Learn How to Transfer Car Registration in Dubai

transfer car registration in Dubai

New to Emirates and still figuring out the basic norms like transferring of car ownership or transfer car registration in Dubai? Well then! We have sorted out some of the basic information regarding the same.

Transferring registration or ownership for cars in Dubai is not a very complicated process. Using a rental car UAE is different from buying used cars in UAE. In the latter scenario, you will have to ensure that the registration and ownership of the car are transferred into your name as the new buyer of the vehicle.

Ownership transfer is compulsory while purchasing/selling all used cars in Dubai and non-compliance will lead to a hefty penalty of AED 3000. With regard to car ownership transfer between the Emirates, you should take several factors into consideration. 

Transfer Car Registration in Dubai

When you are selling used cars with the car registration in Dubai of an Emirate citizenship to a buyer of another one. The procedure will be done as per the legal procedures that have been laid down clearly by the authorities. Please follow the below-mentioned steps if you are looking for some relevant information on car transferring in UAE.

Transfer Car Registration in Dubai

  • Pay All Traffic Fines

To ensure a smooth transfer of the car registration process, ensure that all pending or outstanding traffic fines are paid from your side. The seller should clear all these fines and also Salik dues before the handover of the vehicle to the prospective buyer. The procedure may vary, depending upon the rules and regulations of the Emirate registration procedure. Here are the various platforms for clearing fines. 

    • The Dubai Police has its own payment portal for clearing fines or you can also visit the RTA website for this purpose. 
    • The Abu Dhabi Police allow online clearance of fines on its official portal. 
    • The Sharjah Road and Transport Authority will be collecting all fines that are registered in Sharjah. 
    • The website of the Ministry of Interior should be the port of call for clearing fines that have been issued/registered in any other Emirate within the UAE (United Arab Emirates).
  • Transferring Insurance

For Transfer Car Registration in Dubai the transfer of used cars and other parts of the UAE. You should also embark on the insurance transfer procedure. The insurance policy may be terminated fully or else you can transfer the same to the new vehicle buyer if it has this feature.

If the policy has expired or may not be transferred, the new owner will have to get a fresh and separate policy. The finances may be paid off through banks. For example, there is a solution known as Auto Swap offered by Emirates NBD which takes care of existing loan settlement procedures. 

  • Obtaining the Pass Report

You should get the vehicle inspected professionally for making sure that it is ready to operate on the roads of the UAE. You can get the pass report from the government agency Tasjeel. They will conduct an examination spanning 50 points for a price of AED 350. This will check whether the vehicle is cosmetically and mechanically sound. 

  • Necessary Documents

The vital documents for ownership/registration transfer include the following: 

    • Mulkiya (original registration card of the vehicle)
    • Original Emirates ID
    • Copy and original residence visa and passport
    • Final payment certificate for the car loan if applicable 

The new vehicle owner will have to furnish these documents: 

    • Copy and original of UAE driving license
    • Emirates ID
    • Original insurance certificate
    • Original and copy of the passport and residence visa
  • Number Plates

While the new buyer will always keep the number plates in most of the scenarios, but the seller may also choose to keep them. Many people often wish to keep the same number plate for various reasons. Yet, there are several regulations that you should keep in mind regarding retaining car number plates. At the time of transfer car registration in dubai, the owner’s certificate given by the RTA will be needed and new plates will be issued likewise for the vehicle in question. If a new number plate is required, you can check out the ones which are available. 

Transfer of Ownership to a Car Registration Center

For used cars in Dubai, the transfer of vehicle registration will be done at the headquarters of the Traffic Police in the Emirate. The car is already being transferred from or a licensing center within the same Emirate itself.

Transfer of Ownership to a Car Registration Centre

The procedure for registration will commence when both parties are present at a mutually chosen venue. The key steps include filling the application for the vehicle permit for the new owner or buyer. At the same time, all necessary documents should be submitted and the permit application should be given at the desk for registration. 

You have to complete the formalities with the above-mentioned steps and the official authorities will be taking care of the aspect likewise. They will also check for any fines which remain outstanding or that need to be paid by the earlier owner for the transfer process to go through. Post clearance, the new owner will have to fork out the fee for the transfer.

The fee is AED 350 for a lighter vehicle and it may further vary, depending upon the car’s overall weight. An added AED 20 is chargeable as the Knowledge and Innovation fees while AED 50 is payable for the selling agreement. Once the steps are all done, the authorities will be verifying all your details before printing out the new card for registration or Mulkiya under the name of the new owner.

The residents of Dubai, have to check the list of registered vehicle testing centers within the city itself. So, I guess we have covered all the important aspects of vehicle transferring or  Transfer Car Registration in Dubai, which can come in handy for you whenever you are in need.

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