Tandem Skydiving in Dubai : Unlock The Lifetime Thrill

Tandem Skydiving in Dubai Unlock the Lifetime Thrill

Living in Dubai and trying something over-the-top is what makes life grand and adventurous, isn’t it? We all have curious and mysterious fantasies on our bucket lists about living our lives to the fullest. Some of us might garner that opportunity to do something wild than our imaginations. But have you ever felt yourself amidst the air all around, and that’s it? No ground could touch your feet, and your heart is beating faster with thrill and a positive fear. And if this reading gets you asking a little more about life with this exciting experience, my friend, you are at the right place. Now you can stop wandering for the coolest adventure as we have brought you the incredible idea of Tandem Skydiving in Dubai.

For those wondering what Tandem Skydiving is, it is a tandem jumping sports activity where a person is attached to an expert by a harness. The experts completely handle the process with all the safety measures. This includes a parachute that helps in landing after a free fall. 

Places To Find Tandem Skydiving in Dubai

If you are out of ideas about tandem skydiving in Dubai, two major localities offer tandem jumping services. 

  • Desert Campus Drop Zone

Desert Campus Drop Zone

The Tandem skydiving experience of freefall is a lifetime experience, but it becomes more memorable when it is done over the golden dunes below you. The locality is filled with rare species of flora and fauna, which eventually add beauty to your wholesome vibe. So, you may consider this place without thinking twice for a unique and startling tandem jumping in Dubai. 

  • Palm Drop Zone

Palm Drop Zone

If you want a drone shot above the sky, this place is perfect. It opens the field of vision for all the designated spots of Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and more. Also, the turquoise sheet of the water body is a must one should never skip while living in the emirate. The overall view from here is no less than a tour of the whole of Dubai in tandem jumping style.

  • Learn Better Before You Get There

This popular Tandem skydiving in Dubai follows certain requirements to be fulfilled before you start tandem jumping. Let’s have a look to try it like an aware jumper. :

    • The Age Bracket : The first requirement for tandem skydiving in Dubai states that an individual should be below the age of 12 years. People between 12-17 years old can be companion jumpers with their guardians. Old-aged people above 70 years should have to show a health certificate from an authorised health care centre to try tandem skydiving in Dubai. 
    • The Weight Bracket : The tandem skydiving experience demands certain weight eligibility too from the jumpers. The rule says that a male must have a body weight of less than 100 kgs and a BMI of 30. A female must have a body weight below 90 kg and a BMI of 27.5.
    • Adherence to Health Aspects : People with heart issues, pregnant females, people with a fear of heights, or any such related health problems are not allowed for a tandem skydiving experience. 
    • Strict List of Rules : The individual who wants to try tandem jumping is not allowed to have alcohol for at least past 24 hours of the activity. 

The Four Fantastic Steps Towards Your Tandem Skydiving Experience 

Tandem Skydiving

You must be wondering how long tandem skydiving engages an individual. The answer is not more than 1 hour overall. The complete process of tandem jumping is segregated into four segments briefed below: 

  • Register and Get Trained

Tandem skydiving in Dubai starts with basic training right after you have enrolled in the schedule. This means after you finish submitting the tandem jumping form, you will be asked just before the check-in timing to weigh with a simultaneous BMI calculation. This entire process closes the registration process. Then starts your training time when a skydiving instructor and a camera flyer will be allotted to you. They will provide the instructions required while tandem jumping. The correct body posture and fitting of the harness will be done. 

  • On-Boarding Rituals 

The second step is taking off the flight to reach the maximum altitude before you get set for the tandem skydiving experience. You will be escorted to the area where the safety check-ins will be performed. Then, a flight will take you up to 13,000 feet to the astonishing view of the emirate. Overall takes 20 mins of action before you are asked to jump. 

  • The Skydive

The Skydive

Here comes the time when you will reach the point from where your tandem instructor will let you have your most awaited tandem skydiving experience. At first, the expert gets out of the plane, taking you and the camera flyer along. This will be done around the height of 6,000 feet. Then at least for 5 minutes, a parachute will freefall you, and then you will be able to breathe in the middle of the air all over. 

  • Post You Land

Here comes the role of the camera flyer who was there throughout your experience and has recorded every emotion you had while tandem jumping. He will then take a conversational interview where you will be asked to share the thrilling tandem jumping experience on record. 

  • The Relaxing Zone

When the Tandem jumping is often completed, the individual is escorted back to the area where you started with the registration process. After such a tiring sport, you need to have a rest zone that can be found near the building itself. There are a few cafes and some merchandise shops which can be your spots to explore while then, your pictures and videos will get prepared for you to carry with you. 

What is Tandem Skydiving Charge?

Tandem Skydiving Charge

There are different charges for different destinations above, such as Dessert Dropzone and Palm Dropzone, under separate charges besides tandem jumping.

  • Charges for Tandem Skydiving in Dessert Dropzone :

    • Basic charges with insurance : AED 1,599 
    • Additional charges with insurance, pictures and videos : AED 1,799
    • Charges for One Instagram Video : AED 100
  • Charges for Tandem Skydiving in Palm Dropzone : 

    • Basic charges with insurance : AED 1,999
    • Additional charges with insurance, pictures and video : AED 2,299
    • Charges for One Instagram Video : AED 100
    • Charges for applying for a gift certificate : AED 2,299
    • No-show with a gift certificate : AED 525
    • Compensate Weight or BMI flaw with a gift certificate : AED 525

Necessary Points to Remember Before Reaching the Diving Spot

There are certain things to consider while planning a tandem skydiving in Dubai. 

    • The people need to carry any relevant ID proof. Likewise, a government ID card, Emirates ID, and driver’s licence and travellers may get their passport with them.
    • People aged 12-17 years will have to bring their parents to first attest to the “Parent Consent Tandem Waiver”.
    • An individual above 70 years of age will have to show a medical report before the start of tandem jumping.
    • Skydiving strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol or narcotics for tandem jumping in Dubai.

Outfit Tips For Tandem Skydiving in Dubai 

In tandem skydiving, it is advisable to wear simple clothes like pants, trousers, and shorts, to name a few, with a T-shirt or shirt. In footwear, people may go for shoes and sneakers fitted laced. Additionally, there should be no additional accessories that can overburden you or hook at any place in the harness while skydiving. 

End Thoughts

The piece covers almost every aspect related to tandem jumping. Hopefully, no reader will go “What is tandem skydiving?” as we have provided the information right starting from the meaning, destinations, the instructions and even the price brackets for both the centres suggested in Dubai. 

Besides the information, we also believe the readers are like an explorer who wants to knock on the doors expecting life to cherish you with new surprises. And if we are correct, this tandem skydiving in Dubai will surely be a lifelong adventurous chapter in your album of tours that you would love to flex about in front of your peers.

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