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Al Musalla, Sharjah

Projects : Price on Request
10 Projects For Sale in Al Musalla
Rent : AED 12 Thousand - 18 Thousand
3 Properties For Rent in Al Musalla

About Al Musalla, Sharjah

Al Musalla is an active neighbourhood in the centre of Sharjah. It is a well-established neighbourhood with a strong feeling of community and a rich cultural history. The neighbourhood is famous for its historic mosques, classic souks, and vibrant streets with shops and restaurants. With easy access to major roads and public transport, the town is also well-connected to the rest of Sharjah.

Sharjah Municipal Corporation is situated in Al Musalla, Sharjah. The largest Eid Prayer Area in Sharjah, Sharjah Eid Musalla. The family-friendly community of Al Musalla offers low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings offering studios and one and two-bedroom apartments with a coverage area ranging from 300 to 1,400 square feet.

Al Musalla has managed to keep its historic charm despite its fast expansion. Residents regularly gather at neighbourhood cafes and restaurants to socialise and catch up, contributing to the community's reputation for a warm and welcoming ambience.

Al Musalla is an excellent option whether you want to purchase or rent a home in Sharjah. It is a neighbourhood that genuinely provides the best of both worlds due to its unique combination of old-world charm and modern amenities.

Key Highlights of Al Musalla, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Affordable apartments are available
  • Nearby malls and supermarkets
  • Situated nearby the city’s coastline and in a central position
  • Ample bus transit options are available
  • A friendly and welcoming community
  • Nearby Rolla Park, Al Fayah Park, and Al Ittihad Park
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic congestion
  • Need for better parking facilities
  • Lack of pedestrian facilities
  • Some apartment buildings lack modern facilities

Real Estate Overview in Al Musalla, Sharjah

Al Musalla features old low-rise buildings and some new mid-rise buildings. The community offers studios and one and two-bedroom apartments at affordable rates. It is one of the best neighbourhoods in Sharjah as it is nearby Sharjah's coastline and popular landmarks in Sharjah.

The two-bedroom apartments in the community are popular among families for rent. The coverage area varies from 1,000 to 1,400 square feet and consists of two bathrooms, a fitted kitchen, and a living room. The one-bedroom apartment, perfect for individuals, has a coverage area varying from 500 to 800 square feet. The studios in the community have an average living space of 360 square feet. 

Some of the community's buildings are old and lack modern amenities. However, there are several new buildings as well, but it might be tough to find an apartment with modern amenities at affordable rents in Al Musalla, Sharjah.

Off Plan Trends in Al Musalla

Several off-plan projects have been developed in the Al Musalla community in Sharjah. These new developments are mostly residential apartments in the "ready to move" phase. These off-plan projects offer one and two-bedroom apartments with a coverage area varying from 900 to 1,300 square feet. Al Zahra building offers spacious two-bedroom apartments with 1,900 square feet of coverage.

Al Zahra Building Al Musalla in Al Musalla

Al Zahra Building Al Musalla

Price on Request
3 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Zwena Building in Al Musalla

Zwena Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Sajvan Building in Al Musalla

Sajvan Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

National Building in Al Musalla

National Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Dar Al Musala Building in Al Musalla

Dar Al Musala Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Clock Tower Offices in Al Musalla

Clock Tower Offices

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Jeaidi Building in Al Musalla

Al Jeaidi Building

Price on Request
2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Lootha Building in Al Musalla

Lootha Building

Price on Request
1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Al Musallah Building in Al Musalla

Al Musallah Building

Price on Request
Studio,2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Al Bisher and Sons in Al Musalla

Al Bisher and Sons

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Musalla

The residential rental market in Al Musalla, Sharjah, is typically steady, with rents varied by property type and location. Compared to other areas in Sharjah, apartment and villa rentals in Al Musalla are priced competitively, making them attractive options for renters.

The most common properties for rent in Al Musalla, Sharjah, are one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats, with an average coverage area of 750 and 1350 square feet. The rental costs range from modest to expensive based on the unit's features and location. Studios with an average coverage area of 300 square feet are available at inexpensive rents.

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Sale Trends in Al Musalla

The residential sales trends in Al Musalla, Sharjah, are typically good, with rising regional property demand. The neighbourhood's strategic position and proximity to key transit links make it a desirable option for purchasers.

Apartments are the most common property for sale in Al Musalla, which come in various modern and opulent styles. Two-bedroom apartments with a carpet area of 1,650 square feet are the most preferred residential properties among buyers. Moreover, studios with living space of 360 square feet are best for the students as Al Musalla is close to the University City of Sharjah. 

Al Musalla is one of the best neighbourhoods in Sharjah to buy and invest in real estate properties.

Public Transport

Being nearby Sharjah's shore, several bus line passes through Al Musalla and connects it to the rest of Sharjah. Moreover, Al Rolla Bus Station is five-minute away from the locality, so it becomes easy for the residents who travel to Dubai frequently. Here are some Sharjah bus routes traversing the area:

Bus Line Number Destination
1 Al Rolla Bus Centre to Sahara Centre
3 Al Rolla Bus Centre to Safari Mall
8 Al Rolla Bus Centre to Sahara Mall
14X Al Rolla Bus Centre to Al Muwailah
15 Al Rolla Bus Centre to Sharjah International Airport
99 Al Jubail Bus Centre to Sharjah International Airport


Nurseries/ Educational Institute

There are few schools in the Al Musalla community; however, residents can find ample good schools imparting quality education in the nearby localities, like Al Yarmook, Al Manakh, and Al Ghuwair. These institutions provide a variety of educational programmes, ranging from preschool through high school and beyond. The best schools in and around the locality are:

  • Progressive English School
  • Khalid Bin Mohammed School
  • Emirates Private School
  • Al Islah Qasimia School
  • Al Farha Nursery 
  • Sharjah Indian School

The University City of Sharjah, home to several good educational institutions offering higher education, is 20 minutes from the Al Musalla locality. Some educational institutions are:

  • The American University of Sharjah
  • The University of Sharjah
  • Al Qasimia University
  • College of Medicine
  • Skyline University College


Several supermarkets in Al Musalla offer a variety of goods and services to the neighbourhood. These stores are well-stocked with fresh fruit, meat, dairy products, home goods, and personal care items. Some of the best supermarkets in Al Musalla are:

  • Sahal Al Lulu Supermarket 
  • Al Fayah Supermarket
  • Grand Hypermarket
  • Al Ghuwair Supermarket 
  • Al Telal Supermarket
  • Fathima Supermarket
  • New Al Madina Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Several healthcare facilities provide medical services to the local people in this location. NMC Royal Hospital is on the opposite side of the street between Al Musalla and Al Ghuwair. The healthcare facilities in Al Musalla are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology and manned with skilled and experienced medical experts who provide a variety of medical treatments and services. Some of the best hospitals in and around Al Musalla are:

  • Mahmood Medical Centre 
  • Al Ahlia Regional Medical Centre
  • Abrahams Medical Centre
  • Al Zahra Hospital

Places of Worship

Al Musalla’s places of worship include mosques and churches. Sikh and Hindu residents must travel to Bur Dubai to access Temples and Gurdwaras, which is 25 minutes away from Al Musalla. Some of the places of worship in and around the Al Musalla:

  • King Faisal Mosque
  • Othman Ibn Affan Mosque 
  • Jasim Saif Mosque
  • Russian Orthodox Church 
  • Roman Catholic Church 
  • Protestant Church

Best Hotels in Al Musalla

Al Musalla is an established area with hotels that appeal to various budgets and preferences. These hotels provide visitors to the region, whether for business or leisure, with pleasant and convenient lodgings. Several hotels in and near Al Musalla provide opulent facilities like swimming pools, spa services, and fine-dining restaurants, and others provide more basic lodgings with minimal amenities. Some of the high-class hotels in and around the area are -

  • Nejouem Al Emarata Hotel
  • Al Hamra Hotel
  • Al Hayat Hotel Apartments
  • Aldar Hotel
  • Al Maha Regency Hotel and Suites


Shopping Centers/ Malls

Al Musalla is home to several commercial facilities and malls that provide the neighbourhood with various retail and leisure alternatives. These shopping places provide locals and visitors with an extensive selection of goods, ranging from apparel and electronics to groceries and home goods. Some of the best shopping malls around Al Musalla are:

  • Rolla Mall
  • Mega Mall
  • Grand Mall
  • Oasis Mall
  • Sharjah Central Souq

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Musalla is a dining centre that offers a variety of cuisines and tastes. From traditional Emirati food to worldwide favourites like Italian, Indian, and Chinese, Al Musalla’s restaurant scene has something for everyone. Several of these restaurants have indoor and outdoor seating, allowing guests to dine in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Some of the best restaurants around Al Musalla are:

  • City Darbar Restaurant
  • Tulasi Restaurant
  • Green City Restaurant
  • High Broast Restaurant
  • Amoon Restaurant
  • Al Naseeb Restaurant
  • Al Reem Bakery

Beaches Nearby

Al Musalla is near several stunning beaches, making it a perfect destination for beachgoers and water lovers. These beaches include pristine white sands, clean seas, and a variety of recreational opportunities. In addition to water and leisure activities, the beaches of Al Musalla provide breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and the coastline. Some of the best nearby beaches are:

  • Al Khan Beach 
  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Sharjah Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Musalla offers several recreational opportunities for tourists and locals. These activities appeal to many age groups and interests, ranging from outdoor excursions to inside entertainment. Shopping malls, movie theatres, and amusement parks provide a variety of indoor entertainment alternatives for families and groups. In addition to museums and art galleries, cultural festivals and events, and restaurants serving local cuisine, tourists may partake in cultural activities. The best leisure activities are:

  • Zahra Square – Clock Tower Roundabout
  • Kuwait Square Roundabout
  • Al Fayha Park
  • Sharjah Heritage Museum
  • Rain Room
  • Al Montazah Park
  • Flag Island 
  • Al Mahatta Museum
  • Rolla Square Park

Al Musalla - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Al Musalla and Sharjah International Airport is 14 km and takes around 15 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Musalla and Al Khan Beach is seven km and takes around 15 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Musalla and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is 8 km and takes around 15 minutes.
  • NMC Royal Hospital is 1.5 km away and takes five minutes to reach there. 
  • Sharjah Central Souq is 2.5 km away and takes seven minutes. 
  • Rolla Mall and Grand Mall are 2.5 and 0.9 km away, respectively, and it takes 3 to 5 reach there. 
  • Al Montazah Parks are 3.4 km away, and it takes nine minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Khan Beach is 5 km away and takes 12 minutes. Sharjah Aquarium is easy to access from Al Khan.
Al Musalla, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Junaid Ahmed
Some areas need improvement

I have lived in Al Musalla for several years. Although I love aspects of the community, there are also places for development. I believe that more green areas and recreational amenities would help the community. The traffic may be extremely heavy at peak hours, which frustrates commuters.

Zakir Khan
Need to improve the cleanliness of the public places

As a resident of Al Musalla, I like the community’s convenient location and proximity to various attractions. Yet, I am concerned about the cleanliness and care of the community’s public places. I have noticed incidents of pollution and a lack of maintenance in parks and public spaces. In addition, while the community is varied and inclusive, there may be more chances for engagement and participation.

Harsh Mehta
Quiet and affordable place to live in

The neighbourhood is quiet, and I haven’t had any serious conflicts with my neighbours. Several supermarkets and stores are nearby, making it easy to meet daily necessities. It might be tough to move around without a car due to the absence of public transit. Al Musalla might be a wonderful alternative if you seek a calm and economical area.

Ujwal Sharma
Decent neighbourhood with great connectivity to major roads

Al Musalla offers a variety of experiences. On the one hand, the neighbourhood is quite secure and family-friendly, and several excellent schools and daycare centres are nearby. Due to the proximity to the major road, the noise levels may be somewhat elevated, particularly during peak hours. Yet, the location’s proximity to major roads and the airport makes it a good travel destination.

Gautam Vaswani
A great neighbourhood to live in Sharjah

I adore the abundance of neighbouring conveniences, including supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. Also, the transportation links are great, making travelling simple. The residential properties are well-kept and provide excellent value. The flats are fairly big, which is uncommon in Sharjah. The neighbourhood’s safety and tranquillity make it ideal for families with children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Musalla Freehold?

No, Al Musalla is not a freehold.

What are the top attractions in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Some top attractions in Al Musalla, Sharjah, include Zahra Square – Clock Tower Roundabout, Kuwait Square Roundabout, Al Fayha Park, Grand Mall, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Rain Room, Al Montazah Park, Rolla Mall, and Flag Island.

How to get to Al Musalla in Sharjah by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Several bus stops are in and around the neighbourhood, and bus routes 1, 3, 8, 14x, 15, and 99 traverse the Al Musalla community.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Some of the best communities in Al Musalla are Al Zahra Building and Al Musalla Building. The building offers studios and one and two-bedroom apartments with a coverage area of up to 1,400 square feet at affordable rates.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Musalla?

Several hotels and restaurants in Al Musalla, Sharjah, offer residents and visitors various options. Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites, Al Hamra Hotel, and Al Hayat Hotel Apartments are the best hotels. High Broast Restaurant, Amoon Restaurant, and Al Naseeb Restaurant are the best dining place in Al Musalla.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Musalla?

Al Musalla has several nearby shopping malls and supermarkets, such as Al Ghuwair Supermarket, Grand Mall, Rolla Mall, Sahal Al Lulu Supermarket, and Al Fayah Supermarket.

What are the best schools in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Some of the best schools in the area include Sharjah Indian School, Progressive English School, Khalid Bin Mohammed School, Emirates Private School, and Al Islah Qasimia School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Some of the best healthcare facilities in Al Musalla include Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah, Al Qassimi Hospital, Burjeel Hospital, and NMC Royal Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Several mosques in Al Musalla, Sharjah, serve as famous places of worship for the Muslim community. The most famous include King Faisal Mosque, Othman Ibn Affan Mosque, Jasim Saif Mosque, the Russian Orthodox Church, and Roman Catholic Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Musalla, Sharjah?

Some pros of living in Al Musalla, Sharjah, include its central location, proximity to major attractions and public transport, and affordable housing options. Some cons include traffic congestion, noise pollution, and limited parking space.

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