7 Best Places to Take a Property on Rent in Dubai

Property on Rent in Dubai

Looking for property on rent in Dubai? Dubai is amongst the most famous cities globally, as a travel destination and a city for affordable and comfortable living. Apart from being a land of opportunity for real estate investments or property purchases, Dubai is also one of the best places for rental properties.   

If you plan to move to this lavish emirate anytime soon, let us help you rent a property that rings true to your choices and is within your budget.

6 Factors to Consider When Renting a Property in Dubai

Here are 6 factors to consider when renting a property in Dubai. 

Neighbourhood and Locality

When you are looking for a property on rent, check the property’s location and how well-connected it is. See whether there are multiple amenities nearby, like transportation facilities, schools, shopping malls, etc. and the amount of time taken for your daily commute.

When checking out a property, try to retrieve information on your would-be neighbours and how they are. If you are not a night owl or a party animal, you surely would not like a neighbour who hosts multiple house parties over a week.

Estimate Your Monthly Budget

To figure out your budget for accommodation, you need to calculate your monthly expenses. Depending on that, you can easily understand how much rent you can afford and, in turn, choose the location and the property size accordingly. 

As per observation, we believe that you might need AED 5,000/month or a housing permit of AED 2,000 to take a property on rent in Dubai. Besides this, it is important to understand the payment cycle on rental homes if you want to manage your cash flow in future. You can go for rental properties that prefer yearly or bi-yearly payments or those that accept monthly payments. 

Car Parking

Most people prefer owning a vehicle in Dubai for easy convenience. So, if you are looking for a rental property, car parking is the next important factor to consider. Most of the apartments allot a single parking space. However, if you have more than one car, ensure that you get your parking space accordingly. Keeping your cars outside might result in incurring parking tickets.  

Pet Policy

If you own a pet in Dubai and are looking for a rental property, you need to ensure that your landlord is okay to host your furry friend. Also, besides the landlord, you need to check if the society has a pet policy.


Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a global populace. And, this is exactly why tenant rights differ from one property to another, especially when it comes to maintenance. Go through the rent agreement thoroughly to ensure that you know all the upkeep you are liable for during your stay.

Take a look around the property to check its condition and the places that would require repairs to comprehend the efficacy of management in that property. Based on that, you can even choose not to sign the agreement and move on to another better deal.

Hidden Costs

Even after the rent of your chosen property may seem affordable, don’t dismiss the additional costs that might come with it, like air conditioning and utility costs. Even if the rent is low, the additional costs may make a living in the property expensive. So, discuss how much the utility expenses would possibly be to get a fair idea of your total rental expenses. 

Best Locations For Renting An Apartment In Dubai

Dubai is a city of destinations and landmark locations. And, areas for best-rented properties are numerous. So, to help you find your desired property on rent easily, we have categorised the locations under two common rent brackets. Let’s check them out below.

Property On Rent In Dubai If You Are Earning Between AED 5K To AED 8K 

If you earn between AED 5K to AED 8K, your yearly rental budget will be around AED 30K. Therefore, some popular areas for rental properties in Dubai are JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle), Al Nahda and Dubai Silicon Oasis. Let’s see what makes them so special one by one.


People who are searching for cost-effective rental apartments can explore Al Nahda. It is located near the Sharjah border of Dubai. The area has a superb public transport facility, is a quiet neighbourhood and a good place to raise a family. Also, it has all the important amenities nearby, like hotels, schools, sports clubs, hospitals, banks, and retail outlets. All these facilities make AL Nahda one of Dubai’s most preferred rental areas.


The Jumeirah village circle is located just 20 minutes away from the city’s commercial hubs, just as Dubai Internet City or Dubai Media City. The reasonable community of Jumeirah Village Circle comprises apartments of different configurations. The area comes with proximity to several dining and shopping outlets and has above 30 landscaped parks along with some of the best schools in the city, which makes it the perfect fit for the tenants. Also, here you can take a property on rent on an average of AED 29K.


The DSO (Dubai Silicon Oasis) is also a vibrant location with a cool neighbourhood where you can get apartments for rent at an affordable rate. Society is ideal for young people, families, students, and professionals.

Many working professionals from companies working in the technology park of DSO prefer to live within the area to avoid the daily commute. A studio apartment’s average rent in DSO is around AED 24K.

Besides the areas mentioned above, other locales in the city, like Sharjah, offer affordable rented properties. However, you might have to compromise on your daily commute as it is a bit far from the main city.

Property On Rent In Dubai If You Are Earning Between AED 8K To AED 12K

If you have moved to Dubai and are earning a salary of around AED 8K to AED 12K, we have some best rental options for you with a minimum budget of AED 38K.


It is amongst the most preferred residential hubs in Dubai. Bur Dubai provides a broad range of properties for all, whether a working professional or a student. The locality of Bur Dubai has many affordable restaurants, malls, retail stores, and worship places. Along with this, it is also a sought after location with the best public transport facility. You can take a one bed flat in Bur Dubai for about an average of AED 47K.


Dubai Marina is popular for its luxury lifestyle. It is a planned community with seamless road network connectivity, gorgeous malls, and other important amenities nearby. Also, it has a direct connection to the Dubai metro transport facility.

These facilities make Dubai Marina one of the best locations for tenants to rent out an apartment. At Dubai Marina, you can take a property on rent at an average price of AED 45K.


Downtown Dubai is an exclusive location to call it home for those who want to live in the city’s centre. Popularly known as the Heart of Dubai, it possesses some of the finest markets, schools, and hospitals and multiple avenues for leisure and entertainment. A common locale to spot emirates, it also celebrates all festivals and occasions making it one of the most happening areas in Dubai. However, due to all these facilities and amenities, rented properties in Downtown Dubai are a bit more expensive than the other areas. 

You can rent a studio apartment in Downtown Dubai at an average of AED 62K.


Suppose you want to live an exclusively lavish life with a rented property that looks straight out of an exorbitant palace. In that case, Palm Jumeirah is the place for you. A man-made archipelago of islands, Palm Jumeirah, is often touted as the 8th wonder of the world. 

Its properties on rent stay in demand throughout the year because of its royal architecture and interiors. Additionally, it gives you the perfect combination of solitude and modern amenities for leisure and works in one mega package.

Discover a cornucopia of some of the finest restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes on this island. However, rent for properties is also steeper than other locations. A studio apartment in Palm Jumeirah is about AED 68K on average.  

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found the above-given information useful. Dubai offers rented properties in different localities and neighbourhoods. 

If you are a student, you can live in a good society with all the basic amenities. At the same time, working professionals can move a step ahead and enjoy the city centre at Downtown Dubai. You can take a property on rent for luxury living in Palm Jumeirah.

However, irrespective of the property you move in, thoroughly go through the tenant agreement. Find out about pet policies, maintenance clauses and hidden costs. It is advisable to always make a well-informed decision regarding both renting and/or purchasing properties. 


Is it worth buying a real estate property in Dubai?

Investment in Dubai real estate is a good option. The emirate offers higher rental gains than many other mature property markets. Investors can make a total rental profit of around 5-9% from their investment property. The prices of property in Dubai as per square foot are less than many other places in the world. And this makes Dubai an affordable location to buy prime real estate for investment purposes.

Is buying a property better than renting?

Long-term buying is mostly cheaper than long-term renting. Buying a property is a big purchase that could initially be expensive, but you can always balance it by giving it out for rent. The monthly rent would ensure a smooth cash flow that would further help pay your EMIs.

Which is the best place to rent in Dubai?

There are many affordable places to rent in Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Downtown, Mirdif, Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills, Business Bay, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Is rent paid on a yearly basis in Dubai?

Most properties on rent in Dubai prefer yearly rentals. However, you can also find a property on rent in Dubai, which allows you to pay your rent every month.

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