Guide To Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

Guide To Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa)

Setting up the water and electricity connection is usually one of the primary responsibilities of every person when shifting from one place to another in the UAE. So whether you are a new resident in the UAE or simply shifting to a new place, you must note that Dubai’s water and electricity connections are facilitated by the Dubai Electricity And Water Authority, popularly known as DEWA. Keep reading below to learn more about DEWA Dubai, how to get a DEWA connection and other relevant information. 

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About Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA)

About Dubai Electricity And Water Authority

DEWA, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, is an administrative corporation instituted in January 1992 by Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to facilitate collaboration between the electricity and the water department that operated independently earlier. After this merger, the operations of both these departments streamlined tremendously and presently, DEWA Dubai is one of the most promising and influential utility service providers globally. Furthermore, according to a report, DEWA Dubai attended over eight lakhs clients in 2018 with a satisfaction rating of roughly 95%. And the DEWA customer care services are immensely comprehensive to keep their clients delighted. Besides, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority also accomplished top global rankings in 2018 and 2019. 

Services Offered By DEWA

Services Offered By DEWA

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) offers its assistance to both individual residents and commercial organizations. Below are some prominent services offered by DEWA. 

    • Activation of Electricity/Water (Move In)
    • De-Activation of Electricity/Water (Move Out)
    • DEWA Bill payment and enquiries
    • Transfer of Electricity/Water (Move To)

Shams Dubai

Shams Dubai is a prominent initiative undertaken by the Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) to promote solar energy and urge people to shift towards sustainable living. Moreover, following the Executive Council Registration 46 of 2014, the primary aim of introducing Shams was to make Dubai one of the most sustainable cities globally. In addition, under this initiative, homeowners can readily attach their Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to the DEWA grid, which helps them store excess electricity generated to the grid and save utility expenses. However, note that solar panel installation is usually a lengthy process in the following stages.

    • Stage 1 : Getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC)
    • Stage 2 : Obtaining Design Approval
    • Stage 3 : Review and Connection
    • Stage 4 : Generation

People planning to avail of this facility can hire professional contractors or use the DEWA login option using their credentials. And when switching to solar under the DEWA initiative, you must pay AED 1,500 on the DEWA bill check as a connection fee. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EV Green Charger)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Complying with the nation’s green regulations, DEWA Dubai also provides electrical vehicle (EV) charging facilities. Furthermore, starting in 2018, the water and electricity board installed more than 200 EV Green Charger stations across Dubai to promote sustainable transport and reduce carbon footprints from the planet. 

DEWA Customer Service

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) customer support and customer care centres are strategically located across the Emirates, where highly-qualified professionals can address their grievances. Furthermore, to get your water or electricity services on your property, you can request activation through DEWA Customer Care Centre by calling on 04-6019999 anytime during the day or emailing the authorities at 

DEWA Academy

DEWA Academy

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) is one of the few institutes that offer vocational training courses to interested candidates. In addition, the DEWA academy aims to provide various jobs across departments and has collaborated with the UK’s Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) for better training. And after the training completion, students also get to join training in diverse domains like production, transmission and energy distribution. So any person aspiring to work with Dubai Electricity And Water Authority can apply for these vocational training courses on the official website and complete the DEWA registration under the ‘Student’ section’. 

DEWA For Builders

Dubai’s water and electricity authority even offers assistance to builders by administering NOCs (No-Objection Certificates). Moreover, the DEWA board is also accountable for supplying water and electricity to newly constructed or under-construction projects. 

How To Get A DEWA Connection?

Getting a DEWA connection is a seamless task. Here are the steps you must follow to obtain a DEWA connection. 

    • Visit the online DEWA website ( and fill out the registration form online
    • Upload the required documents on the website. 
    • Make the DEWA connection payment and security deposit, and you will get a water and electricity connection under their name. 

Documents Required

Here are some important documents you must submit for DEWA registration. 

    • Title deeds
    • Tenancy contract
    • Copies of passports of both tenant and landlord

Important Terms Explained

Here is a brief explanation of the important terms you will come across during your DEWA registration. 

  • What is The Premise Number In DEWA?

The premise number refers to a unique digit found at the entrance gate of the tenancy property. 

  • What Is Ejari?

Ejari differs a bit from the Premise number, and upon choosing a rental property in Dubai, you must register it with the land department. This registration number given by the land department is known as Ejari. 

  • Fees Involved

The applicants must pay the DEWA fees to activate water and electricity services. Also, note that the activation fee is AED 110 for small areas with a security deposit of AED 2,000 for apartments and AED 4,000 for villas. 

How Do I Pay DEWA Charges/Bills?

When speaking of DEWA bill payment, you get numerous options, including making an online payment of the DEWA Bill directly on the water and electricity authority’s website. Moreover, you can also make payments via credit cards or the MPay application. Likewise, you can also make payments through your authorized banking partner.

Understanding The DEWA Bill

The DEWA bill comprises expenses for electricity, water, sewerage and accommodation costs. Also, note that while the landlords bear the accommodation charges, tenants must also pay 5%. In addition, the Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) charges the following per-unit rates:

    • Water – AED 3 fils 
    • Electricity – AED 23 fils 
    • Sewerage – AED 0.5 fils

Procedures For Cancellation

Customers can readily visit the DEWA customer care centre to cancel their DEWA account. Besides, you also have an option to online cancellation of your DEWA account by visiting the official website and applying for online cancellation of your account. And if you wish to get a clearance certificate, you must pay a charge of AED 50 plus VAT and remain entitled to get a security deposit refund if you submit the original payment receipt. 

Contacting DEWA

Here are some ways you can contact the Dubai Electricity And Water authorities. 

    • Website : 
    • Customer Care Centre, Billing Enquiries : +971-4-601-9999
    • Emergency Call Centre due to technical issues : 991
    • Email : 
    • Fax : +971-4-324-8111

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much is DEWA per month in Dubai?

Depending on the size of your residential property and the water or power you consume, you must pay roughly AED 600 as your DEWA fees.

How do I check my monthly DEWA bill?

You can log in to DEWA's Customer eServices Portal to check your DEWA bill.

How can I see my bill online?

You can visit the official Dubai Electricity And Water Authority website to check your bills online.

Who owns DEWA Dubai?

DEWA Dubai is owned by the Government of the United Arab Emirates and was formed under Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer's (CEO) guidance.

What is DEWA's purpose?

The primary purpose of DEWA Dubai is to fulfil the water and electricity requirements of residents in Dubai.

Is DEWA government or private?

DEWA is a government-led institution to meet the utility requirements of the residents in Dubai.

What is included in DEWA?

All electricity and water consumption-related matters are included in DEWA.

How much is DEWA in Dubai?

The DEWA Dubai amounts to 5% of the annual housing and accommodation rent.

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