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Dubai, a global hub of commerce and innovation, is also home to a diverse and vibrant educational landscape. From world-class international schools to specialised institutions catering to specific needs, Dubai's educational offerings cater to a wide range of students worldwide. Schools in Dubai go beyond academics, emphasising holistic development that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills. Many of the best schools in Dubai are at the forefront of technology integration, utilising innovative tools and resources to enhance learning and engagement. Dubai's student body reflects the city's multicultural tapestry, allowing students to learn from and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. This exposure fosters global citizenship and intercultural understanding. Good schools in Dubai adhere to rigorous academic standards and regularly receive international recognition for their quality education. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) oversees the regulation and quality assurance of schools in Dubai. In addition to traditional schools, Preschools in Dubai offer specialised educational institutions that cater to specific needs. The top rated schools in Dubai offer learning difficulties, schools for gifted and talented students, and schools focusing on STEM education.