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Al Sharq Investment Group

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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2022
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The Alef Residences, Jumeirah 1 Dubai
Al Sharq Investment Group

The Alef Residences is located in Jumeirah 1, Jumeira in Dubai. The Alef Residences is currently a Ready to Move project . Th...

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Al Sharq Investment Group is a company that is a result of a merger between Al Sharq Group from Saudi Arabia and Al Mana Global from Qatar. These two companies have been the big gun conglomerates of Middle East. They have been largely successful and much respected on their own. The Al Sharq Investment Realty was built in the year 1994. So in more than two decades, the company has procured enough experiences to claim fame and glory. The parent companies have had their fair share of glory and success as well. The Al Sharq Group from Saudi Arabia was established long back in 1975. It was then considered to be the industrial pioneer of the country. Gradually with time, the company grew up to attain a reputation of being one of the largest producers of plastic materials. The company then evolved to incorporate real estate development into their business and it proved to be quite lucrative for them. There was also the hospitality industry that the company indulged in. The other parent company i.e. Al Mana Global from Qatar was birthed in the year 1951. It now has more than 55 companies to its name which are strewn all across the Middle East in eight different countries. Now the companys business have extended far and wide into various sectors apart from real estate. These now include - retail investments, F & B, technology, media and entertainment. The various pillars of success for the Al Sharq Investment Properties will surely be loyalty, integrity and quality. The Al Sharq Investment Developers never compromise with quality when it comes to property development and that has helped the company grow up to have a spotless reputation which is still untarnished. The Al Sharq Investment Builders know better than to not give their best when it comes to property established. They impart immense hard work and amazing work efficiency when establishing each of the Al Sharq Investment real estate projects. The projects provide the residents high end lifestyle experience and exquisite taste.

Among the popular Al Sharq Investment residential projects one that is highly significant is the Alef Residences project. This particular project offers a collection of 8 beautifully architecture high end styled mansions having apartments and penthouses. The project is located in the posh locality of Palm Jumeirah district. The word €œAlef€ means €œfirst€ in Arabic. And the reason that the company named this project so is that it comes with first class styling and amenities. The luxurious conveniences studded in the apartments are something to die for. The project exudes luxury in all possible aspects. There are food and beverage outlets and poolside restaurants located within the project area. There are also day and night clubs and a marvellous and aesthetically satiating rooftop offering a 360-degree view of the entire community. A total number of 104 residential spaces are present within the 8 mansions that constitute the project and all of them are provided with beautiful overlooking lobbies and private lifts. This is probably one of the most successful among all the Al Sharq Investment projects. There are a number of Al Sharq Investment upcoming projects destined to wow the Middle East in the following it.

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