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Rolla Area, Sharjah

About Rolla Area, Sharjah

Imagine a neighbourhood where you wake up to the melodic call to prayer, take a stroll through old-world markets scented with aromatic spices, and return home to all the modern comforts. Welcome to Rolla! This unique district encapsulates the puissance of Sharjah's cultural traditions yet equally embraces contemporary sensibilities.

If you seek more than sterile concrete towers and wish your home to reflect what gives this emirate its distinctive spirit, Rolla sings an alluring song. Walk under ornate arches as you shop in traditional souks, yet their wares could put the glitziest mall to shame. Feast on local Emirati delicacies one night and world-class international fare the next - this versatility is Rolla's beauty.

Sharjah has chosen to preserve its identity while progressing, and Rolla is the torchbearer of this balance. The winds of change sweeping this new world do not shake the foundations here because its bedrock runs deep. And if your values align with celebrating heritage while advancing into the future, you have found your sanctum.

Key Highlights of Rolla, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Rolla has a vibrant multicultural community reflecting Sharjah's history as a trading hub welcoming people from diverse backgrounds who coexist in harmony.
  • The area seamlessly blends Emirati cultural traditions and heritage elements like souks and ornate architecture with contemporary comforts and amenities matching modern lifestyles.
  • Iconic attractions like the aesthetic Meleiha Road, the bustling Souk Al Jubail market and the upcoming exclusive Al Khan luxury village provide local as well as tourist appeal.
  • Rolla provides an affordable cost of living compared to most other developed parts of Sharjah, making it popular among middle-income residents.
  • The family-friendly local atmosphere is evident in the numerous community events and public spaces tailored for family recreation.
What Needs Attention!
  • Certain districts, like the Al Jubail Commercial area, are still underdeveloped, with inadequate commercial occupancy and civic facilities.
  • Public transport options like bus connectivity within Rolla remain limited currently, leading to dependence on personal vehicles for commuting.
  • Major junctions witness peak-hour traffic congestion due to centralised access roads combined with increasing vehicle density.
  • The absence of higher education institutes locally limits prospects and accessibility for the area's talented youth population.
  • More organised waste management is required for certain districts to address littering issues.

Real Estate Overview in Rolla, Sharjah

Rolla features a range of residential buildings, villas, commercial offices, and retail spaces serving community needs rather than dedicated industrial assets. As a mixed-use township, property offerings cater to individual buyers and tenants spanning middle-income groups to high-networth investors.

Sizes range from accessible 1 and 2-BHK apartments going up to ultra-luxury 5-bedroom villas and palatial duplex penthouse spaces, depending on budget. Branded towers by firms like Emaar and Alef Group target upmarket patrons who value amenities and location.

The area provides attractive ROI options across price points for investors seeking rental income or capital appreciation on sale. Competitive pricing compared to central Sharjah locations and diverse property types enable varied investment strategies.

Rental Trends in Rolla

Rolla Square caters to a diverse resident profile with offerings for different preferences and lifestyles. From accommodations suitable for singles and couples to larger multi-bedroom units housing families, one can find living spaces equipped with modern interiors and furnishings. Retail and commercial facilities in the area also address daily necessities while creating employment opportunities.

With ongoing enhancements not just in housing but also amenities, Rolla Square aims to provide a self-sustained community benefiting all residents. Its strategic location allows easy access to different parts of the Emirate for education, entertainment or other pursuits.

For those seeking a well-rounded neighbourhood with contemporary infrastructure, Rolla Square has much to offer its inhabitants. Commercial office and retail spaces are also available for rent. Units range from 500 to 2500+ square feet.

Sale Trends in Rolla

Rolla Square in Sharjah has seen a surge of interest from real estate investors recently, particularly for acquiring apartments in the area. The properties available include spacious 1-3 bedroom units designed to suit varying lifestyle needs and budgets. Moreover, the proximity to Sharjah's city centre and easy access to Dubai via connecting highways makes Rolla Square a convenient choice.

With property prices expected to appreciate over the coming years as further developments take shape, Rolla Square offers investors great prospects for both rental yields and capital gains. The blend of affordability, location, and lifestyle amenities is positioning Rolla Square as one of the most promising areas for real estate in Sharjah today.

New off-plan projects are expected to further expand budget home ownership stock. Commercial rates are currently muted but expect appreciation with upcoming retail zone infrastructure.

Public Transportation

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) governs transit options in Rolla, which are comprised of buses and taxis. Multiple bus stops ring Rolla Square Park, providing connectivity to key routes like the Al Rolla Bus Stop, Sharjah Al Jubail Bus Station 1 and Sharjah Al Jubail Bus Station 2.

Buses frequent destinations like Sahara Centre, Muweilah and Al Saja’a, interlinking Rolla for intra-city commutes. Intercity routes operate as well. The area lacks a metro line currently, with the nearest stations Al Qiyadah (Green Line) and Stadium (Green Line), located a 15-20 minute drive away.

Residents rely on quick taxi rides or private vehicles for neighbourhood trips within Rolla, given the limited bus network. As the community evolves, further upgrades to mass transportation services are forthcoming to improve last-mile connectivity.

Bus Line Number Destination
8 Sahara Center Bus Stop to Rolla Bus Stop


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

As a family-centric township with a growing young population, Rolla focuses on quality education. 

Local nurseries include:

  • Al Aman Nursery
  • Kids Paradise Nursery
  • Dreamland Nursery
  • EuroKids International Nursery

Schools include:

  • Progressive English School
  • Sharjah Indian School
  • Emirates Private School
  • Happy Home English School


Rolla also has several small supermarkets and grocery shops providing convenient access to daily essentials:

  • Al Safeer Supermarket
  • Noor Al Falak Supermarket
  • Al Telal Supermarket
  • Gharb Al Madina Supermarket
  • Fathima Supermarket
  • Giant Supermarket
  • Sadrofa Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Residents can access primary healthcare services via neighbourhood clinics like Aster Medical Centre Rolla. In emergencies, hospitals in the greater Sharjah area provide comprehensive medical care.

  • Al Zahra Hospital 
  • Thumbay Hospital
  • Premier Medical Centre
  • Rukin Al Shifa Medical Centre
  • NMC Medical Centre Rolla
  • Al Saadah New Medical Specialist Centre

Places of Worship

Rolla features numerous beautiful mosques owing to its Islamic heritage, with these places of prayer interwoven into the neighbourhood’s fabric. People from various ethnicities and faiths reside harmoniously in the area as well.

Mosques Nearby

Rolla Square is home to a few elegant mosques catering to the spiritual needs of the residents. The mosques sport intricate Islamic architecture blended with modern design elements, serving as an ode to local culture. Some landmark mosques include:

  • Alharamain Mosque
  • Al Aziz Mosque
  • Souq Al Ghuwair Mosque 
  • Hamza Ibn Abdulmuttalib Mosque

Churches Nearby

Rolla Square currently does not have churches located within the township. However, given the cosmopolitan populace of the UAE, there are a few worship centres belonging to various Christian denominations situated a short drive away. They are:

  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Rolla Catholic Church
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church
  • Marthoma Parish Sharjah
  • St. Mary’s Soonoro Church 
  • Good Shepherd Nepali Church

Gurudwara Nearby

There are no gurudwaras in the vicinity of the Rolla, but they can be found at different locations across Dubai.

Hindu Temples Nearby

There are no Hindu temples located nearby. However, there are temples in and around various locations in Dubai.

Best Hotels in Rolla

There are several hotels in Rolla that offer luxury, budget hotels and have comfortable accommodations:

  • Centre Hotel
  • Al Sharq Hotel
  • City Hotel

Centre Hotel: With contemporary architecture and just 1.3 kilometres from King Faisal Mosque, the 4-star Centre Hotel provides visitors with 90 stylish guest rooms in the heart of Rolla Square, Sharjah.

Al Sharq Hotel: The recently built Al Sharq Hotel in Rolla Square offers modern amenities and comfortable lodging for guests who wish to explore Sharjah's bustling city centre.

City Hotel: Nestled in the vibrant Rolla community, City Hotel warmly welcomes guests seeking charming and convenient accommodation during their time in Sharjah. Its central location lets visitors easily experience the local culture.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

As a mixed-use township, Rolla Area encompasses dedicated retail facilities well-integrated into the fabric of daily life. Residents have convenient access to malls, markets and shopfronts catering to everyday needs and pocket-friendly shopping. The popular options include:

  • Rolla Mall
  • Rolla Market
  • Gold Market
  • Souq Al Rolla
  • Al Ghuwair Centre
  • Sharjah Plaza

Restaurants/ Dining

Rolla Area is a great place for foodies, especially those seeking budget-friendly international fares. Neighbourhood restaurants largely offer quality Indian and Pakistani staples like curries, tikkas and biryanis. The popular eateries close by include:

  • Panama Restaurant
  • Morning Star Restaurant
  • Delhi Nihari Restaurant
  • Yummy Indian Restaurant
  • City Darbar Restaurant

Travellers can also find more global cuisines and fast food options at nearby malls and hubs.

Beaches Nearby

Rolla Area lacks its own dedicated beaches but connects conveniently to Al Khan Beach along Sharjah’s scenic coastline. At under 15 minutes by road, residents and guests have ready access to sun loungers, watersports facilities, lifeguards and beachside restaurants at this safe, family-friendly spot for a seaside day trip away from home.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Beyond home and work, Rolla offers residents ample recreational pursuits for wholesome leisure and community well-being. From idyllic parks to modern cinemas, this growing township aims to nurture inhabitants across generations with spaces to destress and bond. The popular attractions around Rolla Area include:

Rolla Square Park: A 3.7-hectare family-friendly green space with landscaped gardens, walking tracks and lively fountains that serve as the area’s prime leisure hub.

Al Hamra Cinema: A convenient and affordable destination for movie enthusiasts boasting multiple screens showcasing the latest blockbusters from around the world.

Sharjah Museums: World-class institutions like the Museum of Islamic Civilisation, Art Museum and Heritage Museum are within a short drive for culture aficionados.

Al Hisn Fort: A 15-minute drive leads to this iconic monument, providing a glimpse into the richness of Emirati history through fortified walls unchanged by time.

Rolla Area - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

  • Rolla to Abu Dhabi International Airport is approximately 1 hour 26 minutes (145.7 km) 
  • Rolla to Yas Island is approximately 1 hour 25 minutes (139.5 km)
  • Rolla to Abu Dhabi is about 1 hour 45 minutes (165.3 km)
  • Rolla to Abu Dhabi Mall is about 1 hour 45 minutes (167.1 km)
  • Rolla to Burj Khalifa is around 29 minutes (29.6 km)
Rolla Area, Sharjah

Rating and Reviews

Sarah Ahmed

I moved to Rolla, seeking a quality life within a budget. My family loves the peaceful vibe, proximity to little parks and affordable shops. Features like the Gold Market and Souq satisfy diverse tastes. The clinics attend well to my parents’ health needs.

Lin Xiu Lee

As an expat bachelor renting an apartment, Rolla Area hits the sweet spot between work commute, savings potential and chilling weekends at Al Khan Beach. Groceries, fast food and the occasional movie, keep life simple. Noise is still an irritant with all the construction work underway.

Amin Yusuf

The Rolla Mosque’s spiritual peace shapes my day in this traditional yet modern locale. Local shops and modest restaurants suit my essential needs between business travels. Glad my family can sustain our roots while adapting to emerging office blocks and malls.

Priya Sharma

I hoped the touted Mall and School projects would expedite soon after buying an off-plan home here for the kids. With delayed infrastructure, we still travel far for the same amenities. Some builders make hollow investment hype without accountability to middle-class purchasers.

Carlos Gonzalez

I enjoy wintering yearly at my modest studio in the Al Nabba community near Rolla since airfares and rents balance out. This hidden gem retains Sharjah’s soul, though high-rises foretell more tourists soon. For now, few Westerners, endless curry houses and evenings at Al Khan Beach!

Al Yarmook
Al Nasserya
Corniche Al Buhaira
Al Ramla
4 Properties for Rent
in Dasman
Rent: 13.5 Per Sq. Ft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of amenities are available in the Rolla Area?

Rolla offers residents amenities like retail centres, modest healthcare clinics, nurseries, parks, mosques and affordable dining catering to everyday needs.

What different types of real estate are available in Rolla?

Property offerings include apartments, villas, and commercial spaces spanning middle-income to luxury segments based on locale hotspots like Al Khan.

How can I travel to Rolla from the neighbouring emirates?

Rolla has bus connectivity via RTA routes. Major stops like Al Jubail Station link to Dubai, Ajman and wider Sharjah. Al Rolla Taxi stand is also available.

What is the lifestyle like in Rolla Area?

A balanced mix of Emirati roots and expatriate residents who value community living, with malls, beach access and heritage monuments easily accessible.

Which are the most popular communities in the Rolla Area?

Prime districts include Al Jubail Commercial, Al Nabba, Al Arouba and Al Taawun based on amenities and development focus like the Al Khan project.

How affordable is Rolla Area compared to other parts of Sharjah?

Approximately 15-20% cheaper average rates than central city areas, translating to yearly rental savings, enabling middle-income groups.

Were there any previous names for Rolla Area?

Originally settled by the Al Ali tribe, records since the 1820s consistently reference ‘Rolla’, signifying its deep-rooted identity.

Is traffic a challenge around Rolla at peak hours?

Yes, some bottleneck junctions witness congestion due to centralised access roads. Further transit upgrades are expected to ease intra-city commuting.

What new projects are upcoming in the Rolla Area?

Proposed initiatives include the Petrochemical Factory, medical cluster, Logistics City and a Creative Zone by Tilal Properties in Al Khan district.

What advantages does Rolla offer residents and investors?

Blends Sharjah’s heritage and growth ambition. Upcoming but still affordable area suiting community-driven middle-income groups with great future prospects.

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