Know The Best Senior Citizen Benefits in The UAE

Guide To Emirati's Special Elderly Benefits

When you near retirement age, your income sources might be limited. Additionally, your fixed income is no longer a part of your income sources. Therefore, you must devise ways to help make the best out of the money you have in hand. enjoy several senior citizen benefits in UAE If you are one of them and trying to understand how these benefits can be availed, you are at the right place. Read on to learn everything about senior citizen benefits in UAE. 

Senior Citizen Benefits in Dubai 

The Community Development Authority ensures that the citizens of Dubai have access to world-class retirement benefits. They curate senior citizen benefits that address all the needs of citizens. These benefits have helped several senior citizens over time. 

For Dubai Citizens

For Dubai Citizens 

If you are a citizen of Dubai, you can access a Thukher card. The Thukher Card is a sought-after card for all senior citizens in Dubai. You need to contact the Community Development Authority and get the card issued. Before you apply for it, you must learn everything about it. 

Thukher Card 

The Thukher card is issued by the Community Development Authority to all the senior citizens of Dubai. There are no issuing charges associated with the card, and it comes with various privileges. The card provides these benefits in association with government and private companies. 

Thukher Card Benefits

Thukher Card Benefits

The Thukher card comes with several benefits. Some of these benefits include the following: 

    • A social benefit worth AED 11,700 per month for senior citizens who do not have a regular source of income.
    • Free parking permits and a 50% discount on NOL cards
    • Free parking at major public service offices like Dubai Police Station, Dubai Civil Defence, etc.
    • Priority check-ins at airports with luggage management systems as add-ons.
    • Automatic wheelchairs and other VIP services at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    • Free subscription and updates of DEWA and a 50% reduction on meter testing services and move-in registration fees.
    • The card also gives access to medical facilities at the participating hospitals at a discount of 50%.
    • A 20%- 40% discount on private nursing and home care services. 

Thukher Card Eligibility 

To become eligible for the Thukher card, you need to meet both the eligibility criteria mentioned below: 

    • The card applicant must be aged 60 or above
    • The card applicant must be a Dubai citizen 

Thukher Card Documents

Before applying for the Thukher card, you must collate all the necessary documents and submit them to the Community Development Authority. The documents include the following: 

    • The original national identity card
    • Passport sized photographs 

The Weleef Programme 

Apart from the Thukher card, the Dubai Government also provides access to the Weleef Program to all the city’s senior citizens. It is a home care program to ensure that the senior citizens in Dubai have a good quality of life. Under the program, several professionals and volunteers are trained to provide social services to senior citizens. The program’s primary objective is to make the elderly in the city self-reliant and empower them. The volunteers plan several group and individual activities to achieve the desired results.

Weleef Programme Services

The elderly residents of Dubai can take advantage of the care programme known as Weleef Programme. The main goal of this programme is to enhance the standard of living for all of Dubai’s senior citizens. The fact that the programme is free is its best feature.

The Weleef Programme Services offer a wide range of services that can be accessed by anyone categorised as a senior citizen in Dubai. Some of these services include the following:

    • Social: The services by Weleef ensure that the elderly are socially active, engage in conversations, and meet new people. The Weleef volunteers organise several community engagement events to ensure that the senior citizens interact with each other.
    • Cultural: The programme also focuses on the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the senior citizens and keeps them updated about any local or national developments in their culture. Also, the community celebrates several festivals together to ensure everyone feels included. 
    • Emergency Alarms: Senior citizens are at a high risk of accidents. The program provides modern alarm systems to senior citizens so that help can come to them as soon as possible. These alarms also have a mechanism that flags ambulances and police stations. 
    • Awareness: Under the program, senior citizens are aware of their rights and the benefits they can avail of. The program teaches them to be mindful of their surroundings and care for themselves.
    • Rehabilitation: As the program aims to make the elderly self-reliant, the volunteers teach them how to use some basic household devices and appliances. The training is given by experts who know how to deal with senior citizens.
    • Coordination: One of the major benefits of the Weleef Programme is that the programme managers ensure proper coordination between the authorities and the needs of the senior citizens. They also ensure regular follow-ups. 
    • Self-Care: The programme teaches senior citizens the importance of self-care and how they should care for their surroundings to remain fit and healthy. 
    • Recreation: Under the programme, the senior citizens engage with each other through sports and games. 

Weleef Programme Eligibility 

To avail of all the services of the Weleef program, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

    • The individual must be 60 or above
    • The individual should not have any children
    • The individual lives alone or has a house help 

Only if the individual meets these criteria can they be a part of the program. 

Weleef Programme Documents 

You need to have a valid Emirates id to join this program. 

Inter-Generational Communication

Inter-Generational Communication 

The Community Development Authority offers another benefit to senior citizens called the Inter-Generational Communication Services. It gives a window to the senior citizens to impart their knowledge and experience to the younger generation. This knowledge transfer happens in the form of lectures at schools or universities. Some common lecture topics include the country’s traditions, the culture and the history of UAE, the significance of marriages and parenthood in society, the preservation of heritage, etc. In most cases, the elderly will be paid for these lectures and talks. 

Inter-Generational Communication Programme’s Eligibility 

To become eligible for the Inter-Generational Communication Programme, you need to meet the criteria listed below: 

    • The individual must be a citizen of Dubai
    • The individual must be 60 or above 

Inter-Generational Communication Programme Documents 

All individuals interested in participating in the program must submit their Emirates ID.

For Senior Ex-Pats

The elderly benefits in Dubai are not just limited to the nationals. Even ex-pats and foreign nationals can avail of these facilities if they meet the eligibility criteria. The ex-pats can reach out to the CDA and apply for a Thukher Card or a Nol Blue Card as per their choice.

Nol Blue Card

The cards are only offered to citizens, although elderly ex-pats in Dubai can also take advantage of equivalent travel discounts. As a result, transportation costs are low throughout the emirate. Senior people are given a 50% discount on their commuting tickets.

    • An e-purse that can hold up to 5,000 AED can be put into the NOL blue card.
    • Any Dubai ticket office will sell this card for AED 70 to senior citizens (including AED 20 e-purse value).
    • This card is accepted in the Etihad Museum, more than 2,000 stores, and city parks in Dubai.


Dubai is one of the cities in UAE that has the best senior citizen benefits. Once you meet all the eligibility criteria, you can avail yourself of all the benefits the country offers. The best thing about these benefits is that it is not just limited to Dubai citizens. Even the ex-pats can enjoy all of these benefits. Get in touch with the Dubai authorities and avail yourself of these benefits today!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is there any pension program for senior citizens in Dubai?

According to the UAE government website, Dubai pension funds are open to Emirati elders, GCC citizens, and government workers. Citizens in Dubai/UAE who work in the public or private sector can get pension-related services from the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security (GPSSA).

Does Dubai offer end-of-service benefits?

If the worker or the employee meets all the eligibility criteria laid down by the Government, they can avail of end of services benefits like a gratuity.

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