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Ultimate Guide to Ejari system in Dubai

Ejari, which refers to “my rent”, is the rental market system in the emirates that regulates the lease or rental contracts for properties. Initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) of the Dubai Land Department, it seamlessly binds the rental agreements with the legal framework to maintain transparency in the rental market. If you are unfamiliar with the jargon and are looking for accommodation in Dubai, here is all you need to know.

What is Ejari System in Dubai?

What is Ejari System in Dubai?

The Ejari system in Dubai is a government-run program regulating standing tenancy contracts. This system binds the legal agreement between landlords and tenants. It was launched in 2007 under the provisions of Law No. 26.

According to the law, all rental contracts for Dubai properties must be registered online through the government-run portal. This is done to ensure the tenancy contracts are structured in a legalised, government-approved format. The purpose of Ejari is to ensure transparency in the rental market system and protect the rights of landlords and tenants in the city.

Key Perks of the Ejari System

The Ejari system is beneficial for both landlords and tenants. It acts as evidence of the validity of the tenancy contract and resolves issues in the event of disputes. Some of the other benefits of Ejari are:

  • Ensures a smooth relationship between a landlord and the tenant.
  • A tenant can analyse the property and the background of the property owner.
  • Prevents fraud and tampering with documents from both sides.
  • Prevents illegal housing and the exploitation of real estate properties.
  • Ease of use and saves time on producing documents and receipts involved in tenancy agreements.

How to Register for Ejari in Dubai?

How to Register for Ejari in Dubai?

Registering for the tenancy contracts with Ejari is initiated by the landlord. In most cases, the landlord will contact the real estate agent for this task. The tenant will complete the Ejari registration process and pay the required fees.

There are two ways to register for Ejari system in Dubai. You can either do it online through the Ejari portal, using the Ejari app, or visiting any Ejari-approved centre. Some of the typing centres opened for Ejari registration are in Al Manara, Za’abeel, Deira, Al Barsha Mall and Oud Metha.

Documents Required for Ejari Registration

Documents Required for Registration

If you are applying for Ejari system through Ejari centres, you will need to fill out a registration upon arrival and submit the documents listed below:

    • Tenancy contract (signed)
    • Tenant’s passport (required for non-GCC nationals)
    • Tenant’s copy of Emirates ID, commercial license, or power of attorney
    • Security deposit receipt
    • Tenant’s UAE visa (required for non-GCC nationals)
    • Copies of the landlord’s passport 
    • A letter from the landlord with the electricity meter number (for shared electricity meters)
    • Copies of DEWA/green bills or 9-digit DEWA Premises Number 
    • Previous Ejari (in case of renewal)
    • Copy of title deed of the property
    • Trade license (required for commercial properties)

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive the Ejari contract in 1-2 days. This contract will include the Ejari ID number that is later used to register for the DEWA account online.

Fees for Ejari Registration

As of September 2020, the fee to register the Ejari contract online is AED 170, plus 5% VAT. The same is for the Ejari contract renewal. The fee for Ejari registration at the real estate services centre is AED 219.75 (including VAT).

Registering Ejari Online

Ejari online registration system

The Ejari online registration system is done by signing up for a tenancy contract through the online portal or the Ejari official app.

The Ejari online application system is applicable for the following:

    • Real estate brokers
    • Property management companies
    • The landlords 

Tenants cannot register for Ejari system through the official website. However, they can register via the official Ejari mobile app. 

  • Register Ejari via the Mobile App

Tenants can register their tenancy contract and upload the required documentation with the help of the Ejari mobile app. Download the app and sign up with the Emirates ID. Upload the necessary documents, including the passports, PoA, copy of the title deed, etc. Once your landlord approves the documentation via their account on the app, you will receive the Ejari certificate in one or two working days. 

Note that if you want to renew your tenancy contract next year, you must complete the Ejari online registration for the new contract.

To register via the Dubai REST App: 

    1. Download the Dubai REST App.
    2. Visit the Services section.
    3. Select “RERA”.
    4. Choose Register Ejari Contract.
    5. Fill in the required fields and upload the documents.
    6. Click on Submit.

Ejari Renewal

The services under the  process and documentation of Ejari Renewal are the same as the Ejari registration process.

Ejari Contact Number

If you need information or have any queries, you can contact the authorities on the Ejari contact number : +971-800-4488

Ejari Contact Number

Wrapping up

It usually takes 1-2 working days to process and generate the Ejari number. After the completion of Ejari online registration, an official Ejari contract will be issued. The Ejari contract will depict the terms and conditions of the tenancy contract along with the Ejari ID number you can use to register for the DEWA account.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Ejari in Dubai?

In Dubai, Ejari means my rent. It is an online registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) for tenancy contracts to legalise the relationship between landlords and tenants. The registration is done via an online portal where documents are structured in a legalised, government-approved format. The Ejari tenancy contract serves as evidence of the validity of the tenancy and creates transparency in the rental market in Dubai.

How do I get my Ejari?

Visit the official Ejari website, register for an account and then upload the documents for Ejari registration. Pay the fees and then apply. After the application is received, your Ejari certificate will be issued in 1-2 days.

Can I get the Ejari online?

If you are a landlord, real estate broker, or property management company, you can register the Ejari online through the official Ejari website or mobile app. You can register for Ejari through the app if you are a tenant.

How much does it cost to do Ejari?

As of September 2020, the fee to register the Ejari contract online is AED 170, plus 5% VAT. The same is for the Ejari contract renewal. The fee for Ejari registration at the real estate services centre is AED 219.75 (including VAT).

Is Ejari mandatory?

Yes, Ejari registration is mandatory. It is evidence of the validity of the tenancy contract between the landlord and the tenant. Besides serving as an official record, the contract is used for all rental transactions like transfers, renewals, cancellations, etc.

How long does it take to get the Ejari certificate?

It usually takes 1 to 2 days to get the Ejari certificate once the registration process is completed and the required documents are submitted.

How to cancel an Ejari contract?

As a landlord, you must cancel the Ejari contract as soon as the tenant moves out of the property. According to RERA law, only one Ejari registration can be done for a property. If the property owner had not cancelled the previous Ejari, the new tenant would not be able to register a new one.

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