Everything About The New Labour Law in UAE

Guide To MOHRE Labour Contract

Wanting to move abroad to work in the UAE? UAE offers numerous job opportunities to its residents and non-residents. But before you start with your job, it is imperative to know labour law in UAE  and the intricacies of how the labour economy works abroad. You must understand the terms of your work contract and ways to properly secure a work permit to avoid future hassle during documentation. You will find the answers to all your queries in this concise MoHRE Labour Contract guide.

Labour Law in UAE

labour law in uae

The UAE Labour Law is the set of legal regulations governing the employment of workers in the United Arab Emirates. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees and aims to ensure fair and just working conditions for all workers in the country. 

MoHRE Contract: An Overview

The MoHRE Contract is a standardised employment contract issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in the UAE. The MoHRE Labour Contract is legally binding on both the employer and employee (UAE nationals or expatriates) and ensures that they oblige to the UAE labour law. 

The MoHRE Labour Contract includes a set of standard terms and conditions of employment, as listed below:

    • Job title and description
    • Start date and duration of the contract
    • Working hours
    • Salary and benefits
    • Health insurance
    • Termination and notice periods

What Are the Different Types of Labour Contracts?

Labour law in the UAE permits different types of labour contracts catering to the type of work they do. Understanding the different types of employment and the clauses it falls under is pertinent.

  • MoHRE Limited Contract (Fixed-Term Employment Contracts)

Know The MoHRE Limited Contract

    • MoHRE Limited Contract is valid only for a specified period, with the start date and end date of your employment being specified in the contract. You are compelled to work for a fixed number of years, and your employer offers you remuneration for the same. The New Labour Law allows only fixed-term contracts (with a maximum duration of three years) to be issued. 
  • Unlimited Contract (Flexible)

    • An unlimited labour contract is an employment agreement with no specific end date or defined period. The employment term will continue until the employer or the employee terminates the contract. One can terminate the unlimited work contract by providing a 30-day prior notice. A flexible work contract can be more beneficial for employees in terms of job security, as it provides greater stability than a fixed-term contract made mandatory under Labour Contract MoHRE in 2023. 
  • Full-time Contract 

    • As per the New Law, you are obliged to work for 8 hours/day and no more than 48 hours/week. Your employer is obliged to offer you additional remuneration for extra work hours beyond the specified full-time work contract limit. 
  • Part-time Contract

    • The working hours for a part-time labour contract is at most 48 hours per week. The number of working hours is to be decided between the employee and the employer.  You can work multiple part-time jobs without special permission from each workplace, but you must seek MoHRE’s approval to work under a part-time contract. 
  • Special Employment Contract

    • This contract is for people who are given a high position inside a ministry or another organisation by a minister. You will sign a special employment contract letting you hold office for two years, and it may be extended once for an additional year. Your salary and benefits will be in tandem with your responsibilities in the office during your employment period.
  • Job-sharing Contract 

    • This contract comes in handy when several people with part-time employment contracts perform the same duties. You can share tasks and working hours among yourselves thanks to the newly created job-sharing contract.
  • Temporary Contract 

    • A temporary contract will suit your working situation if you are placed on probation. It establishes your working rights and obligations for a temporary period of 90 days. The company can renew your employment with another temporary contract once the current contract expires. Even the recruitment of domestic workers is monitored through the MoHRE domestic worker contract, and violating work ethics is heavily penalised.

How To Get The MoHRE Labour Contract?

To obtain a MoHRE Labour Contract in the UAE, follow these steps:

    • Create an account on the official website of MoHRE. This account will allow you to access the ministry’s services, including the Labour Contract.
    • Fill in the required details and provide the required details, such as your personal information, employment details, and other relevant information.
      Generate the contract after filling in the relevant details. You can choose the language, type of contract, and other specifics.
    • The employer and the employee must sign the generated contract to make it valid. The employer must submit your labour contract for approval to the MoHRE within 14 days of your arrival in the UAE. The employer is obliged to offer you a valid labour card (mandatory for private sector employees) within 60 days of your arrival, or else the employer is liable to pay penalties and fines. 

Information Included in MoHRE Labour Card

Information Included in MoHRE Labour Card

MoHRE Labour Card is issued to all employees registered in the UAE. The labour card serves as a work permit and is an official document that provides proof of the employee’s identity, nationality, and authorisation to work in the UAE.

 MoHRE labour card information includes the following:

    • Personal Information like the employee’s full name, photo and passport number.
    • Company information which includes the name and address of the company the employee is working for and the employee’s job title.
    • The labour card includes the date on which the card expires. 
    • The labour card includes a unique work permit number assigned to the employee.

Eligibility Conditions To Secure a Labour Card

The eligibility conditions to acquire a labour card in UAE may vary depending on the individual’s nationality, job category, and other factors. It is advisable to check the MoHRE app/website for further information and guidance on the specific eligibility criteria for obtaining a labour card in the UAE.    

  • For Employees

    • Age should be above 18 and below 60 years.
    • Valid Work Permit and Residence Visa
    • Valid Medical Fitness and Health Certificate
    • Valid Employment Contract with MoHRE
    • Valid Educational Qualifications for the position hired
  • For Employers

    • Registered business with the MoHRE
    • Compliance with labour laws
    • No blacklisting by government agencies
    • No fines or violations of MOHRE Labour law
    • Employer sponsorship for employee protection

Documents for Issuing a UAE Labour Card 

Documents for Issuing a UAE Labour Card 

Here is the detailed list of documents you will need to submit to the Labour Card UAE application process. 

    • Copy of valid passport and entry visa.
    • 2 passport-sized photographs with white backgrounds.
    • Copy of academic qualifications and residence visa.
    • Copy of work permit.
    • Copy of company’s work license 

Documents For Modifying and Renewing Your Existing Labour Card

Here are the documents you need to produce while renewing your existing labour card; please note that the renewal process is to be done before the labour card’s expiration. 

    • A copy of the old labour card and work contract
    • Passport-size photographs with white background.
    • A valid copy of your passport
    • A valid copy of the trade license
    • Updated details of the workplace in case of the new employer.

How To Check the Status of Labour Contract and Get Online Copy

How To Check the Status of Labour Contract

The facilities to check the MoHRE Labour contract status are available online. The official online portal of MoHRE and the MoHRE App is simple, helping you efficiently access your contract and generate an online copy in a few simple steps. 

  • Via MoHRE Website

    • Go to the MOHRE website and elect the respective services.
    • Next, choose Job Offers and Contracts Services from the available options.
    • Select My Contract and Click on Search By Transaction Number or Search By Personal Details.
  • Via eNetwasal Website

    • Go to the eNetwasal website.
    • Select the Labour Card Information option.
    • Fill in your labour card number and other credentials.
    • Print a copy of your labour card.
  • Via MoHRE App

    • Download the MoHRE app and Sign Up/Log In to your existing account.
    • Register as an employee.
    • Log in with your email and password.
    • Select “My Dashboard”.
    • Select the View Labour Contract option, and download a copy. 

Which Entities Are Not Liable To Follow The UAE Labour Contract?

Abu Dhabi Global Market and Dubai International Finance Center are among the few entities that do not follow UAE Labour Contract. Several federal and local public organisations are also exempted from the same. 

Wrapping Up

Employment matters come under the purview of Federal Law no.8 1980, which dictates employment terms, ensures employee protection and clarifies the existing labour law in the UAE. The law applies to all workers in the UAE, including nationals and expatriates in the public and private sectors. It is enforced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). It is important to understand the terms offered by the MoHRE contract before signing up for your new job.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I check my Labour contract in UAE?

You can check your labour contract and apply for its renewal online via the MoHRE Website, the MoHRE app, and the online portal e-Netwasal.

How do I check my employment contract in MoHRE?

Employment contracts in MoHRE can be checked via the MoHRE App/MoHRE Website. You will have to log in to your desired platform and choose Job Offers and Contract Services from the list of available options to check your MoHRE contract.

How do I download the MoHRE labour contract?

To download the MoHRE labour contract, you can visit the official website of the MoHRE / MoHRE App and download the pdf version of the contract.

How do I get a copy of my labour contract?

You can check your copy of the MoHRE labour contract online in their e-portal; you can even ask the employer for your employment contract.

How do you verify employment contracts?

To verify the employment contract and ensure the employee and employer's basic details, including ID numbers and signatures, are right. Review the terms and conditions of the employment contract to ensure that the contract complies with the applicable laws and regulations.

How can I check my labour card in MOHRE?

You are legally obliged to be provided with a MoHRE-approved labour card within 60 days of arrival in the UAE by your employer. You can check the MOHRE Labour card status and access additional labour card information online under the services section available on the MoHRE website/app/online portal.

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