Popular Attraction of Snoopy Island Near Fujairah

Snoopy Island near Fujairah – Things to Know Before You Visit

Snoopy Island is the popular name for the island known in Arabic as giasirat al Aqqa. Al-Aqah is a nearby coastal town, and Jazeera means island. It is sometimes referred to as Jazirat Sunubi, but the correct name mentioned in the book is Jazirat al-Gubba. Snoopy is a cartoon character. This small rock off the north coast of the Emirate of Fujairah is named after Snoopy because the island’s outline resembles Snoopy lying on his back. Snoopy Island’s stunning reef is one of the UAE’s best snorkelling spots, where you can come across a wide variety of fish, turtles and even blacktip reef sharks. Snoopy Island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and majestic mountains. You’ll find it here if you’re looking for tranquillity and peace of mind in a bustling city like Dubai.

Snoopy Island, Fujairah Overview

Nestled off the stunning coast of Fujairah, UAE, Snoopy Island beckons adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. This majestic island derived its name from the interestingly shaped rock that resembles the cartoon character Snoopy—lying on its back, adding a whimsical charm. Popular water sports activities here include snorkelling and diving as the island is encircled by captivating coral reefs bursting with diverse marine life where you may even encounter sea turtles and small sharks while navigating the crystal-clear waters. It also offers advanced diving courses under PADI-regulated over four days.

For a more relaxed escape, Sandy Beach Resort provides a range of charming beachfront villas. One can also set up camp on the pristine shores and arrange a beachside barbecue. Apart from the water activities, this vibrant destination hosts music festivals and events bringing harmony of music and nature together. Snoopy Island, Fujairah, is a place where you can dive into thrilling aquatic escapades, savour serene moments by the beach, and revel in the excitement of music festivals—all this against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. Let’s explore more about this unique gem. 

  • Snoopy Island Fujairah Location

Snoopy Island is a hidden gem tucked away off the coast of Fujairah, just a leisurely two-hour drive from the vibrant city of Dubai. A mecca for adventure enthusiasts and nature seekers, this rocky marine outcrop is situated approximately a hundred metres from the Sandy Beach Hotel at Al Aqah. Its strategic location makes it a convenient escape for those craving a break from bustling city life. As one approaches Snoopy Island, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coral reefs are all waiting to be explored.

How to Reach Snoopy Island?

Thanks to UAE’s extensive transportation network, reaching Snoopy Island is an exhilarating journey. Here’s your guide: 

  • By Car/Taxi

From Dubai, the island is an approximately 180-kilometre journey, which typically takes around two hours. Renting a car or a taxi would cost you approximately AED 300 while hiring a cab for local travel within Fujairah ranges from AED 15 to AED 30.

  • By Bus:

For a budget-friendly option, consider using the public transport network. Buses departing from Deira bus station offer an economical way to reach Fujairah for approximately AED 25.

Points to Remember

    • Please make sure no garbage, including food, is left behind. Even organic waste can take months to biodegrade and may attract animals. This could cause animals to stop consuming their natural food and potentially become ill from relying on human leftovers.
    • Always keep a bag handy to collect trash left behind by less considerate individuals. Remember by doing so, you’re saving Mother Earth. 
    • When hiking or camping, take mindful steps and choose to traverse over gravel and rocks, as it helps protect the environment.
    • Leave the natural and historical treasures wherever you find them. 
    • While camping, minimise cooking over an open campfire and use a stove, which is less impactful and more eco-friendly.

Things To Do in snoopy island

Things to do on the snoopy island

Let’s explore what you should do while visiting Fujairah’s Snoopy Island. The below provided list has some exciting activities/adventures you should not miss.

  • Accessible Snorkelling Spot

Accessible Snorkelling Spot in snoopy island
Credits : Expedia

The most accessible snorkelling locations in the United Arab Emirates. Snoopy Island is about 200m straight from the mainland. This can be achieved in various ways. Option 1 is to book a stay at Sandy Beach Resort or buy a day pass for AED 105/person on weekdays and AED 130/person on weekends.

You can walk to the island on a man-made sand path at low tide. You must swim a short distance at high tide to reach Snoopy Island. It is forbidden to circumnavigate the island so as not to destroy the reef. There are designated places where you can stop and take a break. It is also recommended to bring shoes to avoid injuring your feet on the sharp rocks. Located 51 km from Fujairah and 22 km from Khor Fakkan, Snoopy Island is a rocky island in the Indian Ocean near Al Aqah near the city of Fujairah. Snoopy Island is a hotspot for various water sports, activities and music festivals.

The most favourite water activities here are snorkelling and diving. From breath taking shipwrecks to beautiful coral reefs and abundant marine life, diving in the waters around Snoopy’s island is unforgettable. The water is warm all year round, providing perfect diving conditions. The island also offers his advanced scuba diving course as part of his PADI-regulated four-day course. The best way to experience the island in all its glory is to stay at the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort. Snoopy Island Located in Fujairah, this hotel dominates the entire ocean and beach surrounding Snoopy Island with the Hajar Mountains as a backdrop. Plus, it’s incredibly close to the island. You can swim back to the island or go kayaking. Al Aqah is one of the best beach campsites in and around Fujairah. This experience is a must in the United Arab Emirates. Camping packages are rare here, but you can purchase your gear or rent it from the beach shop.

    • Time : 6AM – 7PM
    • Entry : Public beaches are accessible. The beach is 100 AED. Camping is 200-250. 150-200 for diving.
  • Turn it into a Camping Adventure

The beautiful setting, cleanliness of the beach (some people take care of the beach daily), and easy access make this area a top-rated camping destination, especially in the winter. Al Aqah Beach, near the beach resort, can be accessed without a 4wd. You should vacate your vehicle and bring your bags to the beach a few meters away. There are no public restrooms nearby. It gets a little noisy in the evenings due to gatherings and mornings – quads and cars floating on the beach and jet skis having fun in the ocean. Definitely quiet on a typical weekday. If you have a 4wd, you can pitch your tent on the other side of Al Aqah Beach. There’s more space, so you’ll have more privacy than the beach overlooking Snoopy Island.

  • What to See While Diving at Snoopy Island?

While Diving at Snoopy Island
Credits : Nemo Diving Center

Diving at Snoopy Island, you can swim about 200m to the last buoy if you dive from shore. From there, go down about 4-5 meters at the southwest corner. Watch out for rays that burrow in the sand near the buoy line. Electric rays, also known as torpedo rays, lumpfish and pigeon fish, are invertebrates that live on the ocean floor. It has two kidney-shaped organs acting like internal batteries that store and generate electricity. A small jet can produce about 37 volts, while a sizable electric rush can produce about 220 volts. They use natural electricity to stun their prey. They are harmless creatures, but be careful not to touch or step on them.

The clear water serves as a massive playground for many different types of colourful fish. After completing the Fish Identification Specialty course, you’ll have fun identifying species you’ll encounter underwater. Common sites include picasso, sergeant major, parrotfish, cardinalfish, snapper, angelfish, boxfish, triggerfish, surgeonfish, and butterflyfish. It is always a pleasure to see hawksbill, green, and other gliding turtles in these waters. In the island’s northeast corner, you will most likely encounter sea turtles at depths of 4-5 metres. This is where the more enormous boulders and brain coral clusters are. Unfortunately, these beloved creatures are vulnerable to pollution, climate change, entanglement by fishing gear, and poaching. Nemo Diving Center promotes sustainable diving tours to support global conservation efforts to save sea turtles.

If you see a pack of jacks, a barracuda may be hunting nearby. The barracuda’s thin, long body is designed for speed. These predators hunt primarily by sight and do not miss an opportunity to stop a mackerel from a group.

  • Chill at Sandy Beach Hotel

Sandy Beach Hotel in snoopy island
Credits : Agoda

Travellers seeking rest and relaxation should check out the Sandy Beach Hotel. This stunning beachfront hotel is just a short swim from the island. The majestic Hajar Mountains (located on the eastern coast of Fujairah) provide a stunning backdrop, and the vast ocean can be seen in all its glory from the hotel and adjacent beach. De-stress on the shore while absorbing the sun with chilly drinks and mouth Watering snacks. Or take a leisurely swim in the calm waters off the coast. You can also swim 150 meters and land on Snoopy Island.

  • Shore Diving

Shore Diving in snoopy island
Credits : Time Out Dubai

Here you can see much marine life in their natural environment. The island is located within a marine national park, protecting it from fishing and other activities. Put on your professional scuba gear and dive around 7 meters around the island. Here you can explore several exotic marine life that awaits you, including reef sharks, mackerel, and various other colourful fish species. Stingrays, , boxfish, angelfish and many other exotic species can also be seen. For the brave, night diving is an even more attractive proposition. The elusive squid may be visiting!

    • Shore dive fee : AED 105 to AED 215, depending on the service utilised.
  • Eat and Drink

Eat and Drink At snoopy island
Credits : Snoopy Beach Bar Business

Swimming, diving, and other activities must have left you hungry. Time for Snoopy’s Tropical Bar. A bar on the beach of Snoopy Island with a wide selection of fruit cocktails. Children in the group will enjoy fresh fruit and different types of ice cream. The Grill and Pool Bar is also a hit, with tourists glancing to spice up their taste buds. This place offers a variety of cocktails and some substantial snacks. While enjoying your meal, you can enjoy stunning ocean and beach views. You will have a lot of fun.

  • Water Sports 

Water Sports in Snoopy Island
Credits : get your guide

The sandy beach hotel and resort have excellent water sports for you if you are a water sports fanatic. Adrenaline junkies can choose from sports like flyfish, banana boats, and bingo rides. It’s an ideal place to have great fun in Snoopy Island’s liabilities.

  • Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding

Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding in Snoopy Island
Credits : Insydo

If you adore being adventurous, jump on a kayak to swim across the snoopy island. Ride close to the clean shore of the sea bay to get a close look around the island with many fishes and sharks. Another way to get to the island is to swim about 450 meters from nearby Al Aqah Beach. This can be done by kayak or stand-up paddleboard. However, be careful as the sea can be very rough on the east coast of the UAE. Snorkelling in big waves is not recommended because the waves crash quickly and violently against the rocks of Snoopy Island.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Is Shark Island accessible?

Yes, it's free of cost unless you're renting a boat or an area for camping.

Where is Snoopy Island located?

It's located on the eastern coast of Fujairah.

Which is the most excellent beach in Dubai?

Khor Fakkan beach is one of the best beaches on the eastern side of Dubai, located in Fujairah.

Why is it called Snoopy Island?

This small rock off the north coast of the Emirate of Fujairah is named after Snoopy, the cartoon, because the island's outline resembles Snoopy lying on his back.

What is Fujairah known for?

It's known for its beaches and historical tourist destinations.

Is Fujairah worth visiting?

While visiting Dubai, you should definitely keep Fujairah on your bucket list because you'll be in awe after seeing its beauty.

Can we access Snoopy Island?

Yes, it's accessible to everyone.

Can we access Snoopy Island?

Yes, it is accessible to all and easily reachable from Dubai and Fujairah coastline. The incredible island provides a luxurious stay at the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort.

Do you have to pay to go to Snoopy Island?

Access to Snoopy Island itself is often free for visitors. There is a wealth of adventure activities, including shore driving, water sports, snorkelling and kayaking. The price range for shore diving varies depending on the service availed. One shore dive with beach access only- AED 105. One shore dive with tanks and weights- AED 165. One shore dive with full equipment rental- AED 215.

Which animals are found on Snoopy Island?

Snoopy Island, surrounded by pristine beaches and serene mountain beauty, boasts a diverse marine ecosystem. From green turtles to colourful reef fish, reef sharks and enormous mackerel, the crystal-clear waters are brimming with all manner of ocean wildlife. As you swim further, there are species of parrotfish, butterflyfish, Arabian boxfish, Angelfish and more.

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