RERA Forms in Dubai : Guide For Buyers and Sellers For A Fair Deal

RERA In Dubai: Everything You Must Know

Dubai is renowned around the world for its unparalleled and exquisite infrastructure, which raises the bar with each passing year. Because of the unbeatable returns and property for sale in Dubai is a matter of interest that no buyer or seller would want to overlook. And if you are one of those people who is interested in dealing with real estate properties, you should be aware of RERA Forms in Dubai.

Wait, Is the term alien to you? Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. The information provided below will clear up any confusion in your mind. We will go over the RERA terminologies and define some other related issues for easier interpretation. So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is RERA in Dubai

RERA in Dubai is an abbreviation that stands for “Real Estate Regulatory Agency” that deals with the regulatory, forms and authorise concerns of the emirate in the infrastructure business. It is a government-owned body that creates uniform rules of operation to lock each transactions in real estate to be standardised and justified.

What Does RERA Provides Buyers and Sellers in Dubai

RERA Provides Buyers and Sellers in Dubai

The services or facilities provided by the RERA in Dubai are given below:

    • Real Estate Consultancies
    • Real Estate Management Companies
    • Real Estate Brokerages, Leasing Companies And Mortgage Consultancies
    • Real Estate Promotion And Advertising
    • Businesses Providing Real Estate Services In Dubai
    • Any Kind Of Dubai Real Estate Inspection Service
    • Owner Associations
    • The Buying And Selling Of Real Estate
    • Many Other Related Parties

What Are The Duties of RERA in Dubai

What are the Duties of RERA in Dubai

Given are the responsibilities that comes under RERA Forms in Dubai:

    • All real estate businesses and organisations must be licenced.
    • Real estate agent licencing
    • Rental agreements, advertising, and real estate exhibitions are all subject to regulation.
    • Creating industry studies and reports
    • promoting the real estate industry
    • Informing businesses and private individuals about regulatory changes affecting the real estate sector.

How To Apply For RERA Forms in Dubai

Following is the step through which a seller or purchaser can apply for a RERA Form:

    • Request a Residency Visa.
    • The application procedure.
    • Sign Up For DREI Certified Training And The RERA Exam.
    • Obtain Your Realtor License and Approval.

Important RERA Forms in Dubai You Need to Know About

Important RERA Forms in Dubai You Need to Know About

RERA Forms provide a different set of land department services for sellers and purchasers. In fact, mediators (agents) may also look up at the details for better knowledge: 

  • Form A: Agency Contract Agreement 

RERA Form A is one of the most significant sections which needs to be fulfilled while dealing in properties for sale in Dubai. This process is just after floating the advertisement for available properties for buyers. The seller along with their agents has to be registered under RERA Form A.

Here is the enlisted clause one has to abide by for signing in under RERA Form A:

    • An outline of the seller’s and listing agent’s agreement.
    • Financial information, service charges, mortgage status, and payment schedules are all part of the property’s details.
    • Specifics on how the property will be marketed. Without a written agreement, the seller is not permitted to advertise the property on any portal.

Sellers after signing into RERA Form A will be approved and allowed by the DLD’s Trakheest system. They will provide a permit number to operate in the market. While registering, it is important to be alert for filling in all credible details of the owner. In case of two members owning the property, both the owners need to be enlisted in RERA in Dubai. 

  • RERA Form B: Agreement for Agents

This is another kind of RERA Forms in Dubai which says the agent who is a mediator between the buyer and the seller has to be registered under RERA in Dubai. Besides this, it also restricts the owners to safeguard the interest of both the parties to deal with 3 agents at a time. All the three RERA Form A has to be signed in.

Villas in Dubai or apartments in Dubai purchase must have a RERA certification. Similarly, commercial properties for sale in Dubai should also abide by holding a RERA FORM B certification. Buyers and sellers must note that appointing a broker should always display the budget and requirements for your types of properties for sale in Dubai.

In fact, the contract details, commission and compensation should be cleared from the broker’s side. In case, any purchase decides to terminate the contract for any specific cause may need to fill RERA Form U with an explanation.

  • RERA Form I: Agreement for the Agency

To crack a real estate deal, there are two agents who will bring the buyer and seller together. Such conditions in the business comes under RERA Form I in Dubai. It means the seller’s broker and the purchaser’s broker must agree on certain terms and conditions. The document holds every details of the contract that specifies who is getting what from the agreement.

This is a professional approach that maintains the discipline of the contract and is only applied when more than one broker is involved in the transaction. These situations can be a part of apartments on sale in Dubai or even for rental properties in Dubai. 

  • RERA Form F: Agreement for Properties for Sale in Dubai

The RERA Form F (AKA Memorandum of Understanding) is another significant processing in the real estate market of Dubai. This is concerned with the contract signed between the purchaser and the seller. This is an afterwards processing which is applied when the price and ach terms and conditions have been finalised between the parties.

Buy apartments in Dubai or villas in Dubai only after completing the processing by this RERA form in Dubai. This is a mandatory document that both the parties should not overlook to protect them against any future uncertainties.

  • RERA Form U: Agreement for Notice Cancellation

RERA Form U Agreement for Notice Cancellation

RERA Forms in Dubai has provision of registering with RERA Form U where a purchaser may dismiss the agreement. This is a cancellation of the contract from both the parties. This is also applicable in case of property’s owner to terminate the contract with their broker.

This legal termination is a a written acknowledgement that henceforth, there would be no involvement of any of the parties regarding a real estate transaction.  It also demands an explanation from the seller’s or buyer’s side to give a valid reason for the termination.

Documents Needed for RERA Form Application Procedure

If you are applying for an RERA licence in Dubai, you must include the following documents with your application:

    • A copy of your residency visa, a copy of your passport, or an Emirates ID card
    • Photographs in passport size
    • Proof that you have completed your RERA certified training and exam
    • a duplicate of your real estate licence
    • The Dubai police may require you to obtain a certificate of good conduct.
    • If you are based in a free zone, you will need a NOC from the free zone authority.
    • Depending on the type of business you establish, a memorandum of understanding signed by all shareholders may be required.
    • a copy of your reserved trade name

End Thoughts

It is quite difficult for first time sellers or eve buyers to look for a potential and fair deal in the real estate market. Amidst number of options buy properties in UAE, RERA in Dubai handles most of it due to heavy attention. This pattern of involving oneself in such transactions and contracts needs patience, time and hardship too. undoubtedly, Dubai is the emirate will the most extravagant properties for sale. Simultaneously, investors must also think of making their deal secure against any fraudulent and should consist of RERA forms for a smooth and transparent interaction with their agents.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the RERA forms?

There are multiple RERA Forms in Dubai such as Form F, Form U, Form A, Form I and Form Form B.


RERA Form is a mandatory document to buy, sale or lease a real estate property in Dubai.

What is Form A in real estate?

RERA Form A is a certificate in which sellers who wants to sale their properties in Dubai have to abide by this.

How can I get RERA certificate in Dubai?

To get a RERA certificate, one has to go through the DREI Certified Training and the RERA Exam.

What is Form F RERA?

To terminate any contract between buyers or sellers and the broker, RERA Form F is applied.

Where can I download Form F?

Go to DVAT, tap on 'Online Forms' and select 'Download' from the drop down. Click on the hyper link 'View' under the heading 'View Form'. Click on the hyper link 'download' to download and save the form on your system.

What is Form B in Dubai real estate?

When a broker comes in a contract with a buyer or seller has to sign in under RERA Form B.

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