Explore The Reason of High Consumption of Electricity and Water

Explore The Reason of High Consumption of Electricity and Water

High electricity and water consumption, along with burgeoning utility bills, can be a pain in your neck. Haven’t you paused at least once to ponder why your bills keep rising? What is it that wrecks all your plans and damages your budget? It’s high time you shifted the blame from your provider and revisited your consumption experience.

This blog analyses the reasons behind the high consumption of electricity and water.  

Factors Contributing To High Electric and Water Consumption

A competent day job in the heart of a city like Dubai can make your schedule tight. Forgetting to turn off your unused AC or lights might just add to the problem. All these indicate that efficient energy consumption should become a habit. Let’s learn about the exact reasons for the high electricity and water consumption and try to develop an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Why Are Electricity Bills So High?

Why Are Electricity Bills So High
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There can be numerous reasons behind a sudden rise in your electricity bills. According to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), these include a high rate of AC use during summer, use of non-energy efficient bulbs, and watering your garden during noon-time. 

The high consumption of electricity and water in Dubai can also be attributed to constructional imperfections. Improper wiring or poor-quality appliances can be anti-climatic. The recurrence of water leakages can also arise from a faulty choice of materials. If you’re devising ways to reduce the high consumption of electricity, ensure you don’t compromise the quality of your home appliances. Also, remember to keep the gadgets operational by adopting periodic checks. 

  • Avoid Using Non-energy Efficient Appliances and Bulbs

Avoid Using Non-energy Efficient Appliances and Bulbs
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Your utility bills can skyrocket if you use outdated and less energy-efficient appliances. Traditional incandescent bulbs dissipate large amounts of heat energy, causing considerable energy loss. It only converts 10 % of the energy it consumes to light, and the remaining 90 % gets lost as heat. Using faulty systems or water-intensive gadgets can also impact your water bills. 

The average lifetime of your electronic gadgets is usually high. Thus, energy-efficient appliances can substantially reduce the high consumption of electricity and water. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are one such addition. LEDs possess high durability and energy efficiency. Other energy-efficient appliances include Halogen Incandescent Lights and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). 

  • Power Draining Vampire Sources

Vampire power sources are those devices that continue consuming energy even when turned off. These are also called ‘phantom loads’ and include televisions, microwave ovens, cell phone chargers, etc. 

Our ignorance is one of the primary factors behind increased electricity consumption by vampire sources. It stems from forgetting to turn off the lights when not in use or simply leaving the TV and AC on. The steps to reduce the high consumption of electricity induced by Vampire sources may seem simple, yet they are highly crucial. These include unplugging such sources when not in use, using more energy-efficient devices, and using appliances with smart power strips.

  • During Summer, Using The AC at Maximum Capacity

As the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority rightly points out, your AC can destroy your energy consumption plans. With the average temperature as high as 40 degrees, AC has become more of a necessity than a luxury in Dubai. However, as AC accounts for the lion’s share of the country’s electricity bills, devising a diligent strategy to use your air conditioners has become the need of the hour.

Steps like switching off your ACs as you are outdoors can go a long way in reducing the high consumption of electricity. Some other handy tips include changing the AC filters, promptly using ceiling fans, replacing the old units, and installing a thermostat. 

  • Appliances with Defects

The usage of defective appliances can also be one of the root causes behind your high consumption of electricity and water in Dubai. It may pull off two to three times of power before you know about it. Using faulty devices is also extremely dangerous as it enhances the chance of getting electric shocks. Seeking professionals’ help is crucial before things slip out of your hands. Always remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

  • Home Lighting and Ceiling Fans are not Strategic

Yet another factor behind the high consumption of electricity is not turning the fans and lights off when you’re not using them. This not only increases your energy consumption levels but also impedes the lifetime of your electric devices.

The choice of light sources is equally important to reduce your energy consumption. It is better to keep the number of light sources as minimum as possible. Decorating your rooms with an extra source can backfire. It is also advisable to follow the habit of turning off lights and fans to reduce the high consumption of electricity.  

  • Home Insulation is Inadequate

Poor home insulation can be one of the other major reasons behind a higher electricity bill. If your home is poorly insulated, it enhances the burden on your electronic devices and increases your overall energy consumption.

A well-insulated home reduces heat flow and maintains an ambient temperature. It is one of the natural ways to reduce energy expenditure and, in turn, utility bills. Some of the commonly used insulators include fabrics like cotton, wooden doors, and sealants.

High Water Bills: Reasons To Consider

High Water Bills Reasons To Consider 
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Rising on par with your electricity bills is your water bills. This, in turn, causes a compounding effect on your bills. Hence, it has become the need of the hour to identify the reasons and reduce the high consumption of water. 

  • Hidden Leakage in Your Water Connection

When your water bills shock you, have a thorough check for any leaks. The majority of water leaks arise from the toilet and remain hidden. The irrigation systems in Dubai also account for a heavy demand for water usage. Detecting hidden leaks can be challenging, so seeking professional help can reduce your bills. Most of these service providers use advanced technologies like leak detection providers that yield precise results. 

  • Water Your Garden at Noon

Your garden is one of the areas in your house that requires an abundant water supply. However, watering your garden at the wrong time can be problematic. If you tend to water your garden during noon time, think again. This will be one of the primary reasons behind your higher water consumption. 

It is wise to wake up early and water the plants. Otherwise, you can wait until sunset and start watering after 6 PM. This substantially lowers the wastage of water and keeps your garden well-maintained.

  • Pool Maintenance That is Irregular 

The swimming pool maintenance is yet another key metric behind your sudden increase in water bills. If you tend to top off your swimming pool in a hot summer, you’re playing it wrong. Even worse, your pool pump may fail to perform well, leading to a series of problems and a higher water bill.

You can tackle this by following a healthy maintenance schedule for your pool. To reduce the high water consumption, ensure you clear even the minute damages and chase the pool leaks. 

  • Inflation By Season

A significant reason behind a surge in your water consumption is the change in demand corresponding to seasonal changes. You obviously will consume more water in the hot, brooding summers than in the freezing winters. It can also be due to some unhealthy practices you follow in your swimming pools, such as poor maintenance and increased water consumption.

You can check this by ensuring you save every drop of water and waste less. Also, periodic checks on leaks, proper equipment maintenance, and over-irrigation can be key to reducing the high consumption of water. 

Dubai’s Electricity and Water Consumption: How Can it be Monitored?

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has developed a series of innovative tools that aim to change your consumption patterns. The DEWA smart living dashboard lets you check your consumption levels and inspires you to lead an energy-efficient life. With such an innovative and time-tested approach, you are one step closer to the environment. More importantly, such a lifestyle helps you reduce high electricity and water consumption. 

The Final Note 

Your electricity and water consumption in Dubai can consistently go up unless you regularly check them. It’s all a matter of the choices you make. You can choose to lead a carefree life and still pay the bills. But a little effort to turn off that light when you go out and fix that leak can yield positive results. Cooperating with DEWA can also go a long way toward revitalising your energy

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Give a reason behind the increased usage of electricity.

An increase in population is one of the reasons behind the increased electricity usage.

Which appliances raise the electric bill the most?

Appliances like AC, washing machines, geysers, etc., increase your bills the most.

What consumes too much electricity in a house?

The heating and cooling appliances consume too much electricity in a house

What consumes too much water in a house?

The largest amount of water is used in a household's toilet.

What causes high water consumption in a house?

Running water from toilets causes the highest water consumption in a house

How can I stop excessive water usage?

You can stop excessive water usage by checking leaks and ensuring minimal wastage.

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