The Best Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai

Places to visit for Scuba diving in Dubai

Dubai is not just an ideal place to shop but also a hub for various recreational activities and sports.  This makes the emirate a perfect place for adventures. Speaking of sports, one of the very famous water sports in Dubai is deep sea diving. Scuba diving is an ideal escape to discover a whole new world and different types of sea creatures such as rays, sharks, and jellyfish. Scuba diving in Dubai offers other packages along with advanced certified courses. 

Therefore, this blog will take you through all Dubai’s best places for scuba diving and its prices, contact details, and timings.

Different Places to Explore Scuba Diving in Dubai

Explore Scuba Diving

Below are the best places for scuba diving in Dubai, where you can explore aquatic life. 

  • Scuba Diving in Jumeirah Beach

How attractive does diving into the sea to interact with different marine life creatures sound? Adventurous, right? It’s even better when you dive into open waters at Jumeriah Beach – Arabian Gulf. Scuba diving at Jumeirah Beach is an extraordinary adventure.

Scuba Diving in Jumeirah Beach

Features of Scuba Diving in Jumeirah Beach:

    • If you are staying in Jumeriah Beach Hotel, the scuba diving price in Dubai is zilch. This makes Jumeirah Beach one of the cheapest scuba diving places in Dubai.
    • You can also opt for certified courses (PADI- Professional Association of Diving Instructors) , where an individual is trained by PADI professionals. 
    • They also offer many other courses depending upon an individual’s ability. 
    • Other centres included in the visit are ORCA Diving Centre, Royal Diving Centre and Deep Blue Sea Diving. 
    • The instructions for scuba diving at Jumeirah Beach are explained in Arabic, French, Russian, German, English and Mandarin. 

Other Details about  Scuba Diving at Jumeriah Beach

    • Service of Scuba Diving : Bermuda Diving Centre
    • Timings : 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (Everyday)
    • Location : 2 Al Nessnass St, near Jumeirah Beach, Dubai
    • Contact Number : + 971-50-187-8755
  • Scuba Diving in Dubai-Marina

An individual can also enjoy their experience of scuba diving in Dubai Marina JBR. This place is counted among the best scuba diving places in Dubai. Scuba shade is one such centre that offers its customers various kinds of scuba diving deals starting from entry-level to professional level. 

Scuba Diving in Marina

Features of Scuba Diving in Dubai-Marina:

    • Scuba diving experience in Dubai-Marina comes with certified courses and discovery packages. 
    • Residents are also provided with proper PADI instructors that train them with excellent scuba diving training. These training sessions are conducted for both beginners as well as professionals. 
    • Scuba diving price here starts from AED 578 for each individual and goes up to AED 1,575. 
    • The PADI adventure course cost is AED 1,024, including certified divers. 

Other Details about  Scuba Diving in Dubai-Marina

    • Service of Scuba Diving : Scuba Shade
    • Timings : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Everyday)
    • Location : Scuba Shade, Habtoor Grand Resort Dubai Marina, Dubai
    • Contact Number : + 971-56-200-0426
  • Scuba Diving in Atlantis, the Palm

An individual has a lot of options for witnessing marine life. Scuba diving in Atlantis, the Palm is where an individual can enjoy marine life through an authentic experience.

Scuba-Diving in Atlantis, the Palm

Features of Scuba Diving in Atlantis, the Palm :

    • The Atlantis Centre offers underwater tour guides that help you discover the city of Atlantis. 
    • Residents also get an experience of the Lost Chambers Aquarium, the underwater Atlantis aquarium, along with halls and tunnels of marine life. 
    • Individuals who don’t know how to swim can also opt for snorkelling package options. 
    • It is the home to the most significant life of open-air aquariums in Dubai, which is also celebrated amongst the tourists as their favourite spot to visit. 
    • They offer an experience for non-certified and certified divers in Ambassador Lagoon. 
    • You can also get your hands on the Atlantis Dive Explorer & Predator Dive, which offers certified divers a chance to hand feed the sharks and the rays. 

Other Details about Scuba Diving in Atlantis, the Palm

    • Service of Scuba Diving : Dive Atlantis Centre
    • Timings : 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Everyday)
    • Location : Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 
    • Contact Number : + 971-4-426-3000
  • Scuba Diving in The Dubai Mall

Another popular attraction for all tourists visiting Dubai is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, situated in the Dubai mall, close to Burj Khalifa. They offer great opportunities for non-certified and certified scuba divers in Dubai Mall. 

Diving in The Dubai Mall

Different Features of Diving in The Dubai Mall :

    • If you are new to the experience of Scuba diving, then you will be provided with qualified supervisors.  The dive master and supervisors will watch and instruct you throughout your adventures. 
    • You will also be provided with diving gears in the package you opt for, but if you want a swimsuit, you are required to pay extra for it. 
    • You can also get a short course with the Al Boom diving centre. 
    • You also get an underwater zoo experience course at AED 1,575 cost. 
    • The diving price at the Dubai-Mall, inclusive of various packages that include swimming, starting from AED 126 to the PADI course that costs AED 1,969. 
    • It is one time experience for you to visit the Dubai Aquarium for diving, as it consists of 30,000 aquatic creatures. Also, it has a vast collection of sand Tiger Sharks. 

Other Details about Scuba Diving in Dubai Mall

    • Service of Scuba Diving : Al Boom Diving Centre
    • Timings : 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (Everyday)
    • Location : The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Dubai
    • Contact Number : + 971-4-342-2993

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in Dubai?

Scuba diving in Dubai prices start from AED 968.

Is Dubai a good place for diving?

One of the best places that are considered for scuba diving is Dubai.

Which are the best scuba diving centres in Dubai?

The best scuba diving centre is Jumeriah Beach, Zainab centre, Sharm Rock, Martini rock, etc.

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