IMG Worlds of Adventure – Dubai’s Land of Fun and Frolic

IMG Worlds of Adventure - Dubai’s Land of Fun and Frolic

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is one of the largest amusement parks in the world and in the UAE. This adventure park in Dubai defines nostalgia with themed attractions and rides such as cartoons from the 90s, Marvel’s superheroes, Jurassic Park’s Predator and Velociraptor, and much more.

Imagine spending the whole day winning battles alongside Thor, Spider-Man, and the Power-puff Girls and running and squealing like kids in a candy shop!

One of Dubai’s top leisure locations, an expansive theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, was inaugurated on August 31, 2016, and covers 1.5 million square feet in area. IMG Worlds, created by the Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari (IMG) Group, can accommodate about 20,000 visitors each day. It adds to the list of world records set by the incredible city of Dubai by being the largest temperature-controlled indoor amusement park in the world.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Rides and Attractions

Let’s take a look inside IMG Worlds of adventure in Dubai and all it offers, including its attractions, rides, dining options, and shopping possibilities.


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The main highlight of the IMG Worlds theme park are the rides and attractions that pull millions of people every year. Situated on the highway that connects Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the theme park welcomes visitors from across the UAE and the globe. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure features a 12-screen movie theatre named Novo Cinema and four themed zones aptly called “Epic Zones.” Every zone includes attractions that are unique to that area. Universal brands Marvel and Cartoon Network are present in two of the five Epic Zones. The IMG Group, however, created the first two original concepts. They are named Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard. 

  • Marvel Zone

Marvel Zone In IMG Worlds
Credit – Dubai OFW

The most eminent and popular IMG Worlds of Adventure Park area is, unsurprisingly, the Marvel Zone. Regarding height requirements, the Marvel Epic Zone has a range of rides including Thor: Thunder Spin, Avengers: Battle of Ultron, Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Revenge, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D, and Avengers : Flight of the Quinjet.

    • Thor Thunder Spin

Thor Thunder Spin in IMG Worlds of Adventure

Thor: Thunder Spin is situated in the Marvel Zone in IMG Worlds. It attracts daring tourists with gravity-defying manoeuvres comparable to the thunder god Thor’s mighty swings with his hammer, Mjölnir. This 3D ride grips you in the scene; thus, be on the lookout for Loki, as he will be nearby. Situations are always destined to go wrong with this fellow; what more can you expect from the God of Mischief? The height restriction for the ride is 1.40 meters with a maximum height of up to 1.95 meters.

    • Avengers – Battle of Ultron
Avengers - Battle of Ultron in IMG Worlds of Adventure
Credit – Flickr

Avengers – Battle of Ultron is a motion-based 3D dark ride in the Marvel area in IMG Worlds of Adventure. Riders become S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees and aid the Avengers in stopping Ultron from taking over the world. The attraction effortlessly integrates unique dark ride technology with extravagant scenic, special effects, and a captivating visual multimedia experience.

The height restriction for this ride at IMG Worlds is 1.30 meters, with a maximum height of up to 2.08 meters. If an adult accompanies you, the minimum height must be at least 1.05 meters.

    • Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge
Credit – Falcon’s Creative Group

Swing to the streets and skies of New York City with Marvel’s friendly neighbourhood web-slinger and fight one of his sworn enemies, Doctor Octopus, in Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Revenge ride. IMG Worlds is giving you a chance to try and stop Doctor Octopus from taking the city’s only energy source. 

The height restriction for this ride is 1.20 meters. The minimum height required when accompanied by an adult is 1.05 meters

    • Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D in dubai
Credit – Falcon’s Creative Group

Experience IMG Worlds’ one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge stereoscopic movie dome to witness Marvel’s Hulk, the Incredible Avenger, engage his most formidable opponent in breath-taking 3D combat. This 360-degree, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D ride, is an immersive viewing experience of one of the Hulk’s most epic clashes, and it will stay with you forever. If you are a Marvel junkie, this will turn out to be the experience of a lifetime. The height restriction is 1 meter with a maximum height of up to 1.95 meters.

    •  Marvel – Themed Dining Options and Shopping Center

Marvel-Themed Dining Options and Shopping Center in IMG Worlds of Adventure
Credit – What’s On Dubai

There are numerous eateries at the IMG Worlds in Marvel themes, like Tony’s Skydeck, Chang’s Golden Dragon, and Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street. Unlike the others, Tony’s Skydeck is located on the top floor of the Avengers Tower, with steaks and seafood as their speciality. 

However, Chang’s Golden Dragon serves various Asian dishes such as Chicken Cheese Fried Rice, Korean and Balinese hot pot vegetables, Mushroom Onion Chilli, and Tom Yum Soup. No surprise, Italian cuisine is available at Mama Scano’s of Yancy Street from Saturday through Friday, 11 am until 10 pm. Marvel merchandise such as Tony Stark’s helmet, Thor’s Hammer, and the Hulk fists is easily accessible to Marvel fans.

Additionally, they can look into local shops at the IMG Worlds of Adventure like Marvel Universe, Avenger’s Exchange, and Empire News and Comics. 

  • Cartoon Network 

Cartoon Network in IMG Worlds of Adventure
Credit – Thrillark

Cartoon Network holds a very special place for every 90s kid since this was the only source of good entertainment. IMG Worlds of Adventure brings out a new Cartoon Network theme zone that is much more exhilarating and upholds nostalgia as the key feature. Favourite and popular characters, including the Power-puff Girls, Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, and Dexter, come to life for us to witness in this adventure zone.

This zone is not just kid-friendly but open to all adults who want to relive their childhood. IMG Worlds of Adventure offers the majority of the rides and attractions for adults and senior citizens in this zone. 

The Amazing World of Gumball and The Power-puff Girls, Ben 10, Lazy Town are a few of these attractions. The second and third one are two additional rides offered by Cartoon Network that give the visitors an exciting and nostalgic experience.

    • The Power-puff Girls Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage Attraction

Robot Rampage
Credit – Times Out Dubai

Townsville is in trouble! The helpline telephone is buzzing! Help save the city from Mojo Jojo’s evil creation by joining The Powerpuff Girls on the Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage Ride at the IMG Worlds. Fly on the air space ride and save the planet with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup before it’s their bedtime. The minimum height to ride alone is 1.35 meters; with an adult, the minimum height is 1.25 meters.

    • Cartoon Network Themed Restaurants and Shopping Center

This zone features a Cartoon Network Store that sells toys, games, and other goods that are a hit with the kids. Visit The Lazy Store and the Amazing World of Gumball Store to grab a few memoirs for you and your family. 

The CN Feast, Mr Smoothy, Richard’s Around the World Café, and Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito are just a few cartoon-themed vibrant restaurants in the Cartoon Network zone. 

  • Dinosaur Park Zone – The Lost Valley IMG Worlds

Dinosaur Park Zone

Are you a big Jurassic Park fan and want to visit a dinosaur theme park? Well, IMG Worlds of Adventure has you covered. The Lost Valley Zone is one of the popular zones for many Dinophiles with dinosaur-theme rides, attractions, and restaurants. The Lost Valley Zone takes you back to the dinosaur era with almost realistic features and 3D experiences. This is Dubai’s famous dinosaur park filled with dinosaur adventure. 

To experience the pre-historic dinosaur lost world, IMG Worlds offers rides such as The Velociraptor, Forbidden Territory, Predator, and the Adventure Fortress.

    • The Predator 

Travel through the jungles of the Lost Valley on the Predator ride for a thrilling Dinosaur Adventure at the IMG Worlds and learn the power and importance of gravity.

Nothing can adequately prepare you for the frightful beyond-vertical drop to earth with loops, exhilarating rolls, and up and down motions. Avoid looking down when on the ride. The height restriction for this attraction is 1.25 meters. 

    • The Velociraptor

The Velociraptor at the IMG Worlds is a thrilling roller coaster ride with several unexpected loops and turns. Get ready to blast up to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds as you race through ancient jungles and the desert of Dubai. As per the IMG Worlds of Adventure review, this ride at the Lost Valley is a favourite among the crowd. The height restriction for this ride is 1.30 meters.

    • Lost Valley Restaurants and Shopping Center


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Three eateries, Spice Valley, 360 Express, and The Carnivore Hut, are located in the Lost Valley Zone of the IMG Worlds. The Carnivore Hut (America’s No. 1 Chicken wing eatery) has been in business for decades and serves traditional American chicken wings. However, 360 Express serves hotdogs and burgers, while The Spice Valley serves Indian food. 

The Explorer’s Supply and Raptor Outpost are two dinosaur-themed shopping centres to get your dinosaur memorabilia. Take home with you t-shirts, mugs, or rare treasures from the dinosaur world as a memento of the best time at the IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai. 

  • IMG Boulevard – The Lazy Epic Zone

The Lazy Epic Zone
Credit – Bayut

The last and best Epic Zone is the IMG Boulevard, possibly the most alluring. The Haunted Hotel in this location is a mysterious labyrinth with shifting backdrops, which will test your nerves and senses as you try to find the exit while running into spooky creatures everywhere. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. Never before has interactive entertainment been this terrifying!

However, visitors must be at least 15 years old to enter this attraction. The entrance to the attraction requires ID cards from visitors aged 15 to 18.

A few restaurants, including the Popcorn Factory, The Coffeehouse, Samosa House, and Flavors of Arabia, are also located at the IMG Boulevard, serving pancakes, waffles, cheese popcorn, Indian dishes, and falafel shawarmas.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Opening Hours

IMG Worlds of Adventure Opening Hours
Credit – Thrillophilia

The IMG Worlds of adventures is open for all 365 days with different timings for weekdays, weekends and, special occasions, most festive holidays. The IMG Worlds of adventure’s opening hours are given below –The IMG Worlds Park timings until August 31, 2022, are 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm from   Sunday to Saturday. 

The adventure park operates from 12 noon to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday. IMG Worlds Park weekend timings are 12:00 noon – 11:00 pm from Friday to Sunday.

Special Occasion Timings
Halloween Night 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Diwali  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
National/ Martyr’s Day 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
IMG Worlds Polar Party 7:00 pm – 12:00 am
Winter Fest 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
New Year’s  11:00 am – 1:00 am

IMG Worlds Of Adventure Tickets

IMG Worlds Of Adventure Tickets

The IMG World of Adventures in Dubai offers a variety of tickets.

The IMG Worlds ticket price varies for adults and children. Given below are the prices as per the guidelines by IMG Worlds UAE.

    • Admission to the park costs AED 345
    • IMG Kids Zone price for 1 hour is AED 50, and the Full day is AED 100
    • Seniors (over 60 years old) can purchase the ticket for AED 175.

Visitors with Disabilities/Special Needs can obtain a ticket only when a medical letter of proof of their condition is presented at any ticketing kiosk.

Additionally, a yearly park membership is available for AED 725 and grants unlimited access to the park’s attractions, including rides, barring special events.

It is recommended to buy tickets online because the ticket queues are frequently long and time-consuming. 

More Information About IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai

  • The queue line up for most IMG Worlds attractions closes 30 minutes before the park’s closing time. However, the Haunted Hotel attraction closes 2 hours before the closing time.
  • Lockers in two sizes are available per day for visitors and priced as per the locker size. 
  • There is an additional fee for valet parking at the IMG Worlds.
  • ATMs are available in the IMG Worlds lobby near the main entrance.
  • In an emergency, you can contact the Lost Valley guest relations office for assistance.
  • The main lobby, IMG Boulevard, Marvel Zone, Cartoon Network Zone, and Lost Valley Zone are the five key locations throughout the park where you can find public restrooms.
  • These restrooms offer baby changing areas and are accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Wheelchairs are available and distributed in the order of the first arrival. To use them, you must have a valid ID card. 
  • Additionally, you can hire strollers in single and double sizes for AED 40 and AED 60, respectively.

Ride the Rollercoaster


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For locals and visitors to the UAE, and the theme park is a fantastic destination. The value and sale of the properties in Dubai have increased more due to the attraction’s rapid growth.

So, if you are wondering whether it is worth the visit to IMG Worlds, then don’t hold yourself back, book your tickets and visit the indoor theme park with your friends and family. IMG Worlds of Adventure reviews have been nothing short of praise for the best adventure theme park in the world and the UAE. Fight battles with Marvel superheroes, visit the Haunted Hotel to get spooked or relive your childhood all over again at the Cartoon Network zone.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the entry fee for IMG Worlds?

The entry fee at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai is AED 345

What age is IMG for?

IMG Worlds of Adventure requires that all visitors under the age of 12 be accompanied at all times by an adult who is at least over 18 years old IMG Worlds of Adventure is free to enter with height under 1.05 metres

What does IMG stand for in a theme park?

IMG stands for Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG Group), a well-known, well-diversified business organisation with its headquarters in Dubai. It developed and launched the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park in 2016 in Dubai

Is IMG World suitable for 3-year-olds?

Yes, IMG Worlds of Adventure caters to all age groups. Kids ages 3 to 5 can enjoy the Cartoon Network Zone accompanied by adults.

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