All-Inclusive Guide To Best Petrol Stations in Dubai

Guide to Best Petrol Stations in Dubai

When you think of a petrol station, you may envision a few shabby pumps, a convenience shop with stale food, and possibly a grouchy attendant. However, in Dubai, petrol stations are considerably more expensive! Consider glistening facilities with a plethora of services that attend to not only your car’s requirements but also yours. If you are visiting Dubai and looking for a petrol station to fill up your tank, then take a deep breath and relax because Dubai has a wide range of premium petrol stations. Also, Dubai has petrol stations, but not all of them are reputable. So, we have listed the best petrol stations in Dubai for your comfort. 

List of the Best Petrol Stations in Dubai

The following is a list of petrol stations in Dubai  that score among the best in the country for their facilities and other amenities: 


ADNOC Petrol Station in Dubai

Founded in 1973, ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) is the best petrol station in Dubai, with an extensive network and a wide range of facilities. There are about 500 stations in the UAE, including numerous in Dubai. Moreover, stations can be found near major roadways, residential areas, and important tourist locations. In addition, ADNOC has an application called ‘Find Station’, with which you can easily find the nearest fuel stations. The ADNOC Rewards programme allows you to collect points on every transaction that you can then redeem for gasoline reductions, car cleanings, and other benefits.

    • Types of Fuel

ADNOC petrol station in Dubai is renowned for producing high-quality fuel, which ensures that your car performs optimally. 

      • High-compression Engines Vehicles: Super 98
      • Low-Compression Engines Vehicles: E-Plus 91
      • Medium-Running Octane Fuel Vehicles: Special 95
    • Services Offered

Numerous stations provide longer hours and an abundance of services, rendering them a central location for all of your automotive needs. A list of services offered by ADNOC includes: 

      • Tyres and Oil-Changing Service  
      • Car washing facility 
      • Available lubricants shops
      • LPG cylinder facility 
      • Service for Bi-fuel conversion 
      • Third-party car care services 
      • Retail stores
      • Rahal and Salik Top up 
      • Food Court
      • Prayer Areas
      • Restrooms and several other facilities
    • Head Office Address

The head office address of ADNOC is Abu Dhabi, Corniche Road West, P.O Box. 898, United Arab Emirates

    • Location

Sheikh Zayed Street, next to National Drilling Company and UNB building, P.O. Box 4188


EMARAT Petrol Station in Dubai

Emarat, also referred to as Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), established in 1981, offers trusted petroleum products in Dubai. Emarat is well-known for its loyalty to quality, as it provides a broad range of fuel types and varieties, as well as convenient shop products and automotive repair services. Moreover, Emarat petrol stations in Dubai are widely distributed across the city and the Northern Emirates, ensuring 24*7 services near you. In addition, Emarat embraced trained and experienced staff members to cater for its customers without compromise and experience positive responses on every visit. Besides, Emarat emphasises itself by providing friendly and supportive client service. It also provides fleet payment options for businesses and makes it simple to track your fuel costs.

    • Types of Fuel

 Emarat petrol stations in Dubai provide four types of fuel, including:

      • For High-Efficiency Vehicles: Super 98
      • For Petrol Vehicles: Special 95
      • For fleets, normal cars, and commercial vehicles: E-Plus 91
      • For diesel-driven vehicles: Gas oil, or diesel
    • Services Offered

Emarat is obligated to provide sustainability and an affordable environment. However, the services offered by Emarat are listed below: 

      • Manually Car Wash
      • Lube Express
      • Testing Vehicle in Dubai by Emarat Shamil
      • Convenience Stores
      • Car Care facilities 
      • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) 
      • Tyre Express 
      • ATM
      • Food court    
    •  Head Office Address 

The head office address of EMARAT is Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl, Dubai, P.O. Box 9400

    •  Location 

 It is situated in 60 different locations in Dubai, including Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, 

 Bur Dubai, Al Khawaneej, etc. 

  • ENOC 

ENOC Petrol Station in Dubai

Founded in 1993, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), another of the best petrol stations in Dubai, has a significant presence around the Emirates, with over 150 stations. They are renowned for their dedication to high-quality fuels, cutting-edge amenities, and their dedication to the environment. Additionally, ENOC Link, its electronic mobile fueling service, delivers fuel to your home or company, saving you valuable time. They also accept contactless payments and have an easy-to-use app for controlling your refuelling process. Moreover, they also place a premium on the environment through programmes such as biofuels and charging stations for electric cars.

    • Types of Fuel

ENOC petrol station in Dubai is an ideal choice for subsequent refuelling, which provides high-quality types of fuel to ensure convenience for people. 

      • Kerosene
      • Jet A1
      • Fuel oil, 180 CST
      • Asphalt 60/70
      • Super ULG 98
      • Special ULG 85 
      • Diesel gas oil 10 ppm
    • Services Offered

Here’s an outline of why ENOC is an outstanding choice for a subsequent refuel:

      • Chemicals-based petroleum
      • Gas
      • Fueling options for the aviation sector
      • Shipping and transportation of petroleum-related products
      • Petroleum storage services 
      • Information technology facilities 
      • Retail options for petroleum products
    • Head Office Address

The head office address of ENOC is ENOC Complex, P.O.Box 6442, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

    • Location

Al Wasl Rd.; Oud Metha Rd.; Al Khail Rd., E44

    • ENOC Compact Petrol Station

ENOC has also built a compact petrol station to serve residential and urban neighbourhoods. One is operational at Arabian Ranches, with a tank capacity of 30,000 litres and a daily capacity of 400 vehicles. A solar-panelled canopy has also been placed on the tiny stations. The station may be transported to other locations in 30 days because it is readily re-installed and uninstalled. An attractive feature is that ENOC Compact stations can be positioned in public parking areas. 

Online Fuel Delivery App in Dubai

The table highlights the differences between the online fuel delivery applications in Dubai. 





The world’s top platform for gasoline distribution and automobile services

Emirates National Oil Company for delivering fueling services 


24/7 fuel delivery, car wash, engine oil change, battery, and tyre change.

Bulk fuel delivery, tank monitoring, and fuel management reports.

Covered Area

Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Abu Dhabi (car washing only)

Dubai and its surrounding areas


Same cost as petrol stations, has no delivery fees and consists of subscription plans

Competitive bulk fuel prices and additional fees service may vary


Friendly user interface, real-time fuel tracking,  history, and safe payment alternatives

Friendly user interface, tracking options, fuel consumption details, and account management tools

Wrapping Up 

The Middle East never fails to astound its tourists and residents. The UAE, being one of the world’s top oil producers, has an enormous number of petrol stations distributed across every emirate. Numerous petrol stations are established alongside major roads in Dubai, providing quick and efficient service. The blog has compiled a handful of lists of the best petrol stations in Dubai to help you organise an upcoming road trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Petrol Stations are in UAE?

In the UAE, there are 586 petrol stations available.

Which is the largest petrol pump in the UAE?

ADNOC is the largest petrol pump in the UAE.

How many ENOC Petrol Stations are in Dubai?

There are 154 ENOC petrol stations in Dubai.

How many ADNOC Petrol Stations are in Dubai?

There are 31 ADNOC petrol stations in Dubai.

How many types of Petrol are there in Dubai?

There are four major variants of fuel used in the UAE: E-Plus (91 Octane), Special (95 Octane), Super (98 Octane) and Diesel.

What is the difference between Enoc and Eppco?

The Emirates National Oil Company was established in 1993. Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the municipality of Dubai. It is also the parent organisation of Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO).

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