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About Alef Group

Founded in 2013 as a privately held and run lifestyle experience organisation, the Alef Group was named after its founder, Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qassimi. The United Arab Emirates-based Alef Group, headquartered in Sharjah, has embarked on creating world-class places to live, play, and learn. The business is driven by its commitment to delivering first-rate commercial and recreational projects and residential communities.

Alef Group sees potential in Sharjah because of its fast growth and position as a hub between Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Thus, they have invested 7 billion AED in cash into the firm and 1 billion in land banks to ensure continuous growth.

The business creates trustworthy cross-departmental strategic joint ventures that adhere to a wide range of worldwide concepts and benchmarks of quality. Because of this, Alef Group has become a household name in the luxury lifestyle and event production industries. They are a reliable collaborator with a keen understanding of infrastructure and development who can take constructive criticism in stride. They also benefit from advanced knowledge about progress in other fields.

The contemporary housing options provided by Alef Group provide residents with a unique cultural experience that appeals to people from all walks of life. This is because they offer attractions and experiences that go beyond the norm, allowing guests to understand various cultures worldwide better. When you include the company's dedication to professionalism in the workplace, it's evident that Alef Group has everything planned to ensure its long-term viability.

The company's work includes commercial and residential construction, luxury homes and tourist attractions. As such, it acts as an impetus for progress, fostering a sense of community in the city for and among its inhabitants to provide them with the highest quality of life.

The group is dedicated to raising the bar for service worldwide and is actively advocating for improvements to existing international norms and principles. The Alef Group takes a step back to look at the big picture, one that goes beyond the constraints of normal day-to-day life and looks into the unknown to bring about novel ways of living.

Alef Group Head Office / Head Quarter

Head Office Sharjah

Alef Group Properties,

Al Hind Tower, Al Khan,

Sharjah - UAE

Other Office Addresses

Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Address: Al Hind Tower, AL Khan Corniche St – Al Khan – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

Management Team

Alef Group CEO

With his wealth of experience and leadership expertise, Issa is an astute leader and a reliable partner for investors looking to make the most of their real estate investments. He has an excellent track record of timely deliveries and successfully negotiating deals that bring immense value to his clients. Experience, reliability and excellence- that’s what defines Issa Ataya.

Issa Ataya Chief Executive Officer

Reviews and Ratings

Rukhsana Ahmad
Former Resident 2 months ago

Alef Group has been a solid partner in our property search. Not only did they surpass the level of quality we were expecting, but their commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail was remarkable.

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Hashim Al-Tabari
Former Resident 2 months ago

We bought a commercial property from Alef not too long ago, and it has been a great investment. Their staff went above and above in meeting our needs and delivering on our expectations. We endorse Alef Group as a benchmark of success in their pitch.

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Raheem Kazi
Former Resident 2 months ago

We recently purchased a residential property, and Alef Group provided a seamless experience. From finding the perfect property to the final paperwork, their team was very professional, diligent and patient. The quality of service was outstanding and highly appreciated.

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Bader Al-Jawini.
Former Resident 2 months ago

Alef Group recently completed the renovation of one of our retail properties. They did an outstanding job and produced a beautiful, luxurious finish that exceeded our expectations.

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Basim Juma
Former Resident 2 months ago

Throughout the whole process of construction for one of our commercial properties, Alef Group were incredibly helpful and accommodating. The work was finished on time with a spectacular result.

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Why Choose Alef Group?

Alef Group, based in Sharjah, is the best option for several reasons:

  • Alef Group's local expertise and knowledge of the UAE real estate industry are unmatched.
  • The team is dedicated to providing bespoke service to each customer by developing innovative products and services.
  • Their staff comprises seasoned experts with in-depth familiarity with the neighbourhood's real estate market.
  • Alef Group provides a spectrum of local real estate services, from home sales to commercial properties.
  • This real estate firm exclusively partners with accredited developers to ensure that their customers' properties are of superior quality and comply with all applicable construction codes.
  • They are easily reached and available around the clock because of their locations around the United Arab Emirates in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Dubai.
  • They want to hear from their customers so that they can provide solutions that are unique to each individual.
  • An ever-expanding list of satisfied customers attests to Alef Group's commitment to exceptional service.

Awards and Recognition

Many prestigious organisations have recognised Alef Group's work domestically and abroad. To name only a few of Alef Group's many awards and recognitions:

  • In 2022, the group received the prestigious 'Best Developer Project' at Property Finder Awards
  • Alef Group was awarded the Top 50 GCC Developers in 2021 by Construction Week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who is the owner of Alef Group?

Late Sheikh Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qasimi was the owner and founder of Alef Group Properties.

Where is Alef Group's head office?

The head office of Alef Group is in Al Hind Tower, AL Khan Corniche St – Al Khan – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

What projects do Alef Group own?

Among the most recognisable of their buildings are those of the Al Mamsha Sharjah and Hayyan neighbourhoods. Moreover, the retail treatments of Alef Group, 06 Mall and Al Mamsha Souks make it easy to decide on a go-to spot for long-term unwinding. Alef Group’s Premiere Cinema Destination, a cutting-edge multiplex cinema, offers a variety of high-end cinematic experiences.

How many countries do Alef Group operate in?

Sharjah is home to the renowned real estate firm Alef Group (United Arab Emirates). For example, they offer real estate for sale in various countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Greece.

Is buying an Alef Group property a good investment?

With its affordable prices, safety, and promising economic prospects, investing in property in Sharjah is an opportunity worth considering by investors looking to add value to their portfolios. Alef Group offers the best of both worlds – a secure, desirable location at an affordable price. Invest now and reap the rewards for years to come.

Why should you invest in Alef Group Properties?

Investing in Alef Group properties in Sharjah offers excellent returns and long-term security. With abundant opportunities to grow in the emirate’s vibrant real estate sector, Alef Group offers the perfect opportunities to make worthwhile investments.

Which is the best project by Alef Group?

Alef Group has gained a fantastic reputation because of the exceptional customer service and exquisite new home development that it provides. The Al Mamsha Souks neighbourhood is undoubtedly one of the most well-known real estate developments undertaken by the Alef Group.

Alef Group Projects in Top Cities

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