Behind The Scenes : Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

Behind The Scenes Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

Are you planning to relocate to the exquisite Abu Dhabi in the UAE? Abu Dhabi pleases its residents by providing an incomparable service that everyone dies for. If you already have a rental place or have confirmed the house to buy, you must follow some crucial steps to make your stay peaceful and smoother. And one of the crucial steps to settling in is registering yourself with the Abu Dhabi Water Electricity Board. This guide will simplify your settlement by demystifying everything about ADDC Abu Dhabi. Give this blog a thorough read and leave with a better understanding of it all.

The ADDC Abu Dhabi Overview

The ADDC Abu Dhabi Overview

In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the distribution of water and energy is the responsibility of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC), a well-known government organisation. The ADDC manages the water and energy distribution networks in the Abu Dhabi and Al-Dhafrah regions under the direction of TAQA, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company.

In addition to providing water and electricity, ADDC devotes itself to providing customer support and technical assistance services related to distributing these vital resources. Additionally, Abu Dhabi’s water and power enterprise manages a sizable network of more than 600,000 service points, allowing for efficient, automated, and environmentally friendly water and electricity distribution. Let’s look more closely at the initiatives of ADDC Abu Dhabi, which is resolute in its resolve to rank among the top suppliers of power and water in the United Arab Emirates.

What is The Process of ADDC?

Within the Emirate, ADDC aims to build innovative, smart, secure, and long-lasting distribution networks. The company also provides a variety of services, such as the construction of new connections and practical ways to pay power and water bills.

Additionally, ADDC has created digital solutions to simplify clients’ access to its services. The business offers a website and specialised Android and iOS applications that allow users to register as tenants or property owners. Users may check their electricity usage, pay their bills, and get technical support through these portals.

The ADDC Services

The ADDC Services

To meet its clients’ demands, the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company provides a wide range of services:

    • Establishing and expanding electrical services
    • Electrical services that are transferred, renewed, or terminated
    • Account opening, management, and payment of bills
    • Customer service offerings
    • Certificate of Clearance issuance
    • Service provision for water connection
    • Water services relocation or termination
    • Registration of tankers carrying drinking water
    • Facilities for recharging electric vehicles

Now let us give you a detailed analysis of all the services the business offers within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Sign up for ADDC

Registering for the account is important if you are a property owner or tenant. The best part is that your energy and water accounts with ADCC will be created for you automatically after your lease agreement has been formally registered with Tawtheeq. Water and power will be available to you without any problems. The paperwork required to register your energy and water accounts in Abu Dhabi are listed below.


The following papers are needed to open an ADDC account while purchasing or already owning a house or resort in Abu Dhabi:

    • Emirates ID
    • Title deed certified by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi
    • Clearance document bearing the signature of the previous owners
    • Commercial or Trade licence (exclusively for commercial properties)


Your rental contract is recorded with Tawtheeq while renting a residence in Abu Dhabi. Your ADDC authorization is consequently directly linked to Tawtheeq. The supplementary paperwork is as follows:

    • A residence permit or an Emirates ID
    • A duplicate of the lease contract
    • Clearance letter from former renters


The outstanding customer service ADDC provides rapidly resolves customer complaints regarding technical support. Contact them at your area’s nearest branch or the ADDC website. The following information is regarding ADDC’s main office

    • Location: Al Danah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12, Al Bawakir Street
    • Working Hours: The business is open from 7am to 4 p.m. from Monday through Thursday and from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday. Sunday and Saturday are closed
    • Contact Number: 800-2332

What Takes Place If You Do not Have Tawtheeq or If You Own the Property?

There is no need to worry if you are moving to an area of Abu Dhabi not covered by Tawtheeq or if you are the proud new property owner there. You will have to submit a move-in application in such cases.

How Do I Fill Out a Move-in Application?

You only need to submit an online move-in application if you don’t have Tawtheeq in order to use utility services.

Required Documents for a Move-in Application

Required Documents for a Move-in Application

The following set of paperwork is what tenants must upload with their move-in application on the ADDC website:

    • Copy of your passport
    • Photocopy of your Emirates ID
    • Copy of your tenancy agreement, which confirms that your prior account has been closed
    • Copy of your new address.

For property owners, the documentation is slightly different:

    • Copy of your passport
    • Photocopy of your Emirates ID
    • Copy of your current site plan or premises ownership deed

Please make sure all of your documentation is accurate. A letter attesting to closing your old account for the new home you are moving to.

What is the ADDC Deposit Amount?

A deposit of AED 1000 must be made to start your account for the first time; this money will be returned when you disconnect. You can pay at any ADDC location or online at the ADDC website.

How Can Your ADDC Online Account Be Activated?

Simply activate a new account on the official ADDC website using your ADDC account number to get started. You will be given this account number when you sign up with Tawtheeq.

ADDC Account Number: What Is It?

Your ADDC account number is typically in your statement’s “Customer Details” section. However, if you’re unclear about the account number, you can use your Emirates ID to sign up for an online ADDC account.

What Advantages Do Online Accounts Offer?

Establishing an online account gives you easy access to manage all of your ADDC services. The following are the main features that are at your disposal:

    • Observe your usage
    • Update or change the information on your account
    • Manage every relationship you have
    • Examine your ADDC bill
    • Use a credit card to securely complete online payments for ADDC

Where Can I Get a Printed Copy of My ADDC Bill?

Just sign in to your online account to get the ability to download and print your bill whenever it’s most convenient for you if you want a printed copy of your statement.

Rates and Tariffs for ADDC

Your power and water bills may change depending on your usage and whether you are an expatriate or a citizen of the UAE. The following groups represent how ADDC has categorised the fees for UAE nationals and expatriates:

    • Green band: Prices apply when using water and electricity up to the daily allotment.
    • Red band: Higher fees are applied if daily water and power usage limits are exceeded.

Daily expenses are established depending on the kind of asset, such as a house or a villa. According to the ADDC tariff, the recommended rates for foreigners and UAE citizens are listed below.



    • Green band: For water consumption that stays within the daily permissible limit, the tariff is 2.09 AED per cubic metre. The daily green allowance for apartments is 0.7 cubic metres; villas are 7 cubic metres.
    • Red band: The price rises to 2.6 AED per cubic metre if water usage exceeds the daily allotment.


    • Green band: For electricity use up to the daily cap, the charge is 6.7 fils per kWh. For apartments, the green allowance is 30 kWh; for villas, it is 400 kWh.
    • Red band: The charge increases to 7.5 fills per kWh if electricity consumption exceeds the green band’s allotment.



    • Green band: The cost per cubic metre of water consumed under the daily limit is 7.84 AED. The daily green allowance for apartments is 0.7 cubic metres; villas are 5 cubic metres.
    • Red band: The price rises to 10.41 AED per cubic metre if water usage exceeds the green band’s allotment.


    • Green band: The price per kWh in the daily cap is 26.8 fils. For apartments, the green allowance is 20 kWh; for villas, it is 200 kWh.
    • Red band: The charge increases to 30.5 fils per kWh if electricity use is in excess of the green band’s allotment.

ADDC Service Prices 

For Apartments

Apartment utility costs in Abu Dhabi can be divided into the following categories:

Prices for residents of the UAE

Electricity is priced at 6.7 fils per kWh for daily usage up to 30 kWh. The fee is 7.5 fils per kWh for consumption that exceeds 30 kWh per day. Water usage up to 0.7 cubic metres per day is billed for AED 2.09 per cubic metre. The price increases to AED 2.60 per cubic metre if water consumption exceeds 0.7 cubic metres per day.

Costs to Expatriates

Up to 20 kWh of electricity per day are priced at 26.8 fils per kWh. The price is 30.5 fils per kWh for consumption above 20 kWh per day. Water usage up to 0.7 cubic metres per day is billed at AED 7.84 per cubic metre. The price increases to AED 10.41 per cubic metre if water consumption exceeds 0.7 cubic metres per day.

For Villas

The following categories best describe the utility expenses for villas in Abu Dhabi:

Prices for Residents of the UAE

Electricity: For use up to 400 kWh per day, it is charged at a cost of 6.7 fils per kWh. The fee is 7.5 fils per kWh for use that exceeds 400 kWh per day. Water usage up to 7 cubic metres per day is billed for AED 2.09 per cubic metre. The price increases to AED 2.60 per cubic metre if daily water consumption exceeds 7 cubic metres.

Costs to Expatriates

For usage up to 200 kWh per day, electricity is priced at 26.8 fils per kWh. The price is 30.5 fils per kWh for consumption that exceeds 200 kWh per day. Water usage up to 5 cubic metres per day is billed at AED 7.84 per cubic metre. The price increases to AED 10.41 per cubic metre if water consumption exceeds 5 cubic metres per day.

How Can You Pay Your ADDC Bill?

It’s very simple and convenient to pay your ADDC fees. You can choose from a number of alternatives to conveniently pay your bills. The available techniques are listed below:

    • Online Payment
    • Abu Dhabi Government
    • Autopay
    • Exchange Outlets
    • Internet Banking or Phone Banking
    • Kiosk
    • ATM Machine
    • Bank Counter
    • Phone
    • Cheque
    • Post Office

What is ADDC Quick Pay?

To provide a seamless experience, ADDC provides a variety of practical e-services. The ADDC online quick pay is one such service that makes the payment procedure simpler. You can pay through the website directly if you’d rather not log into your account. Enter your account number and the desired payment amount in the quick pay box. This convenient tool seeks to improve your experience by offering a simple means of payment.

How Can You Pay ADDC for a Friend?

You only need the recipient’s account number to make payment easier. A confirmation will be emailed to both parties after the transaction is finished. Using the quick pay option on the internet is easily accomplished. Alternatively, you can find ADDC bill payment machines to pay the bill if your friend’s bank is ADCB or NBAD.

How Can You Cancel Your ADDC Connection?

You have a few alternatives for ending ADDC services and terminating your account that put your convenience first. You can make a move-out request from the convenience of your home or go to any service centre to get your connection cut off immediately.

What Is a Move-out Request?

A move-out request can be submitted easily via the ADDC website or call the call centre. This request will terminate services when you leave an Abu Dhabi home. A final bill will be generated once you choose your chosen disconnection date. You will get an email with an account closing letter once the payment has been made.

How Long Does Disconnection Take?

If necessary, disconnection can be accomplished quickly if you have a current metre reading. However, it is better to give an advanced warning of one or two days beforehand if a new metre reading is necessary.

What is the ADDC Contact Number Number?

You can call the ADDC customer care department at 800 2332 if you have any questions about your ADDC electricity account or anything else.

Office of ADDC in Abu Dhabi

Offices of ADDC in Abu Dhabi

In addition to having a strong online presence, ADDC has a number of branches spread all around Abu Dhabi. With a variety of services, these branches meet the needs of both people and companies. Here is a full list of ADDC offices situated in Abu Dhabi in case you want to personally visit any of these branches.

Head Office of ADDC or Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

ADDC’s main office in Abu Dhabi is situated on Al Falah Street, a vibrant commercial and residential hub at the centre of the capital city. This branch provides an extensive array of services, including:

    • Payment of Bills
    • Request for Electricity and Water Services for New Tenants
    • Quotation for Shifting Electricity and Water Connections
    • Request for Shifting Electricity and Water Services
    • Request for Demolition of Electricity and Water Connections
    • Licence for Electrical Contracting issued or renewed
    • Connection of Temporary Tents
    • Account Closure Request
    • Request for “Whomsoever It May Concern” Certificates
    • Refund back of balance amount of Credit
    • Resolution of Incidents, Cases, and Fines

The ADDC headquarters is known for its proactive approach in promptly addressing customer requests and concerns. If you have any remaining concerns, visiting the headquarters is recommended.

    • Location: Al Falah Street, 12, Al Bawakir Street, Al Danah
    • Working Hours: Monday-Thursday from 7 am-4 pm, Friday: 7:30 am to 12 pm , Off on Saturday and Sunday
    • Contact Number: 800-2332

Contact Number Centre for ADDC

You can find the ADDC Contact Centre conveniently situated near the National Energy and Water Resource Centre on the street of Al Falah Street., at a distance of approximately 400 metres from the headquarter of ADDC.

The centre offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

    • Emergency Services
    • Inquiries related to Accounts and Services
    • Tent Connections
    • Services for New Tenants
    • Requests for Certificates
    • Credit Transfer

In addition to its primary offerings, the centre also attends to the needs of customers when it comes to bill payments and various other requests related to account management.

    • Location: Al Falah Street, Zone 1-E18-03
    • Working Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7 am-4 pm , Friday: 7:30 am-12 pm , Off on Saturday and Sunday 
    • Contact Number: 800-2332

Outlet of ADDC at Mussafah

    • Location: Tasheel Village Mall
    • Working Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8 am-6 pm , Friday:7:30 am-12 pm , Off on Saturday and Sunday
    • Contact Number: 800-2332

Outlet of ADDC at Bani Yas

    • Location: 10, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Bani Yas
    • Working Hours: Monday-Thursday:8 am-6 pm , Friday:7:30 am-12 pm , Off on Saturday and Sunday
    • Contact Number: 800-2332

In a Nutshell

After going through the above blog, you’ve understood that little to no knowledge about something can put you in deep trouble. And, when you’re an outsider to a nation and want to settle in, you need all the details and help you can get to make the process smoother. For this even transition, this piece has one thing quite simple, a water and electricity connection. You can easily inquire about the ADDC contact number and resolve your concerns. So, get ready for a bewildering yet exciting journey, and make Abu Dhabi your next destination. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you check your ADDC bill online?

It is important to establish an online account with ADDC in order to access features like usage tracking, bill checking, and other services. You may quickly activate your online account by using the official ADDC website or calling the call centre at 800-2332.

How do I contact ADDC customer service?

If you’re a regional caller from the UAE, you can drop your inquiry on 800-2332. And for international users, those calling from outside the UAE will have to drop a call on +971 2419 1100 and ask away any questions you may have about ADDC.

Who is the CEO of ADDC Abu Dhabi?

The CEO of ADDC Abu Dhabi is Mubarak Obaid Al Dhaheri.

How do I check my ADDC account details?

You can check your ADDC account details by logging in using the username and password (confidential data) that you used to register for ADDC. Or if you’re missing these details, you may be able to register into an ADDC account using your Emirates ID. And, in case both are lost, you can call on 800-2332, which will direct you to ADDC’s support team.

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