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Al Raqaib 1, Ajman

About Al Raqaib 1, Ajman

A comparatively recent neighbourhood, Al Raqaib 1 is a prominent area in Ajman. The neighbourhood is located near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road, which is close to several essential amenities and services. The real estate landscape here mostly includes large villas available for both rent and sale. Interestingly, a report from Bayut’s End of Year Ajman Market 2019 says that Al Raqaib 1 ranks amongst the top 10 areas in which to rent villas in Ajman. However, since the area is relatively new and still developing, you might find good deals on rent or property.

Located in a quiet corner away from the monotonous routine of the city centre, Al Raqaib 1 offers a charming escape to its residents without compromising on amenities. Prominent schools, hospitals, clinics, and shops are just a short drive away from the area. Moreover, this delightful area is known for Eden Gardens Ajman, a highlight for many residents. It consists of two distinct sub-communities and stands out as a top choice for renting 3-bedroom villas in Ajman. With its strategic location providing direct access to main roads, Al Raqaib 1 merges ease of travel with the warmth of a self-sufficient, family-oriented community. 

Overall, Al Raqaib 1 is a good option for those seeking a peaceful and spacious living environment in Ajman, especially families. With its developing nature, there's a chance to find good deals on property.

Key Highlights of Al Raqaib 1, Ajman

What’s Great Here!
  • The area is known for its safe, quiet, and supportive community, ideal for families.
  • Easy access to transportation routes makes commuting straightforward and efficient.
  • A local highlight that adds value and beauty to the community.
  • Offers ample living space, making it ideal for families or those seeking more room.
  • The area includes essential services and amenities, supporting a comfortable lifestyle.
What Needs Attention!
  • Upgrading utilities and road maintenance could improve the overall living experience.
  • More cultural and social events could help strengthen community bonds.
  • Adding more parks, sports facilities, and leisure centres could benefit residents' well-being.
  • Further development of shopping and dining options could enhance local convenience.
  • Enhancing the frequency and routes of public transport could improve accessibility.

Real Estate Overview in Al Raqaib 1, Ajman

Al Raqaib offers a variety of residential properties, primarily featuring villas available for both rent and sale. These luxurious homes range from 3 to 7 bedrooms, all boasting large outdoor spaces and ample parking. Notably, Al Raqaib is recognised as one of Ajman's most sought-after locations for renting 3-bedroom villas. Whether you're considering an investment or planning to move, it's beneficial to explore the latest rental and sales price trends within the community to make an informed decision.

Public Transportation

As the area is situated near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road, it offers easy access to other parts of Ajman. Public transportation options in Al Raqaib 1 provide convenient connectivity for residents and visitors. The area is served by bus line AJ3, which can be accessed from Al Muntazi Bus Stop. Additionally, another key bus stop is located outside the Hamidiya Police Station, approximately 7 minutes from the community. These bus services facilitate easy access to surrounding areas and are a reliable option for those who prefer not to drive.

Bus Line Number Destination
AJ3 Al Muntazi Bus Stop to Various Destinations


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

  • Kids Town Nursery
  • Ibn Taymiyah School
  • Applied Technology High School
  • Secondary Technical School
  • The First Academy


  • Miftah Al Madeena Supermarket
  • Arz Al Madeena Supermarket
  • Al Hooth Hypermarket
  • Bravo Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Ajman Specialty Hospital
  • Abdul Aziz Medical Centre
  • Noor Al Shifa Medical Centre LLC
  • Aster Clinic, Nuaimiah, Ajman
  • Al Alaa Medical Centre

Places of Worship

Mosques Nearby:

  • Khadija Binte Mohammed Mosque
  • Sheikha Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Mosque
  • Amna Al Zarouni Mosque

Churches Nearby:

  • Winners Chapel International 

Gurudwara Nearby:

  • Gurdwara Sahib – Ajman Sanaya

Hindu Temples Nearby:

  • Mah Dev Mandir, India Sharma Nivas
  • Ajman Geeta Shangha

Best Hotels in Al Raqaib 1

Al Raqaib 1 offers a selection of notable hotels that cater to both business and leisure travellers seeking comfort and convenience. These hotels are known for their excellent service, modern amenities, and strategic locations close to major attractions and business centres. Whether visiting for a short stay or an extended visit, guests can expect a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in Al Raqaib 1. Here are some popular options:

  • Crown Palace Hotel 
  • Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman
  • Marhaba Residence Hotel Apartment
  • Alain Hotel Ajman
  • Arabian Hotel Apartments


Shopping centres/ Mall

  • My Mall Ajman 
  • Ajman China Mall 
  • Ajman City centre

Restaurants/ Dining

  • Arabian Grill 
  • Juice Restaurant
  • Top Burger Cafeteria 
  • Lymon Restaurant
  • 71oz Steakhouse

Beaches Nearby

  • Ajman Public Beach
  • Al Hamriyah Public Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Part of Al Raqaib 1’s residential appeal includes the availability of a range of leisure facilities. Here are some of the top places to visit and things to do with friends and family in this area:

  • Al Hamidiya Sports Park (9 minutes from Al Raqaib) offers various athletic facilities. Residents can engage in sports or enjoy fitness activities in a dedicated and well-equipped environment.
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an iconic landmark (about 13 minutes) away from Al Raqaib. This monumental site offers spiritual solace and architectural beauty.
  • City Centre Ajman (16 minutes from Al Raqaib) provides a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience with its wide range of shops, eateries, and leisure activities.
  • The Al Tallah Camel Racecourse (located approximately 17 to 21 minutes away) offers a unique cultural experience with regular camel races and events.

Al Raqaib 1 - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

  • A 15-minute drive to Ajman City Centre
  • Just 10 minutes from Ajman China Mall
  • Only 12 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Al Raqaib 1, Ajman

Rating and Reviews

Aisha Khan
Ideal for Family and Leisure

Living in Al Raqaib 1 has been amazing for my family and me. There are lots of parks and fun places like Eden Gardens, and it’s close to the Al Tallah Camel Racecourse for more entertainment. Schools are really good here, which is perfect for families with kids. Plus, it’s not far from Ajman City centre, so you can easily go there for fun on weekends. I think Al Raqaib 1 is perfect for anyone who wants a nice place to live with their family.

Lara Abbaas
A Sports Enthusiast's Paradise

For anyone passionate about sports and fitness, Al Raqaib 1 is a dream! It’s near Al Hamidiya Sports Park and various fitness centres, which means I never run out of options. Additionally, the Ajman Cricket Club offers a great platform for cricket lovers to catch weekend games or even participate.

Farhan Qureshi
Nature and Leisure at Your Doorstep

If you enjoy being in nature and want exciting things to do with your family, Al Raqaib 1 is fantastic! I’m excited about Al Raqaib Green Park because it’s going to have lots of plants and things to do. The community feels like a big garden, with lots of open areas and parks where you can have picnics or go for a relaxing walk in the evening.

Nadia Bishara
Cultural Hub with Heritage Connection

Living in Al Raqaib 1 lets me be part of a really cool cultural vibe. Being close to historical places and the new Al Raqaib Green Park is a great place to raise kids and help them understand and appreciate where they come from.

Saif Ali Khan
Well-Designed Residential Haven

Al Raqaib 1 has different types of homes that are well-designed to fit different tastes and needs. Whether you like big villas or modern apartments, the buildings here are made to be both useful and nice to look at. My family loves how much space we have in our house, and the way the neighbourhood is set up makes it easy to be friendly with our neighbours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top attractions in Al Raqaib 1?

The locality is home to a lot of tourist attractions. Some of the prominent ones include Eden Gardens, Al Tallah Camel Racecourse, and the upcoming Al Raqaib Green Park.

How can I get to Al Raqaib 1 via bus? And which is the nearest metro station to this area?

You can reach Al Raqaib 1 via bus line AJ3 from Al Muntazi Bus Stop. There is no metro station in Al Raqaib 1; the nearest metro options are in the larger city nearby.

Which are the best communities in Al Raqaib 1?

The best communities in Al Raqaib 1 include the sub-communities around Eden Gardens and the areas near Al Hamidiya Sports Park.

Which are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Raqaib 1?

Visitors can find various hotels, such as Crown Palace Hotel, Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman, PARADISE INN 1, and more, nearby the neighbourhood. Popular dining spots, such as Juice Restaurant, Top Burger Cafeteria, and Lymon Restaurant, are located mostly within the city centre of Ajman.

Which are Al Raqaib 1’s famous malls and supermarkets?

City Centre Ajman, My Mall Ajman, and Ajman China Mall are some famous malls near Al Raqaib 1. Similarly, several local supermarkets, like Miftah Al Madeena Supermarket and Arz Al Madeena Supermarket, provide everyday necessities.

What are the top schools in Ajman’s Al Raqaib 1 area?

The top schools in Al Raqaib 1 include Kids Town Nursery, Ibn Taymiyah School, and Applied Technology High School, which offer various curricula located within and around the community.

Which are the top hospitals and clinics in Al Raqaib 1?

Al Raqaib 1 is near several major healthcare facilities, including Kuwait Hospital and a range of specialised clinics. Noor Al Shifa Medical Centre LLC, Aster Clinic, Nuaimiah, Ajman, and Al Alaa Medical Centre are popular clinics near the neighbourhood. 

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Raqaib 1?

Al Raqaib 1 is close to several mosques, with the monumental Sheikh Zayed Mosque being a notable place of worship nearby.

What are the pros and cons of living in Ajman’s Al Raqaib 1?

Living in Al Raqaib 1 includes a peaceful community environment, good accessibility, and comprehensive amenities. Conversely, the major lack includes limited public transport options and a distance from major metropolitan areas.

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