OnTime Government Services UAE : A Comprehensive Guide

OnTime Government Services UAE : A Comprehensive Guide

The UAE government uses creative and unconventional approaches to provide citizens with government services. It has maintained its leadership position through outsourcing services and public-private partnerships. The OnTime government services Group is a business that helps long-term visa applicants and the real estate industry with effective and efficient services. 

Brief Description

OnTime Government Service, a proud affiliate of the OnTime Group since 2003, is the foremost provider of essential government transcription services for UAE residents. With multiple operational centres strategically located across Dubai, they cater to the needs of over 1 million customers annually. Committed to unwaveringly efficient and amiable customer service, OnTime Government Services is your dedicated partner. Delve deeper for insights on service fees, branch locations, and more.

About OnTime Government Services

About OnTime Government Services

OnTime Government Services is a pioneering company in the UAE that stands out as the first to offer outsourced government services. Whether online or offline, they cater to corporations and individuals. They have been at the forefront of providing essential government transactions for UAE residents. Operating multiple service centres throughout Dubai and committed to efficient and friendly customer service, OnTime Government Services continues to prioritise the needs of its clients.

  • The Headquarters of the OnTime Government Services

The Business Venue Building on Umm Hurair Road in Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is in the OnTime Government Service offices.

  • OnTime Government Services – Contact Information

The greatest service is always available from OnTime Government Service. Contact +971-4404-0404 to give them a call.

  • What is the Official Website of OnTime Government Services?

Visit the OnTime Governance Services website at https://www.ontimetasheel.com/en/.

  • The Revenue Details of the OnTime Government Services

OnTime Government Services boasts an impressive revenue of $18.8 million. Their strong financial results highlight their ability to provide government services effectively.

  • The NAICS Code of the OnTime Government Services 

OnTime Government Services’ NAICS code is 92,928. This categorisation provides an understanding of the industrial sector in which they operate. Federal statistical agencies employ the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code to classify commercial enterprises to gather, process, and distribute statistical data on the business economy. Six-digit numerical numbers known as NAICS codes are given to companies according to their main industry or economic activity. The codes help standardise and classify many industries, facilitating the comparison and analysis of data throughout various economic sectors.

  • The SIC Code of the OnTime Government Services 

OnTime Government Services’ SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification) is 97,972. This code offers an industrial sector grouping consistent with how OnTime Government Services does business.

Efficient Public Services Offered by OnTime Government Services UAE

Public Services Offered by OnTime Government Services UAE
Credit : Bayut

OnTime Group Services has been in business since 2003 and serves one million clients yearly. The organisation provides necessary services so that the people can easily execute their governmental services without difficulty. Three sections comprise the OnTime Government’s services:

  • Facilities of the Ontime Goverment Services

Businesses and individuals may receive online and offline government services from OnTime Goverment Services. On the list are:

    • Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) – (Tasheel Services)

Work permits, labour cards, wage certificates, E-Signature card services, and other services are among the labour immigration and visa solutions Tasheel Services offers.

    • Amer

Immigration and services for residency visas.

    • Emirates ID

Replacement, Issuance, and Renewal.

    • Ministry of Health and Prevention Services (MOHAP)

Medical exams for MOH, residence programmes, biometrics for immigration applications, and licencing services (clinics, hospitals, labs).

    • Department of Economy and Tourism (DET Services)

Trade names are reserved, first permits are granted, professional, commercial, and industrial licences are granted, and more.

    • Government Translations

Translations are available in more than 50 languages for legal and governmental purposes, corporate and private purposes, retail purposes, and more.

    • Dubai Land Department Services

Tenancy contract typing, Ejari printing, etc.

    • RTA Services

Approval of RTA licences, vehicle branding services, licences for vehicle advertising, registration of traffic files, and much more.

    • Attestation Services

MOFA attestation, police clearance certificates, apostille services, and certificate attestation.

  • What is the Location of OnTime Goverment Services?

To make use of OnTime Governance Services, stop by these offices.

    • One-Stop Shop Locations

      • Oud Metha, Umm Hurair Road, Dubai, and Business Venue Building.
      • Smart Medical Center, Al-Baraha, Deira, Dubai, and Al baraha Hospital
      • Mazaya Center, Dubai, and Sheikh Zayed Road.
    • Other Branches

      • RTA Services- Umm Ramool, RTA Building, Dubai, and Opposite Dubai Airport.
      • Department of Economy and Tourism Services Provider- Inside Al Manara Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, and beside Al Safa Metro Station.
      • Embassy and Consulate Services- Besides the Pakistani Consulate, Khaled Bin Waleed Road, and Nasser Lootah Building.
  • Charges for OnTime Government Services

The following is what it would cost for each service:



Ejari New/ Renew

AED 223

Ejari Cancelation

AED 42

Property Valuation (Land, villa, Building, Apartment, Warehouse, Labour Camp, Hotel, etc.)

From AED 2,212 to AED 15,580, depending on the type of property

Property Valuation for Gifting Purposes (Land, villa, Building, Apartment, Warehouse, Labour Camp, Hotel, etc.)

From AED 192 to AED 245, depending on the type of property

Heirs Ownership

Number of Properties/Type of Property

Property Annexation/ Separation

Number of Properties/Type of Property

Rental Dispute Services (RDC)

Number of Properties/Type of Property

Affection Plans (Land, villa, apartment, etc. maps)

From AED 208 to AED 433, depending on the type of property

Tenancy Letter Request

AED 223

Tenancy Contract Typing

AED 53

Update Owner Information

AED 21

To Whom It May Concern (NOC Letter)

AED 126

Property Details Certificate

AED 126

  • Efficient On-Time Registration Trustees for Seamless Processes

For 20 years, Dubai residents have been served by OnTime Property Registration Trustee. In Dubai, it offers expert real estate registration services as a DLD Authorised Trustee. The business provides several important property and real estate services and acts as the Dubai Land Department’s satellite office. Their knowledgeable team is available to offer suggestions and address any queries you may have to guarantee that the paperwork is completed correctly. Services fall into four categories: grants, sales, development, and mortgage gifts.

The services provided by OnTime Property Registration Trustee are as follows:

    • Property Valuation
    • Ejari
    • Immigration services residence visa
    • Legal services and translation
    • Notary public services
    • Dubai economy services
    • Blood test services
    • Title deed delivery
    • Attestation services
    • Interior and fit-out services
    • OnTime Appointment Government Services

You may schedule an appointment with the OnTime Registration Trustee via the official website or phone at +971-4-447-7918 with any questions. This service is available whether you want to register or transfer a property or need to certify a document. The ground floor office in Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Fee for OnTime Registration with Trust Services

The cost of several services provided by the OnTime Property registration trustee is given below –



Property Restrain (Blocking)

From AED 5,540 or AED 3,540 based on the property’s valuation

Sell Procedure (Full/ Partial)

From AED 4,000 or AED 2,000 based on the property’s valuation


From AED 3,680 or AED 5,250 based on the property’s valuation

Grant Procedure (Full/ Partial)

From AED 4,000 or AED 2,000 based on the property’s valuation

Financial Lease Procedure

AED 4,580 (If villa/ apartment) or AED 4,430 (If land)

Lease to Own Procedure

From AED 1,560 (If villa/ apartment) or AED 1,410 (If land)

  • Golden Cube

Golden Cube For Real Estate Investors
Credit : Dubailocal

For all real estate investors, Golden Cube is a one-stop shop. The Dubai government has recently created new opportunities for international business by granting long-term visas. Those who satisfy specific requirements and invest in real estate are eligible for these visas. If you take advantage of this offer, Golden Cube can thus assist you throughout the procedure. You won’t need permission from governmental or non-governmental organisations because the firm collaborates with the Dubai Land Department (DLD), Dubai Police, health insurance providers, and one local bank. Their team of professionals can ensure that every prerequisite is met so that your application process proceeds without problems. As part of OnTime’s government services, Golden Cube may assist you in obtaining the following visas.

      • 10 Years Golden Visa
      • 5 Years Retirement Visa
      • Parents’ Visa
      • Family Visa
    • How to Check for Eligibility?

By visiting the Golden Cube official website, you may verify your eligibility. Click Check Eligibility on the main page, create an account, and enter your personal information. Call +971-4-404-0440 for any concerns. Their office address is Dubai World Trade Centre, Office 22, The Offices 2 Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

    • What are the Fees for Golden Cube Services?

The costs for several Golden Cube Services are as follows:



10 Year Golden Visa

AED 9,740

5 Year Golden Visa

AED 6,790

Dependent’s Visa

From AED 5,750 to AED 4,705, depending on the age of the dependent (18 or not)


OnTime Government Services is a good choice for providing trustworthy and practical support with different government transactions in Dubai. Before choosing a supplier, checking prices and services others offer is a good idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is OnTime Government Services a public company?

No, OnTime Government Services is a privately held company.

What is the role of OnTime Government Services?

OnTime Government Services helps residents and businesses in Dubai navigate and process various government transactions, conveniently offering many services under one roof.

How do I contact OnTime Government Services?

You can get in touch with them by giving their customer care helpline a call at +971-4-447-7918.

What industry does OnTime Government Services belong to?

OnTime Government Services operates in the government services facilitation industry. They act as a middleman, streamlining interactions between individuals and businesses with various government agencies in Dubai.

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