What You Need to Know About Disconnection from DEWA?

DEWA Disconnection Process

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is responsible for the supply of water and electricity in the Emirate. Residents’ lives and business operations are protected by their effective and continuous services. Everyone living in the UAE has a DEWA account under their name, whether they live in a mansion or an apartment. Therefore, in order to prevent any financial consequences when moving out of the city or changing residences, it is crucial to be aware of the DEWA disconnection process.

We’ve compiled all the information one needs to know about DEWA account discontinuation in this comprehensive guide.

One can now initiate the DEWA disconnection process digitally without going to the physical office, making all the services available to the customers at their fingertips. From getting a new connection to its discontinuation, the DEWA has all its services digitalised.

DEWA Disconnection Process

disconnection process of DEWA

Like mentioned above, the DEWA disconnection process can either be done in person at their customer happiness centre or online. Let’s find out how:

  • Online DEWA Disconnection Process – With Login

One can opt for the disconnection process of DEWA online with or without login credentials.

The following are the steps for logging into your DEWA account:

    • People who have a DEWA user ID or UAE pass should log in to their account and start the process.
    • Fill in the UAE pass or the DEWA contract number (10 digits) which you want to discontinue.
    • One needs to pay the outstanding bill if any. The payment can be made using a debit or credit card.
    • After the complete payment has been made, choose the date on which you are moving out and put in your active contact number so that a DEWA representative can give you a call in case of any issues.
    • You also need to choose the payment method for your DEWA security deposit refund. One can do that with either net banking or a cheque.
    • Once all these steps are completed, you will receive a move-out notification number either via SMS or email. This number can be used for further official correspondence.

The connection will be terminated on your moving-out day and the final reading of the metre will be taken.

  • Online DEWA Disconnection Process – Without Login

If you don’t have an account registered online or are not able to access your DEWA account,  then there is one other way that you can choose, and the steps are the same:

    • Go to DEWA, the official website and select the Deactivation of Electricity/Water
    • Click the ‘Apply Online’ tab on the left-hand side of the sidebar.
    • Enter your DEWA account number (10 digits) and DEWA premises number (9 digits).
    • You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number or email address.
    • After the above steps, you will find yourself logged in and you have to follow the steps similar to those mentioned above in the ‘Online’ method.

If your moving-out date hasn’t arrived yet, then you can pay the final bill later as well. Within 24 hours of you choosing the ‘moving-out’ date, the final bill will be issued, which can be covered with the security deposit.

In the event the bill exceeds the security deposit amount, a new bill will be issued. However, if the bill is lower than the value of the security deposit, the billing amount will be deducted from it and the remaining balance will be returned to you via cheque or online transfer.

  • DEWA Disconnection Process via Mobile App

DEWA Disconnection Process via Mobile App

One can install the DEWA mobile application from the App Store or Play Store and can follow the same steps mentioned above in order to discontinue the DEWA electricity/water connection.

  • Offline DEWA Disconnection Process

If you prefer an in-person experience and want to submit an offline application, then you can process the offline DEWA disconnection process as well by faxing or submitting the required documents to the DEWA customer happiness centre. However, one needs to provide the following details:

    • The customer account number
    • Disconnection date
    • Registered Mobile Number (UAE)
    • Emirates ID

After submitting the request, you will receive a link to choose the ‘move out notification number’ and the option for a refund. The procedure for paying off final bills and getting your security deposit back (if applicable) is the same as mentioned above.

DEWA Disconnection Charges

DEWA Disconnection Charges

The charges for the disconnection process of DEWA connection are as follows:

Type of Fee Amount
Small Metres AED 100
Large Metres AED 300
Knowledge Fee AED 10
Innovation Fee AED 10

NOTE: DEWA provides 50% off on disconnection charges for Thukher and Sanad cardholders.

DEWA Account Transfer

One can transfer their DEWA account via the online application after providing the following details:

  • The Ejari number of the new house
  • The premises number
  • Current home’s contract account number
  • The moving-out date

One would also need to pay the outstanding bill (if any). Once all the information has been put in, you will receive a status tracking number and, after the completion of the process, an SMS and a welcome email along with the DEWA account details and a link for the online link.

One needs to fill out the online form or go to the RERA-authorized typing centre if moving through a property management company. As an alternative, you can submit your application online through the DEWA Customer Care Centre or their official website.

Transferring a security deposit from one DEWA account to another allows residents of the emirate to move into a new house. One needs to transfer funds if the remaining DEWA security deposit amount is inadequate to cover the shortfall. Once the security deposit has been paid, the provision of water and electricity will start.

DEWA Contact Information

  • DEWA Customer Care : +971-4-601-9999
  • DEWA WhatsApp : +971-4-601-9999

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to disconnect the DEWA account?

Your DEWA account will be disconnected within 24 hours of your request.

How do I cancel my DEWA account? I also want my deposit back?

All the steps that one needs to follow in order to cancel their DEWA account are given above.

How do I reduce my DEWA bill?

In order to save the environment and save your hard-earned money, it's crucial to utilise electricity wisely.

How do I get my DEWA disconnected?

You can follow the above-mentioned steps for DEWA account discontinuation.

How do I cancel my DEWA and get the deposit back?

One can discontinue their DEWA account and then pay the outstanding bill, if any, and then get the security deposit back.

Is the DEWA security deposit refundable?

Yes, it is refundable.

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