10 Steps To Be A Part Of Dubai Expo 2021

Be A Part Of Dubai Expo 2021

Dubai Expo is a global extravaganza that everyone waits for. It was supposed to open in October 2020, but due to the pandemic got pushed to 2021. Already started on October 1, 2021, it will last till March 31, 2022. Expo Dubai 2021 is a great platform that boasts of bringing the global community together to exchange ideas for a brighter future. With more than 190 countries participating, the Expo Dubai event is no less than a celebration for entrepreneurs and innovators. It is known for its amazing event lineup and attractions that keep visitors from across the world hooked. Before the Expo, a Countdown Event was organized to build up the excitement for the main event.

Popular artists like Mariah Carey and Hussain Al Jassmi performed at that event and unveiled the official mascots of Expo 2021. If it’s your first time attending the Dubai Expo, we’ve got you covered. This blog comprises everything you can do and explore at Dubai Expo. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Dubai Expo 2021 – Pavilions and Themes

All the countries participating in the expo have their own pavilions as per the year’s themes of Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility. Let’s check out what each country has in store for Expo Dubai 2021.

  • Opportunity District

The Opportunity District in expo Dubai comprises 4 country pavilions of Austria, China, Emirates Airline, and the UK. Let’s check out what each of these countries is doing at the Dubai Exhibition. 

    • Austria Pavilion: Austria is known for its recreational ideas. Their pavilion uses nine-thousand-year-old soil for producing 47 remarkable truncated cones.
    • China Pavilion: Termed as the biggest pavilion at the Dubai 2021 Expo, it is based on a unique theme that focuses on building a shared community for mankind.
    • Emirates Airline Pavilion: One of the most intriguing pavilions, it features lighter aircraft with a virtual fuselage, interactive windows, automated trolleys, and noise-canceling shrouds.
    • UK Pavilion: The United Kingdom Pavilion comprises a special soundscape to make Dubai Expo 2021 a memorable event. This project includes a collection of notes, rhythms, and beats from different countries. The team is still accepting applications from people (regardless of their age) who can play any instrument. The plan is to compile all the sounds with the help of a sound designer and create a 7-minute ‘soundscape’.
  • Mobility District

Countries like Belgium, France, and Oman are showing their magic in this district. To demonstrate the power of natural energies, you toggle between the future and the past in this district.

    • Belgium Pavilion: This pavilion focuses on renewable energy sources along with the country’s marvelous cuisine for all the food-loving visitors.
    • France Pavilion: The title of this pavilion is ‘Lights’. It features lights as an enabler for progress.
    • Oman Pavilion: Oman aims to promote its rich history with their pavilion. It centers around frankincense and its significance in Oman.
  • Sustainability District

As the name suggests, the Sustainability District offers you a mesmerizing blend of technology, architecture, and the natural world. Countries participating in this section are Azerbaijan, Canada, and the Netherlands.  

    • Azerbaijan Pavilion: The most eye-catching pavilions of all, this one has a leaf-shaped roof. It lets visitors understand the effects of their personal choices.
    • Canada Pavilion: The pavilion with a wooden structure comprises a 360-degree immersive theatre that plays the country’s story.
    • Netherlands Pavilion: It has a large cone-shaped structure surrounded by concentric plant-like rings.

10 Ways to Take Part in the Dubai Expo 2021

Take Part in the Dubai Expo 2021

After knowing the Dubai expo 2021 date and pavilions, it’s time to take part in it. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Join the NZTE Expo Business Leverage Programme

The programme focuses on all the activities involved before and during Expo Dubai 2021. It includes multiple streams to attract new exporters and the ones that are already familiar with the market. All in all, the Expo aims to help New Zealand businesses connect with some of the most influential global networks out there. The Expo plans to bring together varied talented minds and improve their understanding of the Middle Eastern markets. You can register for the programme online by visiting the official myNZTE website. It is absolutely free and allows you to access information on other related events as well.

  • Become a Member of Care Collective

The Care Collective initiative comprises some of the biggest brands of New Zealand as sponsors and partners.  It is the perfect fit for NZ’s theme of Care for People and Place. Members of Care Collective will get the opportunity to build their corporate profiles in growing and developing markets and a chance to make a global connection. It also allows them to benefit from major trade and diplomatic initiatives.

  • Host an Event in the NZ Pavilion and Impress Stakeholders

Most visitors look forward to Expo Dubai because of the varied pavilion design and experiences. Pavilion also includes restaurants and event spaces for NZ businesses that they can make use of. Business owners have the chance to impress potential customers and stakeholders by participating in the Dubai Expo 2021. Set up product demos and launches, create food sampling experiences, arrange meetings, order activities, coordinate with stakeholders, and more. Pavilions basically offer numerous ways your business can present your brands, services, values, and products as a new or established business.

  • Take Part in the Taste New Zealand Month

New Zealand will be profiling a high-quality range of food & beverage products from Mid-December 2021 to Mid-January 2022. It is an exceptional opportunity for NZ to present its food and beverages to consumers and buyers in the UAE. It is also a chance for them to reach a wider market and get extra exposure from China, Europe, and South Asian countries. Even the companies that have an established presence in the UAE can benefit a lot. They can present their products, work with some well-known NZ chefs at the pavilion’s restaurant and use its kitchen for demonstrations.

  • Team Up and Compete for International Business Opportunities

The Dubai Online Marketplace (OMP) is the biggest network in the region. Inspired by the Expo 2020 theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, the OMP encourages growth and collaborations. With 140+ countries and 20 thousand companies registered with the Expo, the OMP community is a remarkable gateway to connect with professionals worldwide. And do you know what is the most exciting? After online registration, get ready to connect with hundreds of global participants, licensees, contractors, and partners. You will also be able to display your expertise, advertise your specialists, and get access to an array of local and international supplies.

  • Interact With Other Attendees Using the Expo 2020 B2B App

Participating in the Dubai Expo 2021 has become easier than ever with the Expo 2021 B2B App. The app, available on both Android and iOS along with a desktop version, allows you to register and connect with other attendees with just a few clicks. It also helps you find like-minded people that understand your business objectives. And when you meet the right people at the right time, you can develop connections that have the potential to take your business to the next level.

As soon as you download the app, create a “Cyber Booth” on it to display your services and products. In this Booth, you can add your business info, live demos, videos, pamphlets, and other details you’d like to share. You can then connect with other similar businesses via video calls, chat, organize meetings, and more.

  • Celebrate NZ’s National Day

31st January is New Zealand’s National Day, the best possible opportunity to participate in Dubai Expo 2021. Every country that participates in the Expo takes to the Al Wasl Plaza on this day. The visitors get to enjoy dance, drama, food, and music from different cultures and histories. There may also be a discount on Dubai expo 2021 tickets price on this day, so keep an eye on the official website.

  • Honour NZ’s Creative Talent and Host Cultural Events

New Zealand has planned a cultural and entertainment programme for people visiting the Expo 2021 Dubai. They chose Parris Goebel, an award-winning and talented choreographer, director, and artist, as the programme curator. Parris ensures that visitors enjoy every bit of the cultural experience through this programme. It is a wonderful way for talented artists to showcase their capabilities too. As for businesses, they can get a chance to make new contacts and host multiple activities by attending this programme.

  • Explore all the Events and Trends

The Dubai Expo runs for a period of six months. Each month focuses on new topics, innovations, trends, and issues. It also includes diverse theme weeks covering topics like Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban, and Rural Development, Water, Learning, Health, Food, Agriculture, Inclusivity, Tolerance, Travel, and more.

Whether you are a business or a visitor, we recommend attending one or more of these events. Businesses, in particular, get to interact with other businesses and make contacts. If you are confused about which theme to attend, visit the official website and choose the ones that fit your interest the most.

  • Visit Trade Shows at the Expo

Trade shows offer an excellent platform for businesses to gain practical experience and connect with stakeholders and other businesses. So, if the purpose for your visit is corporate network expansion, you should probably mark the Dubai Expo 2021 dates and plan well. The UAE has a bustling trade show calendar that appeals to international visitors each year. This time, the events will have an even wider reach because there was a gap in between due to the pandemic. The United Arab Emirates has a busy trade show calendar, which attracts global visitors every year. Take a look at some of the trade show event highlights below.

Dubai Exhibition Trade Show Highlights

Month Event
October 2021 Gitex Technology Week
November 2021 Gulfood Manufacturing
December 2021 Dubai Airshow
January 2021 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
January 2021 Arab Health
February 2021 Gulfood 

How To Get Dubai Expo Tickets 

While the tag of ‘one of the grandest events on Earth’ may make you assume the Dubai Expo 2021 tickets price to be off the roof and out of your league, it is not so. In fact, a family of four can enjoy a day at the Dubai exhibition for just Dh400 (109 USD). However, to grab the best deals on the Dubai Expo 2021 tickets price, you may want to visit in October itself. While visitors below 18 and above 60 can visit Expo Dubai 2021 for free, you can get an unlimited entry pass till March 31 for Dh 950. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have all the information on how to actively participate in the Expo, don’t hesitate to register or buy your Dubai Expo tickets. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting events and trade shows. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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