A Comprehensive Guide to Sharjah Property Market


The pros and cons of living anywhere can be extremely subjective for individuals. Depending upon the requirements, the need, and financial standing, one can find themselves a potential real estate market. With the UAE alluring immigrants and tourists promptly, its real estate market has become the novel realty hotspot. So, if you are bulleting your reasons to invest in Sharjah property market, there are many pointers that should be kept in mind. Before diving into the opportunities and downsides of the city, let us understand a bit about Sharjah’s scope in the real estate market. 

Ranked as the third most populous city in the UAE, Sharjah has emerged as one of the major hotspots for real estate in the emirate. Sharjah is the capital of the Emirate Sharjah and contributes to the economic, military, and political sectors. Other emirates lying under a similar framework, share the same functional categories. However, every emirate has its own local government, civil authorities enforcement to maintain the balance and functionality of the local authorities.

A centre of industrial activities and culture, the World Book Capital plays a crucial part in UAE’s GDP. Although, the consumption of alcoholic beverages has been restricted without the possession of the licence, even in Sharjah restaurants, hotels or public spaces. This barrier has also helped Sharjah gain more Muslim tourists and immigrants. 

Now that we know about the city, let us dive into the various facts of the Sharjah real estate market.

Pros and Cons of Living in Sharjah

Pros and Cons of Living in Sharjah

If you are someone who just moved to the UAE and is planning a living and working life in Sharjah, we recommend you to go through these pros and cons. Although moving to Sharjah might seem a bit improbable, it is one of the most preferred locations because of the cost of living it offers, and the proximity that it pins between the two emirates. 

Here is the layout of the pros and cons of living in Sharjah 

    • Picking a place can be an overwhelming decision to make and one has to foresee various aspects including the presence of amenities, and basic necessities like schools, hospitals, market areas, etc. The real estate value of the area also comes into play while scrutinising the price value of the properties. All of this makes buying commercial property in Sharjah optimistic.   
    • There are many advantages to be noted, but there are a few pointers that some residents might find a bit challenging.
  • Pros of Sharjah Property Market 

    • The easy accessibility to Dubai

sharjah Property Market

Most people prefer taking or renting a property that lies in proximity to their place of work. However, sometimes that might cost you a fortune and affect your expenses accordingly. But the people who are okay with travelling and their priority is an affordable unit, can save significant amounts of money on monthly rent.

For the people who are working in Dubai, Sharjah is one of the preferred places that people choose to reside in. Sharjah not only brings forth easy access and travel options but also is a fitting option for individuals because of its location being on the border of the two emirates. This also makes the sale of commercial properties in Sharjah viable. 

    • Affordability in Rents

Affordability is one concept that not only calls for sustainable living but is also preferred by many communities. If you are someone who is looking for an affordable lifestyle in Dubai, living in Al Nahda Sharjah can be an amazing option to pick. The Sharjah real estate market offers housing that is affordable and pocket friendly, which in turn caters to a wide bandwidth of communities.

    • A wide range of properties to pick from in the Sharjah property market

wide range of properties to pick from in the Sharjah property market

Sharjah accommodates multiple apartment complexes and buildings in the area. This widens your choice and the liberty of choosing from multiple properties in Al Nahda Sharjah. Most of these complexes offer spacious and well-maintained residential units, offering amenities like gyms, pools, on-site security, maintenance services, etc. So, availing all these amenities with low rental rates is not a poor deal.  

    • Things to do

One of the most important and the one to top the list of pros has to be the bandwidth of opportunities that the area provides including entertainment and frolicking activities. All splendid activities including play areas, gymnasiums, sports courts are located in Sharjah. 

Contributing to the innumerable commercial complexes, there are many malls in Dubai that might be an amazing option for retail therapy and if you are someone looking forward to spending some quality time playing games, iMall is the perfect option for you. Coming to eating outlets, there are many amazing restaurants in Al Nahda Sharjah that people come to visit from all over the world, to try various cuisines. 

    • Best Institutional Zone

Counting on to the many pros of living in Sharjah, this is one for those who are looking to move with their family. Housing many reputable colleges, schools, and nurseries, the area comes bearing an optimistic mark on its location and amenities. The commute is also not much of a question in this area, especially for the top universities in Sharjah. This in turn escalates the value of the Sharjah property market.

    • Health Care

Al Nahda has a knitted network of health care institutes for all health-related concerns. For any typical minor concern, you can pay a visit to any clinic in Sharjah, or head to local hospitals including the NMC Medical Centre, Medicare Medical Centre and Thumbay Hospital. 

All these added benefits make living in Sharjah more preferable and especially if you are looking to move to the UAE with family, this place might be an amazing option to pick from. 

  • Cons of Sharjah Property Market

    • Good commute but the traffic takes away the cherry

Good commute but the traffic takes away the cherry

Heavy traffic and clogged roads are something that you might witness on a regular basis, residing in Al Nahda. The factor of traffic has to be dealt with regularly in morning and evening commutes. 

    • Affordability, but no luxury villas

If you are someone who prefers living in villas, Sharjah might not be the ideal place for you. You can find many residential units and complexes in the category of affordable housing but the options of luxurious villas are limited.


There are innumerable benefits when you are planning to move to the United Arab Emirates. If you are looking for some affordable options, to make a living surrounded by recreation, Sharjah should be topping the list for you. No wonder there are other options like Abu Dhabi and Dubai but Sharjah has its own multicultural, financial and diverse essence catering to the Sharjah property market. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Sharjah a good place to live?

Offering attractive destinations and affordable housing and lifestyle, Sharjah is one of the best places to settle down in. Especially if you are planning to move to the UAE, Sharjah might be the one topping your list.

Is Sharjah a safe place?

Sharjah has proven to be one of the safest cities in the world.

What is banned in Sharjah?

All sorts of narcotic drugs are banned in Sharjah.

Is Sharjah better than Dubai?

With the affordability that Sharjah offers, it is definitely a better option as compared to Dubai. In fact, according to the resources, the cost of living in Sharjah is 28% less than that of Dubai.

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