Dubai Expo 2021 : Everything You Need To Know

Know About Dubai Expo 2021

The Dubai Expo 2021 is the grandest, most extravagant, and innovative event on the planet you just can’t miss. Initially slated for October 20 last year, the event got postponed due to the pandemic. However, this year, with the UAE opening its doors to tourists with proper safety measures in place. The Expo Dubai 2021 kickstarted on October 1.

Staying true to its theme of ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’, the six-month event of Dubai Expo 2021 brings the global community together for a rich exchange of ideas, culture, and future vision. With sub-themes of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity, the Dubai Exhibition allows its visitors to witness human imagination come to life through technology for a more balanced co-existence with Mother Nature.    

In this article, let’s discover what diverse spectacles the Dubai Expo has in store for us.  

How The Dubai Expo 2021 Came To Be

Dubai Expo 2021

In November 2013, a lot of countries, including Dubai, proposed their bids for hosting the Exposition. Out of all the entries submitted, Dubai won the bid by 116 votes at the assembly. The city of gold was then announced as the Expo hosted by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) at the Paris Assembly.

A proud moment for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. This is the first World Expo taking place in the MEASA region with 190+ countries participating in the event.

Spread across an area of 4.38 sq km, Expo Dubai is being held in Dubai South, near the Al Maktoum International Airport. Its architecture, designed by the global design and architecture company, HOK, constitutes a central plaza named Al Wasl surrounded by the three thematic districts of opportunity, sustainability, and mobility.

The Theme Of Dubai Expo 2021

theme of Dubai Expo 2021

The central theme of ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ seems apt at the moment as the current world is not only going through a global pandemic but global warming. Technological and scientific innovations are, therefore, the need of the hour, and the Dubai Expo is exactly the platform we need for such inventive demonstrations to create a better future. Let’s see what each sub-theme entails in this section.    

Sustainability : The sub-theme of sustainability entails how human living can be enhanced via technology without compromising the natural world and how nature makes human survival possible on the planet. Country pavilions in the sustainability district (Terra) include Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Maldives, and Singapore, among others. All these countries demonstrate the smart use of natural resources like water, solar energy, throw light on the vagaries of climate change, and show us new roads to a sustainable future. 

Mobility : The sub-theme of mobility does not only incorporate transportation, but the movement and transfer of knowledge, ideas, and goods. The entire world is connected via the internet today, and the mobility district (Alif) shows how technological advancement in transport, as well as communications. This can open access to the remotest regions whether on Earth or in space. The country pavilions in this district include Australia, Russia, and the Republic of Korea.   

Opportunity : The opportunity sub-theme expresses the importance of financial resources for any advancement in today’s world. The opportunity pavilion (Mission Possible) provides a platform to not just display global advancements in fintech but also for entrepreneurs to forge robust connections and networks. Additionally, it also demonstrates how technology itself can make education, health, and other crucial factors available for the ones without access. Ukraine, Monaco, the UK, Switzerland, and Malawi are some of the major countries participating in this pavilion.

What To Expect From Dubai Expo 2021?

What To Expect From Dubai Expo 2021

The Dubai Expo 2021 is an all-encompassing experience appealing to not only your eyes and mind but also your palette. Here are 18 awesome things to witness at the Expo Dubai this year.

  • An exchange of ideas and thoughts on the innovation of the UAE’s most challenging projects of the Emirates Mars Mission and the UAE National Space Programme.
  • The falcon-shaped UAE Pavilion, designed by architectural legend Santiago Calatrava.
  • The Emirates Pavilion’s demonstration of the transformation of commercial aviation by 2071 (the centennial year of the UAE).  
  • Futuristic mobility devices on a 330-meter track, stretching underground and out in the open.
  • Enriching and youth-empowering activities including social innovations, notion exchanges, and the game-changers in the Opportunity District.
  • The Program for People and Planet offers a new perspective of looking at the diversity of cultures, people, and economies worldwide, instilling notions of global tolerance and equality.
  • Numerous entertainment activities, including the improbable sight of a robot band vocalizing Beethoven’s masterpieces, flash mobs, pop-up theatres, and Marvelous shows in the German Pavilion at the Al Wasl Plaza.
  • Street festivals, shows, parades, concerts, musical events, and other splendid performances by school children in UAE.
  • The UK Pavilion, inspired by late physicist, Stephen Hawking, allows visitors to add their voices to a constantly changing collective message via Al.
  • The future of healthcare and innovations to come in global medical test practices and means of providing medical supplies to remote locations, drone corridors, etc.
  • The innovative Sabeel fountains, vibrant Music Studio, calligraphy benches, and multidimensional and eclectic artworks of the Jamaica Pavilion.  
  • Gorgeous performances at the Al Wasl Opera breathe life into the thousand-year-old culture of the UAE. Indulging in the true spirit of unity and connection.  
  • Global cuisines of each country, appealing to your gustatory senses.
  • Architectural nodal landmarks, including the 360-degree projection surface (the biggest in the world). Conceptualized by Gordon Gill Architects and Adrian Smith. And the innovative LEED platinum and gold structures over an area of 200,000 sqm.
  • The spectacular arch-dome-shaped Belgium Pavilion, designed by Asaar Architects and Vincent Callebaut Architects.
  • A futuristic passenger lift boasting the Herculean strength of carrying 160 individuals in total at the Mobility district.
  • The Future of Food: Epochal Banquet in the Sustainability district offering an array of super light delicacies that might be on your table in 2321. Made in the same method NASA uses to collect comet dust. This futuristic menu includes glow-in-the-dark and flavor-changing desserts, new edible plants, and some never-used-before ingredients.
  • Expo Beats, a month-long musical extravaganza exploring diverse cultural influences, musical instruments, etc.

Dubai Expo 2021 : Bonus Information 

Dubai Expo 2021 : Bonus Information

Apart from all the things that would keep you hooked to the Dubai Expo 2021. Here are some other bonus information you might be interested in.  

  • In the Expo, Dubai would also be introducing the biggest solar power project in the world.
  • The main site of the Expo is spread across an area of 1083 acres or 438 hectares, between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • 82 projects and 16 programs of the Dubai Happiness Agenda will be launched during the Dubai Expo. 
  • Key Dubai projects to be revealed during the Expo include Aladdin City, Dubai Frame, Deira Islands, Jewel of the Creek, Dubai Water Canal Project, and the Museum of the Future.
  • Dulsco, L’Oreal, Cisco, CNN and DP World are some of the renowned partners of Dubai World Expo 2021.

Dubai Expo 2021 Tickets Price

Dubai Expo 2021 tickets prices are charged only for adults between 18 and 59. Tickets are free for senior citizens, children (6-17 years), and students. Guided tours of the Expo will incur additional charges of AED 65 (group) and AED 1100 (private). Now, let’s check out the complete list of the Dubai Expo ticket prices below.

Ticket Category Price
October Pass AED 95
1 Day Ticket AED 95
Multi-Day Pass AED 195
Season Pass AED 495
Season Pass (Premium Experience) AED 1750
Family Package  AED 998.50
Family Package Jubilee Experience AED 10,412.49

Wrapping Up

The Dubai Expo 2021 is, undoubtedly, a mega event attracting millions of footfalls right now. From food and art to science and technology. It offers the biggest platform not only for countries to showcase their innovations but for global communities to connect and network. Running till March 31, 2022, the Dubai Expo is a must-visit if you are going now or even to celebrate the New Year.

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