Investing in Dubai Made Easier : Golden Visa Without Down Payment

Guide To Investing in UAE Golden Visa

In a significant development for property investors in Dubai, a new change has been made to the UAE Golden Visa for Property Investors across the country. According to The National, the Emirate has eliminated the need for AED 1 million down payment previously necessary to qualify for the 10-year Golden Visa through property investment. This adjustment in policy marks a substantial shift in Dubai’s approach to attracting foreign investment and residency. The ground breaking development makes a broader group of property investors in Dubai eligible for the coveted 10-year Golden residency. Let us learn in more detail about the new policy.

UAE Golden Visa for Property Investors

Under the new guidelines, for property investors in Dubai to be eligible for the Golden Visa Real Estate in Dubai, a property’s value must exceed AED 2 million. It is a departure from the earlier rule where property investors were mandated to make a minimum down payment of AED 1 million. This change signifies a substantial easing of investment requirements. It opens doors for a broader spectrum of investors to consider Dubai a viable option for property investment and long-term residency. It indicates that any property investor in Dubai could now buy a property worth AED 2 million and be eligible for the visa. They would not even have to hold equity of the same value. So, if you buy an off-plan Property, you just need to pay the down payment amount of only AED 50,000 for some and be eligible for a golden visa.

The Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa for Property Investors

Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa for Property Investors
Credit : aaconsultancy

The Golden Visa program, introduced in 2019 and valid for 10 years, aims to attract exceptional workers and foreign investors to establish deeper ties with the country. In 2022, amendments simplified eligibility criteria and expanded beneficiary categories, including investors, skilled professionals, exceptional talents, and property investors. This update is part of the UAE’s push to attract skilled workers and enhance foreign investment, aligning with recent economic, legal, and social reforms. Investors highlight that this policy shift would benefit many property investors in Dubai, especially those with mortgages, as it opens up golden visa eligibility for most property owners in Dubai. They acknowledged that the adjustment could attract more foreign investors and stimulate domestic purchases as they can easily get a golden visa by buying property. The rule change is expected to increase buyer confidence, allowing visa holders to sponsor their families and domestic staff. 

Previously, investors were required to have a significant amount of equity in their property to qualify for a golden visa. However, this requirement did not extend to off-plan properties until a substantial payment was made. With the recent change, purchasing a property worth AED 2 million, regardless of its status or equity, qualifies investors for the golden visa. This shift could lead to more real estate investments, construction activities, job creation, and overall economic growth. The rule change is expected to apply across the UAE, not just specific emirates. As the UAE golden visa property investment focuses on the overall property value, it removes the down payment requirement. 

Embracing The Future

The Future of UAE Golden Visa
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Since its introduction in 2019, the UAE Golden Visa has been a beacon for exceptional talents, offering them the opportunity to live and work in the country under their sponsorship through a 10-year renewable visa. Over the years, the eligibility categories for the UAE Golden Visa have expanded, allowing an increasing number of people to establish permanent roots in the UAE. This latest change is poised to further enhance Dubai’s appeal as a premier destination for property investors in Dubai and residents alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FQs)

Can Golden Visa holders buy property in the UAE?

Yes, Golden Visa holders can buy property in the UAE, including off-plan properties and those under a mortgage. It was made possible following the 2022 update to Golden Visa conditions, which reduced investment amounts and removed stay duration restrictions.

What is the minimum investment required for a Golden Visa in UAE?

The minimum investment required for the UAE Golden Visa is AED 2 million in property value, as stated by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

What is the UAE golden visa for property investors fees/cost?

The fee for a Golden Visa in the UAE ranges from AED 2,800 to AED 3,800 for applicants within the UAE and AED 3,800 to AED 4,800 for those outside the UAE, varying by visa category and service type.

Who is eligible for a UAE Golden Visa?

UAE Golden Visa eligibility includes investors, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals earning over AED 30,000 monthly, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes, regardless of education or professional level.

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