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Cayan Group

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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2022
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Cayan Cantara, Dubai Investment Park 1 Dubai
Cayan Group

Cayan Cantara is located in Dubai Investment Park 1, Jabal Ali in Dubai. Cayan Cantara is currently a Under Construction proj...

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Cayan Group has proven to be one of the most successful and most competitive real estate developers in the whole of Middle East. The company was established in the year 2004 and in these 14 years Cayan Developers has come up with some amazingly competent projects which have received a number of internationally acclaimed accolades. The company has built up a number of offices throughout the Middle East in places like Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE. The company continues to work in order to extend its expanse even further. The expertise of Cayan Builders lies in creating almost all kinds of concrete marvels such as - residential complexes, commercial towers, multi-purpose gated communities and hospitality projects.

The company established more than a decade earlier has since worked towards creating the best experience for its customers. Cayan real estate projects are specially known for providing the best customer satisfaction. The company in fact prides on being able to provide the next level of customer satisfaction and this particular trait has helped it not only reach excellence in the field of real estate development but also a reputation which cannot be tarnished easily.

When it was conceived in 2004, Cayan Realty aimed at delivering the most rewarding investment opportunities. Thus it had a very distinguished and significant birth. It was from the beginning driven by the approach of establishing unique projects in the truest sense. Cayan Properties worked towards being different from the rest and in fact became successful in doing so and in time became an iconic name in the real estate industry of Middle East. The companys philosophy includes the perfect amalgamation and balance of creativity, innovation and commitment for being different. Cayans success mantra marks the importance of teamwork, integrity and achievement. Cayan Group does not believe in compromising with quality for anything. The companys spotless reputation is a direct result of its spotless quality in each of Cayan Group projects.

The company tries to meet the superior standards that each of the Cayan residential projects promise. Not just residential projects, Cayan Group has extended its expertise in other sectors of real estate development as well. Instances of such developments include residential projects like the Cayan Cantara, Cayan Tower and Silverine located at Dubai in the UAE, commercial projects like the CMC Tower located at Riyash in KSA and the Cayan Business Centre located at Dubai in the UAE and Hospitality projects such as the C Spa and Cayan Cantara at Dubai in UAE. Each of these projects including the Cayan group upcoming projects reek of quality, professionalism and value for money. So customers can completely rely on the company and have unwavering faith in the company name. It is the customers trust that has helped the Cayan Group to reach the zenith in these 14 years. The Cayan group apart from being virtuoso in real estate development also provides all - encompassing solutions such as in fields of business development, finance and administration, development and engineering, marketing and communication, sales and leasing and customer service and owners association.

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