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Diamond Developers was recognised by an extraordinary team of imaginative entrepreneurs, architects, and civil engineers. Theywere one of the first companies in Dubai to break in the freehold property, as well as the real estate development industry since the introduction of freehold property ownership in 2002 andthey proud to bepioneers of the worlds first fully sustainable community.

All Diamond real estate residential projects are indicativeof top-notch quality and well-timed delivery. Customer satisfaction is a crucialarea for the group along with upgraded procedures and systems for flawless project development. The Group is proficiently managed and has a solid track record till date. The Group believes in beingequalto innovation, reliability, and trust in addition to transparency and environment friendliness. Diamond Builders works with the finest planners, architects, consultants, and suppliers in the business and makes use of the top technologies including pre-cast technologies, online booking platforms and online portals for tracking projects, progress and payments.

Why Diamond Realty?

  • Creating a sustainable future is their philosophy. Their bespoke communities and solutions strive to promote themost significant ecological balance while upholding the highest quality standards.
  • They take immense pride in being at the forefront of the industry and always leading by example. Moving with speed and agility is their forte.They apply their knowledge to identified challenges and turn them into opportunities which havehelped them to attain global status as a pioneer in sustainability.
  • They believe that to accelerate the transition towards sustainability, we must demonstrate that sustainability is commercially viable,benefiting the viability of the world and delivering profitability for our stakeholders. The Sustainable City is our living testament to this model being commercially successful.
  • Their efforts are firmly rooted in our ambitious vision to Create The Future.They do this for the good of the community, stakeholders and the planet. They hold themselves accountable to a higher mandate, to spearhead the movement, acting as aninfluentialmedium for the adoption of sustainable development and making profound impacts on people and the planet.
  • Because they are a future-driven business, they strive to be forward-thinking in all that they do. Innovating new ideas, thinking and doing things differently, embracing smart technologies and sharing the knowledge is their focus.

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