Steps To Activate Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority For Home

Steps to Activate Water and Electricity in Your Abu Dhabi Home

Abu Dhabi is renowned in the UAE for its sophisticated utility services and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Acquiring a dependable and hassle-free electrical connection is essential for everyday operations and pleasant living, regardless of whether you are a resident, company owner, or immigrant. The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) manages water and electricity connections in Abu Dhabi. It provides a range of services to landlords and tenants alike. Certain policies and processes are involved in obtaining a new ADDC power connection. If you relocate to Abu Dhabi, you must register for water and electricity connections. Our guide explains how to get Abu Dhabi water and electricity authority to request these connections in your new residences.

Setting Up Your ADDC Connection

Individuals recently relocated to the Emirate must officially record their lease agreement through Tawtheeq (tenancy agreement type in Abu Dhabi). This registration process automatically links the details to their Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) bills and payments. One can create an online account through the ADDC’s official website or visit the authority’s local offices. Property owners cannot create a tenancy agreement. Hence, they must complete a form and apply for a new connection with the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC). Similarly, tenants residing in regions not covered by Tawtheeq registrations must apply for a move-in request to initiate a new electricity connection in Abu Dhabi.

Procedure for Residential Electricity Setup

Procedure for Residential Electricity Setup

Here are some options that help you determine which documents are required to get the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority.

  • Essential Documents

Here’s how Abu Dhabi residential houses can get a new ADDC water and electrical connection. For the application, the tenant and owner must provide copies of the following documents –

    • For Tenants

If you are a tenant in Abu Dhabi and would want to request the activation Abu Dhabi water and electricity in authority, copies of the following documents are required:

      • Passport
      • Emirates ID
      • Family Book (For UAE nationals only)
      • Tenancy Contract
      • Letter to close the previous account for the property you’re moving into
      • The Account Closing Letter (formerly known as Clearance Certificate)
    • For Owners

The following copies of documents must be submitted by owners:

      • Passport
      • Emirates ID
      • Family Book (For UAE nationals only)
      • Copy premise ownership deed or a site plan (valid and issued from Abu Dhabi Municipality)
      • Previous account closing letter

Note – The authority will issue the Account Closing Letter when the previous ADDC account for your last property is closed. The landlord will provide a copy of the letter. 

  • Process to Activate Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi? 

 Process to Activate Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi

Your lease agreement must be registered with Tawheeq to request the activation of Abu Dhabi water and electricity authority. In 2015, the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) integrated its systems with Tawtheeq. Following this integration, Abu Dhabi residents’ water and electricity accounts are automatically established once ADDC obtains the necessary information. Residents no longer need to submit a separate move-in application when they change residences.

The following information is required to begin the move-in process:

      • Select if you are a tenant or owner of the property
      • Enter your premise ID
      • Enter your property address
    • Activating Your Online Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Opening an online account is the most efficient method for activating and managing electricity and water services in Abu Dhabi. It allows for monitoring consumption and modifying or updating personal details as needed. Additionally, this online platform facilitates the management of connections and the payment of bills.

To activate your online account, follow the steps given below –

      • Enter your ADCC account number (you will find this in the customer details section of your bill)
      • Click on Send a PIN Code
      • Enter the 4-digit PIN Code and continue

Quick Note – You can use the same username and password to log in if you registered on the previous ADCC website.

  • What is the Fee for Activation of Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi?

What is the Fee for Activation of Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi

There are no charges for account setup of the ADDC connection. However, a deposit of AED 1,000 is required, which will be covered by the first bill. The deposit can be transferred to a new property or refunded when your ADDC account ends.

  • User Agreement

    • The applicant must meet the following requirements to establish a new power connection in Abu Dhabi. 
    • To pay ADDC bills in Abu Dhabi, customers must use their chosen payment methods to pay their monthly water and electricity bills. 
    • Every time a cheque bounces, the customer will be charged a fee of AED 50. 
    • If the services are terminated for non-payment, there will be a reconnection fee of AED 100. 
    • The client must consent to keep ADDC’s assets unaltered, manipulated, and unmodified. The penalty for breaking any of these rules is AED 10,000. 
    • In addition to consumption fees and other damage expenses, the client who supplies the services to others will be subject to a fine of AED 10,000. 
    • The client is required to notify ADDC before resuming service. If this is done, there will be a fine of AED 1,000, and the deposit and past-due payments will be seized. 
    • At the end of the tenant’s rental agreement, they need to get a Clearance Certificate. If not, further costs will be applied to any penalties or consumption charges that are assessed on the same account in the future. 
    • The authority can terminate the customer’s services if they fail to abide by ADDC conditions. 
    • The client must update all the information in the agreement to prevent any unfavourable outcomes.
    • ADDC can terminate services without notice if clients do not pay their bills for over 60 days. 
    • The consumer must pay the security deposit required under ADWEA regulations. 
    • No applications from the same account will be considered after clearing the premises. 

Applying for a Commercial Electricity Connection

If a resident purchases a business property in Abu Dhabi, they must apply for a new ADDC water and electrical connection. The ADDC connection process and fees are the same for this property. However, the necessary documentation is different. They are listed below –

  • Essential Documents

It is necessary to have copies of the following documents:

    • For Tenants

      • Trade Licence
      • Signature Authorities
      • Tenancy Contract
      • Previous account closing letter for the property that the user will move into
    • For Owners

      • Trade Licence
      • Signature Authorities
      • Property Purchase Contract or Site Plan
      • Previous Account Closing Letter for the property that the user will move into

Abu Dhabi’s Electricity Pricing Structure

To grasp the concept of electricity pricing in Abu Dhabi, we should start by looking at the green and red bands. The green band represents a cheaper rate for your daily usage limit. Conversely, the red band signifies a more expensive rate that kicks in when you exceed your daily usage limit. Additionally, the cost varies depending on the kind of property you reside in. Different charges apply to UAE residents and foreigners. The following prices are according to the ADDC recommendations – 

  • For UAE Nationals

The cost is 6.7 fils per 1 kWh, rising to 7.5 for usage beyond the green band limit. Apartments receive a green band allowance of 30 kWh daily, while villas are allotted 400 kWh daily.

  • For Ex-Pats

The charge is 26.8 fils per 1 kWh, increasing to 30.5 fils when consumption surpasses the green band threshold. Apartments are given a daily green band allowance of 20 kWh, and villas receive 200 kWh daily.

Wrapping Up

Residents, including property owners and tenants, can manage their utility services efficiently through an online account with ADDC. This account facilitates the activation and management of services and provides tools for monitoring usage and managing bills. The system’s design ensures that moving homes within Abu Dhabi does not require separate move-in applications, as the utility accounts are automatically set up or transferred based on the details provided to Tawtheeq. Furthermore, the tariff structure encourages energy conservation by offering a green band allowance, with rates adjusted based on consumption levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to set up an electricity connection in Abu Dhabi?

Register the tenancy contract with Tawtheeq if you relocate from another Emirate, such as from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Upon completion, the information will be applied to ADDC invoices. You must submit a separate application if you are an owner-occupier or reside outside Tawtheeq-operated territory. With the necessary paperwork, you can apply for a new ADDC power connection online or in person at an ADDC office.


For those who own a home in the Emirate and choose to rent or lease its surroundings, Tawtheeq is a type of tenancy agreement in Abu Dhabi. It facilitates home rentals and controls the housing market.

If residents don't register in TAWTHEEQ, then how do residents get an electricity connection?

Residents who have recently purchased or leased property within the Tawtheeq-connected area and are yet to register must complete a move-in application to secure water and electricity connections.

What is the meaning of an Account Closing Letter?

When your prior ADCC account for the property is closed, an account closing letter (formerly known as a clearance certificate) is provided. A copy of this letter is available from your landlord or the previous tenant.

How to check the application status for an electricity connection in Abu Dhabi?

You can visit the official ADCC website to check the status of your application.

How much do residents pay to activate electricity and water connections in Abu Dhabi?

There are no upfront fees for power or water use. However, an AED 1,000 refundable security deposit is required; your initial bill covers this amount. When you close the account, you will receive a refund or use it to buy a new property.

How do I set up ADCC?

If customers register with Tawtheeq, ADDC will set up their water and electricity accounts and bills. The customer will receive a bill within a month, and a new account will be created under the same name as their tenancy contract.

What are the contact details for ADCC?

You can contact ADCC at 800-2332 to activate electricity and water connections in Abu Dhabi.

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