more than two decades now. This Sharjah-based company handles various projects that span commercial, residential, healthcare, industrial, and educational sectors.

As one of the best building construction companies in Sharjah, Prestige Constructions delivers projects that tick the boxes for quality and safety. The company takes pride in providing projects within time and without exceeding budget. The portfolio of Prestige Constructions features plenty of contemporary buildings and structures in Sharjah that stand testimony to their exceptional construction skills and excellent service.

Location : Building 106, Office #206, Al Zahra’a Street, Al Ghuwair, Sharjah.

Phone : +971-6-745-1389

Email :  

9. Al Hamad Building Contracting Company LLC, Sharjah

Al Hamad Building Contracting Company LLC, Sharjah

The Al Hamad Group of Companies has a widespread presence in Sharjah as well as other regions of the Middle East. This company brings 20 years of experience to the table. A strong team of over 18,000 employees supports the company in delivering high-quality construction projects.

Al Hamad provides incredible construction solutions ranging from designing a project to its complete execution and all the processes.    

The company focuses on the timely delivery of projects without compromising on quality or overshooting the budget.    

Location : 8C3R+732- Industrial Area 13, Sharjah

Phone : +971-6-534-9666

Email :  

10. Al Nadeem & Al Sulaiman Contracting Company (NSCO), Sharjah

Al Nadeem & Al Sulaiman Contracting Company (NSCO), Sharjah

Al Nadeem & Al Sulaiman Contracting Company is a pioneering construction firm in Sharjah. The company started its operations in Sharjah about 40 years ago before expanding to other regions of the UAE and beyond.  

NSCO carries out construction projects that follow the highest level of quality control. Since NSCO has an extensive chain of workshops and factories, they can handle any construction assignment from a scratch right to its completion. Having a large team of skilled workers and employees at their disposal further makes it easy for the company to deliver the highest level of service.

Location : Al Rustumani, Building, King Faisal St, Al Qasimia, Sharjah

Phone : +971-6-572-5884

Email :

Bottom Line

As seen from the list above, there are several top-class construction companies in Sharjah. You can refer to this list if you need a construction company that delivers excellent service and superior-quality work. You can select the company that best suits your requirements based on your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which Is the Biggest Construction Company in Sharjah?

Sharjah has several large construction companies in sharjah)panies that can handle massive construction projects. Some of the huge construction companies include Sharjah General Contracting Company LLC, Asia Prime General Contracting Company, and Al Marwan General Contracting Company, to name just a few.

What Are the New Projects in Sharjah?

Sharjah has a host of upcoming projects in the real estate sector. Some of the new projects in Sharjah include the Deyaar Al Dana Towers (Corniche St), Dasman Villas (Al Fayha), White Tower Al Qasimia (Al Qasimia), Arada Nest (Aljada), and Umm Al Qura Tower (Al Mamzar).

What Is the Future of the Construction Industry in Sharjah?

The construction industry in Sharjah is expected to grow steadily in the future. With the demand for lavish residences and offices on the rise, the future of this industry looks bright.

How To Select a Construction Company in Sharjah?

For selecting a construction company, you need to check whether the company has relevant experience or not. You will also have to consider the testimonials and reviews of the company. Finally, talk to the company and see if they will be able to complete your project within your budget and time limit.

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