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Al Mahatah, Sharjah

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About Al Mahatah, Sharjah

Al Mahatah, a thriving suburb, is a blend of residential and commercial properties and is part of the Al Qasimia district of Sharjah. Its prime location provides excellent connectivity to the city's key landmarks, making it an ideal place to live and work.

Originally designed as a large-scale project comprising numerous buildings with residential and serviced apartments, Al Mahatah continues to grow and evolve into a bustling community in the heart of Sharjah. One of the notable buildings within the Al Mahatah district is the Al Mahatah Fort. Initially serving as a motel for tourists and a short staycation spot, the fort has since been transformed into the Al Mahatah Museum.

Today, the museum proudly showcases historical innovations and crafts from various old industries, giving visitors a fascinating glimpse into the region's rich cultural heritage. The Al Mahatah community deeply connects to its history, reflected in its construction techniques and design. The district's unique architecture and design proudly showcase this strong sense of heritage.

Al Mahatah Sharjah is home to various low, mid, and high-rise apartment buildings, providing a diverse range of residential options for locals and expatriates. Apart from affordable residential properties, Al Mahatah provides several amenities, so residents do not have to travel much.

It is nearby the coastline, offering ample leisure activities and some popular places in Sharjah. With its rich cultural history and modern amenities, Al Mahatah Sharjah is a desirable place to live and an excellent example of a thriving and dynamic community.

Key Highlights of Al Mahatah, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Low, mid and high-rise buildings
  • Contemporary apartments available for rent
  • Family-friendly and lively community
  • Well-connected roadways
  • Plenty of outdoor and fun leisure activities for all ages
  • Ample amenities nearby
  • Several bus routes pass through
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic congestion
  • Noisy neighbourhood
  • Not an ideal location to buy an apartment

Real Estate Overview in Al Mahatah, Sharjah

Al Mahatah in Sharjah is a sought-after residential destination owing to its affordable and extensive range of rental apartments. The district has numerous residential buildings, with convenient shops on the ground floor for easy access to essential amenities.

Al Mahatah Sharjah provides diverse housing options ranging from studios to fully furnished or unfurnished three-bedroom apartments.

Every apartment boasts a balcony, en-suite bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. The smallest kitchenettes provide ample storage space, cabinets and marble countertops, while fully furnished units are equipped with modern appliances such as a microwave oven, cooking range, and refrigerator.

These apartment blocks offer residents access to world-class amenities, including ample outdoor space for parking and leisure activities. CCTV surveillance is in place for added convenience and safety, while temperature control systems ensure maximum comfort indoors. 

Multiple elevators make navigating the buildings easily, while maintenance staff and waste management systems ensure the facilities are kept in top condition. Al Mahatah Sharjah offers residents an exceptional living experience with many amenities and facilities.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Mahatah

There are several off-plan trends currently in the Al Mahatah neighbourhood. The Al Mahatah is a residential and commercial unit project offering apartments in Sharjah. The off-plan projects are in the "ready to move" phase, most of which are residential buildings.

All the off-plan residential buildings provide two and three-bedroom apartments with an average living space of 1,200 square feet. The residential buildings in Al Mahatah aim to provide affordable housing options in Sharjah's city centre to every tenant.

Kojak Building in Al Mahatah

Kojak Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

GGICO Qasimia 10 in Al Mahatah

GGICO Qasimia 10

Price on Request
2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Awqaf Building in Al Mahatah

Awqaf Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Mahatah, Sharjah

The rental trend in Al Mahatah has been steady for the past two years. The demand for apartments in the Al Mahatah community increases because of the community's facilities and amenities. Moreover, affordability and its suitability for families and professionals play an important part in the high rental trends.

Tenants can find some studio units for rent in Al Mahatah, Sharjah. Annual rent for 1-bedroom apartments in Al Mahatah Sharjah vary, while 2-bedroom flats for rent in Al Mahatah Sharjah also come with different rental rates per annum. However, if you're looking for a larger unit, a few 3-bed rental apartments are available.

There are also some penthouses for rent in Al Mahatah Sharjah. Regarding commercial properties, some shops are for rent in Al Mahatah Sharjah at different price ranges per annum. The rents are affordable, and the properties offer the best facilities and features.

Sale Trends in Al Mahatah, Sharjah

The sale trends are not as popular as rental trends in Al Mahatah, Sharjah. The sale trends as been steady, just like the rental trends.

Compared to other areas in the city, the properties in Al Mahatah Sharjah are relatively affordable, making it an attractive option for buyers looking for budget-friendly investments. Apart from affordability, the district's strategic location and prices have attracted much attention from real estate investors looking for promising opportunities. Investors can earn a passive income through rent as Al Mahatah is popular for rental apartments.

Public Transport

Al Mahatah, Sharjah, is in one of the prime locations in Sharjah, so most of the bus routes pass through the neighbourhood. The residents will have ample bus options to commute to different neighbourhoods in Sharjah. The bus stations are nearby as well. Cabs and taxis are other popular modes of public transit in Sharjah.

Here are some bus routes traversing the locality:

Bus Line Number Destination
1 Al Rolla Terminal to Sahara Mall Terminal
3 Al Rolla Terminal to Sahara Mall Terminal
7 Al Rolla Terminal to Sahara Mall Terminal
88X Al Rolla Terminal to Al Saja’a Terminal
14 Al Sharq’s Terminal to Sharjah International Airport Terminal


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Several nurseries and schools located near Al Mahatah cater to the educational needs of families in the community. The nurseries and schools in the vicinity include

  • Al Farha Nursery
  • Al Qasimia Primary School
  • Emirates Private School
  • Khalid Bin Mohammed School

For students seeking higher education, the University City of Sharjah is just a 20-minute drive from Al Mahatah. There are numerous reputable universities, colleges and institutes providing various programs to choose from. The University City of Sharjah is a bustling hub of academic activity, offering students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant academic community.


Numerous corner shops and local supermarkets are available throughout Al Mahatah. All these supermarkets store fresh fruits, vegetables, and essential items for the kitchen and household. The following supermarkets are accessible to the residents of Al Mahatah for their grocery and daily necessities shopping:

  • Al Mahatah Supermarket
  • Zam Zam Al Madina Supermarket
  • Istanbul Supermarket
  • Al Saha Supermarket
  • Shuaa Al Madina Supermarket
  • Sahara Al Madina Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Clinics and hospitals near Al Mahatah offer quality healthcare facilities to residents. With highly-trained staff and high-tech medical equipment and technique, these healthcare centres around the Al Mahatah community provide the best quality services to residents. Some of these facilities are:

  • Medcare Hospital
  • NMC Medical
  • Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital
  • Thumbay Hospital
  • Day Care Centre
  • Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital
  • Kaya Skin Clinic
  • Yas Dental Clinic

Medcare Hospital is on King Faisal Street, while NMC Medical, Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital, Thumbay Hospital, and Day Care Centre are in Al Ghuwair. Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital, which has a patient-centric approach, is located next to the Rolla Clock Tower and is considered one of the top hospitals in Sharjah.

Places of Worship

The King Faisal Mosque is a popular landmark in the area, and there are also other community mosques in the neighbouring district. There are no churches or temples in Al Mahatah, Sharjah; Al Yarmook has several churches less than 10 minutes from Al Mahatah. Hindu and Sikh residents must travel to Bur Dubai in Dubai, 30 minutes away, to visit temples and gurdwaras.

The mosques and churches nearby Al Mahatah are –

  • Saint Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Saint Gregory Armenian Orthodox
  • Amazing Grace Church 
  • Ibn Othaimeen Mosque
  • Rawan Tower Mosque

Best Hotels in Al Mahatah, Sharjah

There are a few hotels in Al Mahatah. The hotels offer an abundance of amenities for guests. These include luxurious spas, fitness centres, swimming pools, and gourmet restaurants. The swimming pools provide a refreshing escape from the heat, and some hotels even offer rooftop pools with stunning city views. Guests can indulge in world-class cuisine at the hotel's gourmet restaurants.

Some hotels in and around Al Mahatah, Sharjah, are:

  • Crystal Plaza Hotel 
  • Sun Rise Hotel Apartment
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Nova Park Hotel
  • Rayan Hotel Sharjah
  • Sharjah Royal Tulip
  • Sun City Hotel


Shopping Centres/ Malls

When it comes to shopping, there are a variety of popular malls located within a short distance in Al Mahatah. They are:

  • Mega Mall
  • Oasis Mall
  • Sharjah Central Souq
  • Rolla Mall
  • Grand Mall

Mega Mall in Bu Daniq is a must-visit destination for those seeking entertainment and shopping opportunities in Al Mahatah Sharjah. As the closest shopping option, it boasts a range of brand and retail outlets for visitors to browse and shop from. Mega Mall also offers a diverse selection of dining options, including a food court where visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Mahatah Sharjah is a haven for food enthusiasts, boasting a diverse selection of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines. Some of the restaurants nearby the area are:

  • Mazeej Al Punjab Cafeteria
  • Aroos Damascus
  • Chinese Star
  • Bait Al Mandi

Aroos Damascus is a popular Lebanese eatery in the area. Chinese Star is another great option for Asian cuisine lovers. Meanwhile, Bait Al Mandi is a must-visit restaurant for those seeking traditional Emirati cuisine, specifically the mandi dish. With so many dining options, food lovers will surely find something to suit their tastes in Al Mahatah, Sharjah.

Beaches Nearby

Exploring the beaches near Al Mahatah Sharjah is an excellent way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. With their stunning natural beauty and convenient location, these beaches are a must-visit destination for anyone looking to escape the city and enjoy some fun in the sun. Although a short drive is required to reach them, the beaches are well worth the effort. These include:

  • Sharjah Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Al Khan Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Mahatah residents have several popular attractions nearby that they can visit for leisure and entertainment. Al Mahatah Museum is a prominent attraction in the Al Mahatah Sharjah area, showcasing diverse collections.

Mahatah Park is a family-friendly park in the locality where kids can play while their parents stroll around with pets. Other parks have picturesque views, walking trails, and recreational activities for people of all ages. Al Mahatah offers exciting attractions that are worth exploring, including:

  • Khalid Lake
  • Rolla Square Park
  • Al Qasba Canal
  • The Flag Island
  • Pearls Kingdom Waterpark
  • Al Ittihad Park
  • Sharjah Art Museum 
  • Sharjah Corniche

Al Mahatah - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • Sharjah International Airport is 16.6 km away and takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • King Faisal Mosque is 850 m away and takes 3 minutes to reach. 
  • Sharjah Beach is 6.6 km away and takes 12 minutes. 
  • Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital is 1.9 km away and takes 4 minutes to reach. 
  • Rolla Mall is 1.5 km away and takes 5 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Qasba Canal is 6.3 km away and takes 13 minutes. 
  • Sharjah Aquarium is 6 km away and takes 12 minutes to reach there. 
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium is 4.1 km away and takes 8 minutes to reach.
Al Mahatah, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Syed Khader
Safe and secure neighbourhood

As a resident of Al Mahatah, I must say that it is an excellent neighbourhood for families. The area is secure, and I feel safe walking around at night. The community is well-maintained, and there are plenty of parks and playgrounds for children. The neighbourhood also has several schools and nurseries, making it convenient for families with young children.

Parth Arora
Excellent Schools

I just wanted to share how awesome living in Al Mahatah Sharjah is, especially for families with school-going kids. Several great schools in the area offer excellent education and extracurricular activities. My kids love attending school here, and I feel at ease knowing they’re getting the best education. The schools are well-maintained, and the teachers are super friendly.

Simone Baguley
Well-connected roads

It’s so easy to get around Sharjah and even Dubai from here! The main roads, like Sheikh Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qasimi Street and King Abdul Aziz Street, are around the area, which makes commuting a breeze. Whether you need to go to work or school or want to explore the city, the road network around here is fantastic.

Sara Azad
Noisy neighbourhood

While the area has its perks, I have to say it can be quite noisy at times. There is a lot of traffic on the main roads, especially during peak hours, which can get loud. However, the community is generally friendly and has plenty of amenities.

Huma Abdu
Foodie paradise

I must say this place is a paradise for food lovers. The restaurants here are fantastic, and there’s something for everyone. You can find anything that satisfies your taste buds. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with the food scene in Al Mahatah.

Al Yarmook
Rolla Area
Corniche Al Buhaira
Al Nasserya
4 Properties for Rent
in Dasman
Rent: 13.5 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Ramla

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Mahatah Freehold?

Al Mahatah is a freehold residential property located within the family-friendly community of Sharjah.

What are the top attractions of Al Mahatah?

Some top attractions include Al Mahatah Museum, Mahatah Park, Rolla Square Park, Sharjah Aquarium, and Al Qasba Canal.

How to get to Al Mahatah in Sharjah by Bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

There is no metro station nearby Al Mahatah; however, in Dubai, Dubai Stadium Metro Station 2 is 15 minutes away from Al Mahatah. Several bus stations are nearby the locality, and bus routes 1, 3, 7, 14, and 88x pass through the area.

Which are the best communities to live in on Al Mahatah?

Al Mahatah is a residential and commercial community in Sharjah suitable for comfortable living for families and individuals alike.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Mahatah?

Some of the best hotels nearby include the Sun Rise Hotel Apartment, Four Points by Sheraton, Nova Park Hotel, and Rayan Hotel Sharjah. Some best restaurants are Mazeej Al Punjab Cafeteria, Aroos Damascus, Chinese Star, and Bait Al Mandi.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Mahatah?

The malls in the area are Mega Mall, Rolla Mall, Grand Sharjah Mall and Oasis Mall. The supermarkets available are Al Mahatah Supermarket, Zam Zam Al Madina Supermarket, Istanbul Supermarket, Al Saha Supermarket, Shuaa Al Madina Supermarket, and Sahara Al Madina Supermarket.

Which are the best schools in Al Mahatah?

Several good schools are located in the nearby areas of Al Mahatah, such as Al Farha Nursery, Al Qasimia Primary School, Emirates Private School and Khalid Bin Mohamed School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Mahatah?

Some high-tech good healthcare facilities in Al Mahatah are Medcare Hospital, NMC Medical, Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital, Thumbay Hospital, Day Care Centre, Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital, Prime Medical Center, Kaya Skin Clinic, Yas Dental Clinic and Health Care Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship on Al Mahatah?

Several mosques and churches are located nearby in Al Mahatah, including Saint Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Saint Gregory Armenian Orthodox, Amazing Grace Church, King Faisal Mosque, Ibn Othaimeen Mosque and Rawan Tower Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living on Al Mahatah?

The advantages of living in Al Mahatah include that it is a safe, family-friendly neighbourhood, very affordable, and has a range of amenities. However, the downside is that plenty of apartments in the neighbourhood are not suitable for everyone since they have been built with affordability in mind.

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