Tamanna Shivhare

  https://www.squareyards.ae/blog/ An exceptional writer who can connect with her writing is what Tamanna always wanted to be. The journey of writing was simply a step to present her best self and thoughts to the world. Tamanna has a knack for reading blogs and finding more ways in which she can improve and add magic to her writing.


5 Stories by Tamanna Shivhare

All About The Dubai Marina Yacht Club

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is one of the most prestigious and a “5-Gold Anchor” award-winning Yacht Club in Dubai. For starters, the Gold...
0 3 min read

The Best Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai

Dubai is not just an ideal place to shop but also a hub for various recreational activities and sports.  This makes the emirate a...
0 3 min read

Sharjah Aquarium : Know the Tips, Timings, Ticket Price, Things to do and more

Counted among the greatest centers in UAE, Sharjah Aquarium is owned by Sharjah Museums Authority. Considered a world of wonder, the aquarium covers an...
0 5 min read

Best Gyms in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to health and fitness, the people of the UAE have become proactive. The demand for top-quality gyms has increased tenfold in...
0 5 min read

8 Best Decor Ideas For Maid’s Room Transformation

Have a maid’s empty room? Transform it to suit your needs. Once you remove the existing furniture from the room, you can use it...
0 4 min read
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