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Property in Fujairah for Sale

Fujairah Real Estate For Sale

Buying a Property in Fujairah 

Fujairah offers a relaxed living environment with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural surroundings. unlike other parts of the UAE, its friendly community enjoys stunning beaches of the Gulf of Oman and a prosperous tourism-driven economy.

When it comes to investing in Fujairah's real estate, we can say it is a wise choice. The market includes different forms of properties like apartments, villas, townhouses, commercial buildings, and residential complexes. It has been steadily growing, attracting investors and buyers. Not only the new property or the resale one, but Fujairah freehold property for sale is also easy to find and purchase. 

Potential factors of such ease are favourable investment conditions. Also, Fujairah's infrastructure is well-developed, and it provides a high standard of living with good healthcare, education, and amenities, making it an excellent destination for real estate investment.

Check below in the graph some of the best and most popular areas that foreign investors are investing in or investing in property in Fujairah.

Types of Properties in Fujairah 

You can find a diverse range of property for sale in Fujairah types, catering to various preferences and needs. Here are some of the key property types available:


Suited for individuals, couples, or smaller families, buying a house in Fujairah comes in various sizes and styles. From compact studios to more spacious penthouses, you have a lot to choose from. They often include convenient amenities which makes them a practical choice.


If you have a larger family and require more living space, villas in Fujairah offer generous areas. You can buy freehold property in Fujairah of villas that often come with outdoor spaces and private gardens. 


Townhouses strike a balance between apartments and villas. They are an excellent choice for families who want the benefits of a home with shared amenities and a neighbourly atmosphere.

Commercial Buildings: 

Fujairah's thriving business environment has led to the availability of commercial properties. These properties can vary in size, catering to different business needs. You can buy commercial property in Fujairah without much effort as they are spread across the city. 

Residential Complexes: 

These complexes offer a communal living experience, often including common amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and play areas. They are an attractive option for those who value community living and the added convenience of on-site facilities.

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Top Neighbourhoods for Buying and Investing in Fujairah

There are great neighbourhoods for both buying and investing in houses for sale in Fujairah. If you're looking for a place to live, quiet areas like Al Faseel and Al Hayl are lovely options. And if you're an investor, keep an eye on emerging areas like Sakamkam and other Fujairah properties for sale. For both buyers and investors, Dibba is a cool place. This is because Fujairah homes for sale in Dibba are by the coast and have lots of tourist admirers. Lastly, Al Ghurfa is nice for different types of families searching for resale property in Fujairah. In short, Fujairah has a bit of everything! 

Home Prices in Fujairah 

The real estate market in Fujairah has been growing steadily. With prices going up by around 8-10% each year, the market makes its place in the hearts of investors around the world. For example, if you want to buy a home in Fujairah with a beautiful ocean view or near scenic places, it might cost about 15-20% more than the average. But if you're looking for quieter property for sale in Fujairah, you can find homes that are 10-15% cheaper than the average. It is important to know that prices of property in Fujairah can vary a lot. The cost of a home depends on things like the type of property, its size, and where it's located. So, make sure to give your plan a thoro research before making a deal. If you need help with the hunt for the best property to buy in Fujairah, feel free to connect to our website and experience executives.  

Top-rated Schools 

If you are buying a house in Fujairah, choosing the right school for your child is important. In Fujairah, there are some great schools to consider. We've put together a list of the best ones. These schools focus on academics, character-building, and leadership skills. 

  • Fujairah Montessori Nursery
  • Indian School Fujairah
  • Our Own English High School-Fujairah
  • GEMS Winchester School-Fujairah
  • St Mary’s Catholic High School
  • Diyar International Private School (DIPS), Fujairah
  • Fujairah Private Academy

What are the Most Popular Areas to Invest in Fujairah? 

Fujairah has a growing real estate market with lots of chances for investment. It overlooks the Gulf of Oman and has a strong economy thanks to tourism, shipping, and fishing. People who want to purchase property in Fujairah can look at different neighbourhoods. These areas have various types of homes and buildings, from quiet neighbourhoods to busy coastal spots. There are some good freehold properties in Fujairah, which makes it a good choice for real estate. 

  • Al Faseel
  • Dibba
  • Al Hayl
  • Sakamkam
  • Al Ghurfa

Top Real Estate Companies in Fujairah

Seeking assistance from property developers in Fujairah is essential if you're interested in investing in or purchasing a new property in Fujairah. Here is a list of the best real estate companies in Fujairah to consult with for all your requirements, from budget and property variations to the top neighbourhoods in Fujairah.
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