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Dubai Investments Real Estate

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About Dubai Investments Real Estate

Dubai Investments, launched in 1995, is a 28-year-old real estate business that has strived and thrived on its prudent investments. This first-of-its-kind UAE company has a diversified portfolio of markets across the globe, including projects in real estate, industrial finance, healthcare, and education, to name a few.

Dubai Investments holds a pivotal place in the economic landscape of Dubai and UAE. But their goals lie beyond their portfolio. It is in the empowerment of the community by driving positive growth in society and creating a meaningful and lasting impact through their business. 

This is reflected in the vision of their company. They push forward through fair business practices. Their integrity lies in providing financial returns for their investors and shareholders by reducing the risk from their profiles, making them best-in-class corporations. Their ethical values and commitment to the developmental aspect of society are noteworthy in Dubai and the UAE landscape.

Dubai Investments Real Estate Head Quarter

Head Office Dubai

P.O. Box 28171, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Management Team

Dubai Investments Real Estate Owners

Dubai Investments is under the visionary leadership of its current Chairman Abdulrahman Ghanem A. Al Mutaiwee and the Vice-Chairman and CEO is Khalid Jassim Mohamed Bin Kalban.

Khalid Jassim Mohamed Bin Kalban Vice-Chairman and CEO
Dubai Investments Real Estate Management Team
Builder Image
Abdulrahman Ghanem A. Al Mutaiwee


Rating and Reviews

Shawn Jones
Former Resident 2 months ago

Dubai Investments Real Estate is everything they promise and more. I have found the best office for my business with their pursuit. Their commitment to fulfilling the needs of their clients and exceptionally well-trained staff that eases the entire process has brought me closer to my needs. 

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Abdul Karim
Former Resident 2 months ago

Their understanding of the market needs is impeccable, and it shows in their understanding of real estate and constructive endeavours. The team’s unparalleled dedication and attention to detail have brought me closer to my estate needs.

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Jimena Ahmed
Former Resident 2 months ago

I am very happy I opted for the services of Dubai Investments Real Estate. They are very professional with an eye on the prize and know exactly what they want to do and do it with dedication.

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Ashfaq Ali
Former Resident 2 months ago

My experience with Dubai Investments has been unparalleled. Their dedication to reducing the stress on my end and helping bridge the gap between my estate needs and market availability with so much ease has led me to believe that they are best at what they do and incomparable to anyone else. 

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Maryam Z
Former Resident 2 months ago

I am so happy that Dubai Investments was able to find my dream office for my business in Dubai. I have been looking for one, and their market understanding and relentless approach to getting it has made it an ideal partnership for me.

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Ayad Amin
Former Resident 2 months ago

Dubai Investments Real Estate offers outstanding after-sales service. Unlike many others who would leave your hand once the transaction is complete, they stick with you till the very end of it and some more. They helped me with needs that arose after the transaction was made, and for this, I commend their customer service. 

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Why Choose Dubai Investments Real Estate?

Dubai Investments Real Estate is way beyond its name. They deal in more than real estate, they are driving forces in businesses like building materials, construction and contracting, education, healthcare, financial services, and other services, and sub-holding companies.

Over and above their gleaming portfolio, here are some reasons to choose Dubai Investments:

  • Dubai Investments strives to expand its portfolio for its investors. They aim to deliver impeccable quality products that reduce the risks and deliver superior returns to their investors. Shareholders and their satisfaction are at the heart of this company, and it is for that reason that they are a best-in-class corporation among other comparable companies.
  • Each project is a commitment to their integrity and impeccability. They are highly accountable and stand firm in the ownership of their work for their shareholders. Innovation is at the cusp of every portfolio decision they make.
  • Not only this, their dedication to the development of society through their business and creating a positive impact has left its mark on Dubai and UAE’s economic arena.

Award & Recognition

Our Awards
  • Dubai Investments Real Estate won the Global Infrastructure Congress Recognition Award.
  • Al Mal Capital PSC announced Dubai Investment as their chosen winner for Outstanding Performance and Dividend Distribution for Unitholders of its Managed Funds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of Dubai Investments Real Estate?

Khalid Jassim Mohamed Bin Kalban is the CEO of the Dubai Investments Real Estate.

Where is the Dubai Investments Real Estate head office?

The head office of Dubai Investments Real Estate is in Dubai, UAE.

How do I contact Dubai Investments Real Estate?

You can contact Dubai Investments Real Estate at +971 48122400 or email them at info@dubaiinvestments.com.

What projects do Dubai Investments Real Estate own?

Dubai Investments Real Estate owns DI International, Al Taif Investment, Properties Investment, Al Mal Capital REIT, and Dubai Investments Park, to name a few.

How many countries does Dubai Investments Real Estate operate in?

Dubai Investments Real Estate only operates in the United Arab Emirates, with its headquarters in Dubai.

Is buying a property from Dubai Investments Real Estate a good investment?

Yes, buying a property with Dubai Investments Real Estate is a good investment because the company has an apt market understanding and delivers the best-in-class results for its client roster.

Why should you invest in Dubai Investments Real Estate?

Dubai Investments Real Estate is driven by the vision of providing returns for its shareholders while helping the society and economy at large. They are the ideal business to invest in.

What are the best projects of Dubai Investments Real Estate?

Some of their best projects include DI International, Al Taif Investment, Properties Investment, Al Mal Capital REIT, Dubai Investments Park, and so on.

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