Ferrari World Abu Dhabi : Feeling the Need for Speed!

Ferrari World Yas Island

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, is at the heart of one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Abu Dhabi is home to sandy beaches, towering skyscrapers and some of the grandest mosques. It is arguably the best location to kick off your tryst with Arabic culture. In addition to being the cultural melting pot of the Middle East, the city, formerly known as Milh, has a lot to offer to motorheads from all over the world. It is the proud host of the exhilarating Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Once a year, the exciting circus of Formula One charts a course to Abu Dhabi to race around the iconic Yas Marina Circuit.

However, if you miss the opportunity to watch the action unfold on the circuit, fret not, because Abu Dhabi has a year-round attraction to cater to your need for speed. During an aerial tour of Abu Dhabi, you will most likely witness the grandeur of a three-pointed star stretching across Yas Marina. The gigantic crimson-coloured structure is known as the Ferrari World. Popularly hailed as Mecca for speed freaks from across the globe, it is home to the largest and the only Ferrari-branded indoor theme park in the world.

This blog provides insights about the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi whilst enlisting several aspects related to the tickets and attractions. 

Inside Ferrari World’s Architecture

Inside Ferrari World’s Architecture

The foundation stone for the award-winning Ferrari World was laid way back in November 2007. It opened its doors for visitors and tourists shortly thereafter in November 2010. The roof of the structure alone stretches across 200,000 m2 and is 50m high. The theme park itself spans 86,000 m2. Moreover, it sports the biggest Ferrari logo ever created. The side profile of the classic Ferrari-GT’s body inspired the roof’s design. 

Acquiring Ferrari World Tickets

Ferrari World Tickets

Ferrari World tickets are available in various formats. Every visitor to the park has a unique experience based on their purchase of tickets. The park offers passes to visitors who may be short on time and barely have a day to explore the rides and everything else they have to offer. It also caters to those who have the time and money to visit the park on multiple occasions.

  • The single-day passes cost AED 310 and include free parking and access to multiple rides in the theme park. Prospective visitors can also choose the family and friends offer on single-day passes. They can enjoy a discount of 25% if they purchase four or more tickets, bringing the Ferrari World ticket price down to AED 232.50 per person. 
  • The park also offers visitors the option of clubbing the experience of multiple Yas Theme Parks, including Warner Bros. World or Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, across one or multiple days. 
  • Patrons can visit two parks in one day for the most economical price of AED 395. The two-day pass that offers access to two parks is worth AED 435. The premium passes cost AED 545 and offer visitors unlimited access to all theme parks on Yas Island
  • To hardcore aficionados who have the freedom to visit the theme park multiple times a year, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers three kinds of annual passes listed as:
Annual Passes for Ferrari World Rate
Silver AED 995
Gold AED 1095
Diamond  AED 2895

Note : All annual passes offer buyers year-round access to all Yas Theme Parks in addition to exclusive benefits, discounts and perks. Visitors can also choose the option to finance their passes with a monthly instalment scheme starting from AED 83 per month. 

Travelling to Ferrari World

the heart of Yas Island, Ferrari World

Located at the heart of Yas Island, Ferrari World is a stone’s throw away from the beloved family attractions that Abu Dhabi offers, including Warner Bros World, Yas Water-world and more. The journey to the park from the Abu Dhabi International Airport is hardly a 12-minute car ride. All the travellers trying to make their way to the attraction must follow the signs for Yas Island and subsequently follow the road signs towards Yas Mall. The mall has designated parking to visit the theme park.

For the convenience of its visitors, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers multiple modes of transport to travel to the theme park. For instance, it organises shuttle buses for patrons who may be travelling from Dubai. The service is free to travellers as long as they present their e-passes and/or vouchers to any Yas theme parks. Details and the timetable for the shuttle service are available on the official Ferrari World website. The service connects most of Dubai’s popular hotels to the Yas attractions. The buses are also equipped with Wi-Fi for the comfort of travellers.

Attractions at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is seemingly spearheading the charge when it comes to revolutionising the theme park industry with their record-breaking rides. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Formula Rossa

This ride has earned the world’s title of the fastest roller coaster. Formula Rossa goes up to a top speed of 240 km/h in merely 4.9 seconds. This Ferrari World ride goes as high as 52m, pushing riders to their limits with the highest G-Force of 4.8Gs, which, technically‌, means that the human body experiences almost five times the force of gravity. The world-famous Formula Rossa requires riders to be at least 4’5” tall.


  • Flying Aces

The second fastest Ferrari World ride in the park, Flying Aces, zips patrons around a track on a military-style bi-plane. The ride reaches speeds of up to 120km/h, going as high as 63m at a 51-degree incline. Owing to the unique structure and build of its track, the ride boasts of sporting the highest loop on a roller coaster in the world. However, the exhilarating and dangerous nature of the ride has forced park officials to enforce a rule that requires riders to be at least 4’2”. 

  • Turbo Track

The iconic Ferrari World roller coaster shoots riders through the roof of the theme park in a completely vertical climb. Once it reaches the pinnacle of the track, the roller coaster sends its riders into a high-speed zero gravity fall. At the highest point of the track, riders have a bird’s-eye-view of the theme park and the gorgeous marina, making it an exciting and unique experience that patrons would hate to miss.

Child-Friendly Rides at Ferrari World

Child-Friendly Rides

While it may seem like Ferrari World is geared to entertain those chasing the excitement of high-speed corners and zero-degree drops, the theme park has several rides for its younger patrons. Youngsters barred from enjoying some of the most enthralling Ferrari World rides needn’t worry, as the park offers a junior version of some of the most rides.

Young visitors can enjoy the delight of Formula Rossa by riding the Formula Rossa Junior. Similarly, those prohibited from experiencing the exhilaration of Flying Aces can try the Flying Wings ride. Both rides are accessible to children that are as short as 3” and 3’5“ tall. Those thirsting for the pleasure of a zero-degree drop, much like what the infamous Turbo Track simulates, can step onto Turbo Tower to experience the same buzz of free-falling from a height of 13.5 m.

Must-Have Delicacies at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

in-house restaurants in YAS

Straight from Ferrari’s homeland of Italy, the theme park offers its visitors several mouth-watering options to stimulate their taste buds. The theme park’s in-house restaurants serve some of Yas’s most delectable Italian and international delights. From fast-food restaurants to factory-based canteens, the theme park has it all. 

Mamma Rossella is a popular fast-food trattoria that acts as a quick pit-stop where visitors can refuel and continue their exploration inside Ferrari World. Il Podio is a restaurant that is modelled after the canteen at Ferrari’s factory in Maranello. It offers visitors Western, Arabic and Indian cuisines. However, it is the experience that sets Il Podio apart from all other eateries on the island. In addition to its authentic Maranello-based decor, the restaurant offers patrons interactive food stations and more.

Ferrari World Overview: Timings and Parking

The theme park opens its doors to visitors at 11:00 am. Visitors are welcome to explore the park in its entirety till 8:00 pm. However, the Ferrari World timings for the park are subject to change, visitors hoping to chart a course to the park are advised to keep an eye on the official website for updates regarding the same.

All the major attractions at Yas Island are well connected with each other and some of the most frequented hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a fleet of shuttles that can be availed by pass-holding visitors free of charge. However, Ferrari World parking services offer ample space for personal vehicles for patrons who prefer to experience the thrill of driving up to the iconic theme park. Visitors who would like to experience a certain degree of luxury and convenience can also take advantage of the park’s valet parking service at a charge of AED 42.

In Conclusion

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for people seeking an amalgamation of thrill and culture under one massive roof. The theme park tips its hat to the rich history of the Prancing Horses and their success on and off the track. It also serves as the perfect place for travellers to experience the rush that comes with the association of one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers. As far as the Tifosi are concerned, this place is no less than a wonder of the world!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the ticket price of Ferrari World?

One can acquire Ferrari World tickets starting from AED 310 for single-day access to the park. Two-day passes can be bought for AED 435, which will offer visitors access to multiple parks. Prices can go up to AED 545 for three-day access to all Yas Theme Parks. Yas Theme Parks also offer annual passes that can be used freely over the course of the year. Ferrari World ticket prices for the same start at AED 995 and go up to AED 2895.

Is Ferrari World Free entry?

No. Visitors need to pay a small fee to enter Ferrari World. They can access most rides in the theme park free of charge. However, some premium rides may incur extra charges.

What is special about Ferrari World?

It is the world’s largest indoor theme park. It offers some record-breaking and award-winning rides. Ferrari World rides include the fastest roller coaster in the world that reaches speeds up to 240 km/h and the highest looped roller coaster in the world that goes as high as 63m.

Is Ferrari World in Dubai worth visiting?

For those who can afford it, Ferrari World is an experience that one should try at least once in their life. The theme park offers some of the most enthralling rides in the world. In addition, the park also houses world-class restaurants and cafes that cater to people from all over the world.

What are Ferrari World™ in Abu Dhabi’s opening hours?

The theme park is operational from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. However, Ferrari World timings are subject to change, and prospective visitors should constantly monitor the official website for updates.


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