Tips & Tricks to Create a Cosy Work Space At Home

Create a Cosy Work Space At Home

When remote working is the new normal, it becomes a pressing priority to create a perfect workspace that increases your productivity as well as makes you feel cosy and calm. Today, we’ll talk about some of the important tips and tricks to set up a professional as well as comfortable home office space in Dubai.

Work from home has become the talk of the town and is today’s reality due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, seeing the COVID-19 conundrum, it is the right time to set up an ideal workspace in a home that reflects positive energy and enhances productivity, keeping you determined and motivated towards your work goals.

When it comes to working from home, remember that your bed is not your office desk. You need to allocate a particular location within the home, considering your family’s lifestyle. It is important to create a place that is free from distractions and keeps you focussed and organised. For this, you need some interesting tips and ideas that can help you create a comfortable office space without having to invest in new things. 

If you are seeking ideas for creating home office space in Dubai, then keep scrolling to know all about it.

Play with Colours

Play with Colours

Colours are always a good idea to bring life to a space. Talking about a workspace at home, you can work with some soothing colours like light yellow, light gold, cream and light green. These colours are considered to be the best for office spaces since they are meant to enhance productivity. While the colour “light gold” is said to be the best for productivity and profits, a light yellow palette is considered for promoting good health. 

In addition, green is always a good idea to go for. A light green hue for your office space is known to create a perfect balance between your body and mind and reflect positivity. Moreover, neutral shades are meant to help improve engagement, thus, the cream colour is most-suitable. Remember to avoid dark hues, predominantly black, since it is meant to attract bad energy. In case you love bright colours, you can pair them up with neutral and muted tones so that they do not feel overly distracting. 

Set the Space Up with Right Ergonomics

Set the Space Up with Right Ergonomics

Comfort is the key, and it is vital to set your workspace with an ergonomic office chair that is comfortable and provides back support. Get your hands on an adjustable desk and seating that lets you work at the desktop or laptop with ease. You can always consider a draped blanket or cushion, considering the comfy factors. Alternatively, you can choose to design your own standing desk adjacent to your kitchen counter. But again, you need to create a setup that supports your back. In such a case, you can use books to create an elevation for your laptop; it will help in creating the right height. Remember, too many furniture pieces can create chaos in your workspace, so avoid working with a lot of stuff around your office desk. Go minimal to create a healthy work environment.

Let Lights Create Their Own Magic

Let Lights Create Their Own Magic

Lighting is the essence of home decors, and we often overlook this important decorative element when it comes to setting up a home office space in Dubai. Since you will be sitting in front of the screen for long hours, it is advised to opt for the best lighting to prevent eye strain and fatigue that may lead to causing headaches. It is always the right choice to set up your workstation at a place that receives much natural light. It will help increase your productivity and make you feel good. In case there is no chance of getting natural light, we would suggest buying the right kind of lamp. 

Think of a Separate Room

Separate room office Space

It is suggested you consider a separate room other than bedrooms and living rooms to set up a workspace. A separate room for work is where you can stay more focused. If you create your workspace at a place that connects to another room, you will certainly find it difficult to concentrate since other members of your family can distract you. You do not need a big space to set up your workstation. An area that can conveniently accommodate tables and chairs is perfect. However, if you do not have a spare room at your home, you can choose a corner to designate as a workspace. Of course, that corner must be provided with the facilities like electricity, internet and other utilities. 

Adding Dash of Greens Is Always a Good Idea

There is no denying that greens can add up to the beauty of any space. They add an instant tinge of freshness and liveliness to any decor. Indoor plants work well in any interior; they infuse grace and elegance in the space while improving air quality. Bring some in your office space to have convenient access to nature while de-stressing and energising yourself. Think of some green foliage to add some texture to your room. However, it is necessary to have enough light in the room to ensure that the foliage stays lively. There is no need to do up your work area with too many plants. Invest in some air purifying plants such as a money plant, palms and ferns and put them in beautiful pots and planters to add a splash of vivacity within the decor. 

Think of Air Circulation and a Panoramic View

Air-quality of Your Home Office

Ensure that the room you choose for your workstation has enough windows and ventilation. In case, there are not enough ventilation openings, consider installing an air conditioner. It will help cool down your workspace area and keep you relaxed and energised throughout those long working hours. 

Apart from the air circulation, an expansive and beautiful view can add up to the cheerful and relaxed vibes. Consider setting up your workstation at a corner where there is a window giving a peaceful view of the outdoors. This will help you take a break from continuously looking into the screen and relax your strained eyes. If you like to keep it minimal to stay focused, you can keep the surroundings of your workstation plain with no excessive stuff. 

Festoon Your Work Area with Your Favourite Things

Festoon Work Area with Favourite Things

While greenery, colours, furniture and other things help create a healthy and lively work atmosphere, you can incorporate elements that you love. It could be a family photo, a vase of flowers, a guitar, books or little pieces of jewellery. You can also adorn your space with a candle or two if you like to create a cosy environment. Do not over decorate the space; keep things minimal to one or two that make you happy. You can also go for hanging pretty wall accessories or one or two pieces of art to add a sense of glee and positivity to the aura. 

Wrapping It Up

Creating an ideal workspace is the key to feeling gratified and content while working from home. Take inspiration from these aforementioned ideas to design a stellar work-friendly space. Try to keep the space functional and aesthetically captivating to bring in cosy and positive vibes. 

So buckle up, turn your simple home office space into a buoyant and healthy corner, and here you will have a happy home working space in Dubai

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