Dubai Art Events, Exhibitions and World Art Dubai to Attend in 2022

Dubai Art Events

Art is mesmerising. Art is magical. Art is everything that we can think of. There is nothing that has no visual beauty in this world. Speaking of the art, Dubai is the art capital of the Middle East that brings the best of artists into the spotlight. Dubai Art events and exhibitions are where an array of global artists exhibit their delightful art. These art fairs present the greatest work that relates to human emotions in front of the rest of the globe. The exhibited works of art in these events have unrivalled design values and beauty.

The issue is, where can you catch a peek of creativity in action? In this post, we’ve compiled the finest of Dubai Art events for you to enjoy while learning about the artists’ inspirations.

Why is Dubai the Hub of Arts in the Middle East?

Though Dubai is known as the hub of arts in the Middle East world, do you have an idea how did it become the one?

Dubai Art Events and Exhibitions

The city has numerous galleries that solely focus on promoting the art of African and Middle Eastern artists to the world. The perspective of these Dubai Art Fairs is to bring out the work different from the ones that are seen in Europe and USA. 

Dubai has claimed to become the region’s hub as a rapidly rising economic centre and melting pot. The Louvre in Abu Dhabi has opened. Abu Dhabi is just another marker of the country’s desire to become a cultural centre. 

Dubai Art Events – Art Dubai 2022

Art Dubai is one of the most beautiful Dubai art events pinned in the mind of the aestheticians. This event shed light upon the beauty of contemporary and modern arts around the globe. The 15th season of this aesthetic Dubai art fair is set to return in March. The fair will showcase the arts of 100 exhibitors from 44 countries around the globe. The Art Dubai 2022 will be a debut platform for more than 40 artists.

Art is a form of calmness that makes life more manageable. Hence, the event is set to display the arts from around the world through its platform. It will bring cultural sophistication through the arts, especially focusing on Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, and the Southeast region. 

This time the event is bigger than ever. It will feature 85 promenades that will show regional as well as international talents. 

Artwork contributes to one’s aesthetic viewpoint. From the splendid human imagination to inventive visual thinking, artworks have it all. This is one of the Dubai Art events where you can meet the artists and know where they get inspiration for their aesthetics. If you are someone who loves exploring beautiful artwork from around the world, Art Dubai 2022 is for you. 

The Art Dubai 2022 is divided into three sections of aesthetics to explore.

  • Art Dubai Modern

Art Dubai Modern

In every aspect, the artwork is the broadest form of communication to the aesthetes. This Dubai Art Fair is a way to bring light to the modern art pieces that are waiting to say their story. Art Dubai Modern in the event is set to bring on stage the largest collection of arts ever in years. You can visit the Art Dubai modern section to experience the modernistic viewpoint of the artists via their works. The section will be showcasing the 20th-century modern artists’ work in the geo-historical MENASA region context.

  • Art Dubai Contemporary

Art Dubai Contemporary

Contemporary Art refers to the art of the present day. The artworks in the contemporary section will define a new paradigm of socially relevant and engaging artifices. With more than 55 galleries dedicated to contemporary Dubai art events, the artists will successfully portray their profound and purposive emotions, and beautifully craved concepts. More than 55 alleys will be covered in the cultural reflection of Iran, London, Riyadh, Brussels, and other corners of the world. The Art Dubai Contemporary is also set to put the light on various Dubai-based galleries, which are as follows:

    • Akka Project
    • Ayyam Gallery
    • Custot Gallery
    • Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde
    • Leila Heller Gallery
    • Lawrie Shabibi
    • Meem Gallery
    • The Third Line
    • Zawyeh Gallery
  • Art Dubai Digital

Art Dubai Digital

Digitisation is the key highlight of the world and the artworks too. The Dubai art events took notice of the changing world and made an addition to the fair. The digital artifices from the global artists will make you stumble upon them. These digital beauties are all set to defy reality and make a mark on your minds.  

This brand new section of the Dubai Art fair will be dealing with a vast range of platforms. These platforms include the ones working with NFTs globally. The cultural researcher, Chris Fussner of Tropical Futures Institute, has curated the digital section to his creative brief. 

The digital gallery will take you to the world of modern, digital NFT arts created by global artists. The section will also add the e-commerce NFT sites and the institutions that turn the physical crafts to NFTs.  

  • Bawwaba (An addition to Dubai Art Events)


Art Dubai 2022 will bring on the stage the second edition of Bawwaba. These artifices are curated by a Mumbai-based curator and cultural theoretician, Nancy Adajania. The section is an addition to the Dubai art events that feature a portal. The visitors can view the recently found pieces of artwork on this portal.  

  • Art Dubai 2022 Dates & Location

The Dubai Art Fair, Art Dubai 2022 will begin on 11th March’22 and end on 13th March’22. Madinat Jumeirah Conference & Events Centre is set to be the venue for the event on Al Sufuoh Road. 

  • Contact Details for Art Dubai 2022

For any queries or information regarding the events, sections, and artworks of Art Dubai 2022, contact the authority on +971-4-563-1400.

World Art Dubai Events 2022

World Art Dubai

The World Art Dubai Events will be returning with its eighteenth edition in 2022. It is one of the largest affordable Dubai Art events. The fair displays over 4,000 art pieces from more than 300 artists and galleries from around the world. The objective of the event is to make original art accessible to everyone, which makes it the largest affordable art event in the world. The prices start from as little as AED 367 (i.e., $100). 

The Dubai Art fair brings to the display a wide range of artifices. From the Arabic style calligraphy to AI-powered Robotics art by Russia, you will find everything under one roof. The fair is set to celebrate art in every form and meet the increasing art demand of the Middle East in 2022. 

  • World Art Dubai Events Dates & Timings

The Dubai Art fair will begin on 16th March’22 (Wednesday) and end on 19th March’22 (Saturday). The event will be welcoming guests starting from 1:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M from 16th March to 18th March. The timings for 19th March will be from 1:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.  

  • Location for World Art Dubai

The Dubai Art events are set to be hosted by Dubai World Trade Centre (Hall 1, 2, and 3). 

Sikka Design And Art Festival

Sikka Design And Art Festival

Sikka Design and Art Festival is one of the major Dubai Art events, celebrating its completion of 10 years this year. In the 2022 edition, the Sikka event will present the theme artworks of ‘Celebrating Art, Celebrating Growth’. The event will be celebrating the oldest neighbourhood of Dubai, Al Fahidi. The 10-day-long Dubai Art fair will be focusing on art events from various sectors of society. These include theatre, visual arts, music, film, featuring artists of the UAE and the GCC.  

  • Sikka Dubai Art Event Dates

The Sikka Dubai Art Event is set to run for nine days, starting from 15th March’22 to 24th March’22. 

  • Location for Sikka Art Festival

The event will take place at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

Top Art Exhibitions in Dubai

Top Art Exhibitions in Dubai

Barring the Dubai art fairs, numerous art exhibitions in Dubai will make you fall deeper into the love tunnel of artifices. Here are a few top art exhibitions Dubai 2022 that you will want to watch again.

  • Libraries Talks – Literary Sessions

It is one of the must-visit art exhibitions in Dubai. This exhibition was launched in January 2022 by the Dubai Culture Centre. The Libraries Talks exhibition will continue till the end of March 2022 at Al Safa Art and Design Library. 

  • Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Arts Centre is the most preferred centre of the art exhibitions in Dubai. The exhibition and the related workshops are open to people all year round. The arts centre is a place to make people aware of several events. These events infuse the personal experiences of people addressing issues like resilience, displacement and belonging. One can visit the Jameel Art Centre located at the Jaddaf Waterfront area.

  • Galloire

Galloire is a contemporary art exhibition and framework, opening up a new physical space at City Walk in Dubai with the exhibition. The ‘I’M NOT A ROBOT’ titled art exhibition Dubai 2022, features an assemblage of outstanding global artists whose art probes human connectedness in a digital era, which is particularly fitting given our dependence on technological advancements to maintain smooth communication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition was available till February 28th, 2022. Galloire will soon be making a comeback to bring a new experience to the tables of aesthetes.

  • The Sublime Nature of Being

It is the major art exhibition Dubai 2022 that showcases innovative, contemporary art. Contemporary artists have presented innovative techniques in their art. The artifices look into the human experience of amazement and nature’s power to evoke an emotional understanding that surpasses rational intellect, words, and language inspires reverence. The Dubai art exhibition 2022 exhibited the art in the ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai International Financial Centre, 27th February’22. 


In addition to the Dubai Art Season, there will be a variety of additional rich creative and cultural activities and events. These art fairs in Dubai showcase the best work relating to human emotions to people from different parts of the world. The artworks on display at these events represent a picture of unrivalled innovation values and aesthetic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Art Dubai started?

The Dubai Art is one of the major art exhibitions Dubai started in the year 2007. This event takes place every March in Dubai, UAE.

How much do I need to pay for watching the exhibited art at World Art Dubai?

The ticket price to get a glimpse of exhibited art pieces in the World Dubai Art Events is Dh 20 for adults and Dh 10 for youngsters.

What is the best place to exhibit art in Dubai?

Some of the best places to exhibit art in Dubai are The Empty Quarter, DIFC Gate Village 08, Q's Bar, Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) Souk Madinat Jumeirah (Al Sufouh Road), Art Dubai, Conference Centre - Madinat Jumeirah, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Sikka Art Fair, Ibis One Central Hotel.

How can I take part in art in Dubai?

To participate in art in Dubai, you need to read the terms, conditions and requirements of the art exhibitions. If you fulfil all these requirements, you can submit your art for evaluation. Once the art is selected, you can be a part of the Dubai art fair.

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