A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying Property in Ajman


The Emirate of Ajman, one of the seven emirates of UAE, joined the UAE Federation on 2 December 1971. Ajman is also the smallest of all seven emirates in terms of area but as per the Statistics Centre in 2017, it was considered the fourth most populous emirate. The real estate market of Buying Property in Ajman lays out an incredible pioneer market for both ex-pats and local investors. It is particularly agile due to the new developments done for Expo 2020. Hence, It is the best opportunity for investors and homebuyers to take advantage of the undeviating growth.

This article is your guide in finding the best property choice either villa or apartments in Ajman that will be worth your investment.

Why Should You Invest in Ajman Property? 

Why Should You Invest in Ajman Property 

Ajman is a small emirate as compared to others and it takes up only 0.3% of the nation’s land area. A city that is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Ajman also has two island exclaves; Al Manama and Masfout which are mainly known for their agriculture.

Ajman is only half an hour away from the Dubai international airport as well as Sharjah, making it highly accessible to the public with its connectivity and reach.

At this point, Ajman is working towards creating its own airport to strengthen its tourism and connectivity. The emirate has its own port, and despite its small size it serves numerous vessels each passing day. Near the port is Ajman Free Zone, which is inhabited by rip-roaring industries. Ajman approximately contributes 10% to the UAE’s industrial production. The emirate strives to take most of the coastline and boasts the largest shipyard in the UAE. Here, boatmakers use ancient manual techniques to create dhows,  traditional Arabian sailing vessels. The emirate is also pre-eminent in building modern ships and ships.

The capital city of Ajman offers dynamic cultural activities and has become a prevalent weekend terminus for UAE citizens from bordering emirates. Ajman is vigorously developing its recreational and tourism spots to attract tourists and investors to its chaste white sand beaches resorts in Ajman. Due to the immense growth potential and fast-paced development, it is indeed a great emirate for buying property in Ajman.

  • Lifestyle in Ajman

Lifestyle in Ajman

Living in Ajman is pretty much like a dream, as the emirate has a myriad of sublime beaches that rival Dubai’s finest ones. Corniche road on the coast is especially popular among the locals for its restaurants, cafes and places offering Arabs’ favourite pastime –Sheesha. There are also sundry malls such as Safeer Mall, Dana Mall, Ajman City Centre, Grand Mall Ajman, Ajman China Mall and Grand Centrale and a few more.

The majority of the companies in Ajman get work done in two shifts from 9 AM – 1 PM and 4 PM–9 PM, in the rest of the time people can spend their time of leisure enjoying the place. Some of the other places for locals and foreigners to hang out include places of worship and popular sites like Ajman Museum, Ajman Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Rashida Ladies Park. Well-constructed hotels like Ramada Beach Hotel, Fairmount, Ajman Saray, Bahi Ajman Palace, Ramada Hotels and Suits, and Wyndham Garden Ajman, etc form a part of recreational structures in the emirate.

If you are wondering what health facilities are there in Ajman then we must tell you that the Ajman Saudi German medical city will be launched soon which is also expected to be larger than the existing Dubai Saudi German medical centre. Establishment of numerous named universities like City University around the similar area of Sheikh Ammar street. It is best to book your property in such a plentiful area before the rates hit the sky.

Perfect Residential Areas of Ajman 

Perfect Residential Areas of Ajman 

Buying property in Ajman is not that difficult but finding but purchasing the best one is what we need. Ajman is full of fantastic residential areas which offer a different medley of lifestyle options for families, bachelors, businessmen and tourists.

  • Ajman Downtown 

Downtown is the city centre,  a bustling district that comes packed with vibrant liveliness and activity. The residents are close to a wide variety of entertainment, shopping malls, restaurants and pubs it is also close to the Ajman Freezone area making it the perfect location for regular commuters. Ajman’s properties, comprising studio apartments for working officials is available at AED 164,000 are a good investment. Whereas, two-bedroom apartments Downtown can cost around AED 315,000 approximately.

Rental is affordable with ample opportunities, rent for a studio space is estimated to cost around AED 15,000 and a two BHK can be found for approximately AED 30,000.

  • Al Yasmeen 

This is a much quieter residential area that sits in the suburbs. One can find independent stores, laundrettes and cafe boutiques in this area for a much more subtle and tranquil environment.

This is an ideal location to raise their families as it is packed with parks, sports facilities and schools. Al Yasmeen as a part of Ajman’s properties consists of luxurious family villas, for tenancy an average cost of AED 63,000 estimated for a 4-bedroom villa. If one wishes of buying property in Ajman area of Al Yasmeen the cost is estimated to be AED 1 Million.

Villas for Sale in Ajman  

Villas for Sale in Ajman  

Villas are a popular and one of the most comfortable housing solutions in the UAE. Villas for sale in Ajman comprise plenty of affordable villa options around Ajman. The most preferred type is a 5-bedroom that costs around AED 1.2M  followed by 4-bedroom villas for AED 1M. There are 2, 3, 6 and 7-  bedroom villas for sale in Ajman also.

Most affordable villas for sale in Ajman are available in Uptown; for example in Emirates city by Sweet Homes Developer and agency. The average cost for 2 or 3-bedroom villas in uptown Ajman can be approximately AED 700,000.

Apartments for Sale in Ajman 

Apartments for Sale in Ajman 

When it comes to affordable apartments, Ajman is a profitable choice. Studio apartments in Ajman start at an affordable price of AED 250,000.

The most asked-for 1 bedroom apartment in Ajman that is estimated to be AED 540,000 it is famous amongst bachelors, young couples and nuclear families. More luxury apartments for sale in Ajman are filled with amenities and benefits that can be found in Ajman 1 tower, Corniche towers, Pearl towers, horizontal towers and Falcon towers.

Facilities for Expats 

Ajman property is available for ex-pats as they are entitled to own a right to lease and freehold for 50 years. Ajman Bank also offers loan facilities for foreigners up to  75% with a maximum term of 25 years for both non-freehold and freehold properties. The following documentation is required to avail of the offers:

    • Valid Visa
    • Valid Passport
    • Complete and attest the application form
    • Khulasat al Khalid copy–the family book that shows Emarati proof of nationality
    • UAE national ID
    • Salary Slip
    • Bank Statement for the past 6 months
    • Copy of trade license
    • Audited financial declarations
    • Applicable property papers

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it worth buying property in Ajman?

Buying and renting Ajman property has been highly beneficial for both. As per Q4 2020, the annual rent for apartments is expected to be only AED 12,000 and for a three-bedroom set, the annual cost is around AED 35,000.

Can foreigners buy property in Ajman?

Foreigners can now make leasehold and freehold purchases in Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. Most of the available properties in Ajman are available on a leasehold basis.

How much does it cost to build a house in Ajman?

The cost of constructing a house in Ajman ranges anywhere from DH 170– DH 200. As per sources, it is reported that the cost of construction of commercial buildings is low by further DH 100 per square foot.

Is Ajman an excellent place to live?

It is an excellent choice to live in Ajman because of the relaxed and comfortable living conditions. Ajman has a life that runs on a much slower pace as compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the emirate consists of luxury hotels, pristine coastlines and relaxed beaches to make it more likeable for the audience.

Is Ajman a Freehold area?

Ajman started to offer properties for freehold in 2005, It was also the third emirate to do so. After Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai and before the emirate of Sharjah came up with it.

Vamika Garg A creative polymath by nature and assiduous by behaviour, Vamika loves to write on different topics. She is a part-time shutterbug, organiser and an amalgam of Monica Geller and Rachel Green.
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